Saturday, April 13, 2013

Running races in Singapore - 2013 Calendar

Running races in Singapore - If one wants to improve in running, it is imperative to run races with correct distance, not incorrect distance.

It is my pleasure to rate some of the races which are good and has a history of good organisation. It is based on my perception. My only advise to athletes who want to improve in running is to choose good races, especially the ones which allow you to do a good time and run the exact distance as well. If you run races which are inaccurate, my suggestion is for you to avoid the race and do a time trial instead. You can join various running groups to do your time-trial. 

As for me, I usually do time-trials for athletes as this will allow athletes to improve gradually and progressively. The reason for this is to get the most accurate distance rather than a shorter or longer distance. Ashley Liew's doing well in races have definitely got something to do with accurate distance running used in time-trials. If you run a race which is 9.6km but you go crowing around that you have done a 10km, in actual fact, I believe that you are cheating yourself only. 

Here is my comment for the good ones.
The race that I like to run is the New Balance Real Run. The race ensures athletes run a fair race. In fact, good cross-country races should be ran here so that there is order in the race and it is ran in a fair manner. It has a wide start, unlike the Bedok Reservoir Races where the start is very narrow and we do not know who the real winner is and which is the real team to win. The next race I like to say good thing about is the Cold Storage Kids Run. It was organised well last year and it impressed. Kids could get good timing. 

The other race that I would like to rate is the Race Against Cancer. It was organised well.Also, people can do their bit by running and helping people who have cancer or to prevent cancer.

Another race I like which I have been running with satisfaction is the CSC Run By The Bay.  Usually, it has the correct distance and is consistently organised well. 

The last two that I will choose is the POSB PAssion Run and the Standard Chartered Marathon Race.

I wish every athlete all the best for your race and you get to run good races, not bad ones.

Picture 1 - Ashley Liew and I usually choose POSB Race in order to get the accurate distance and good timing.
11 May 2013, Saturday, 3pm to 11pm - Energizer Singapore Night Trail
19 May 2013, Sunday, 7am, 800m/1.6km - Cold Storage Kids Run
25 May 2013, Saturday - New Balance Real Run
31 May 2013, Friday, 11.30pm, 21km - Sundown Marathon
1 Jun 2013, Saturday, 12.30am, 10km - Sundown Marathon
1 Jun 2013, Saturday, 11.30pm, 42km - Sundown Marathon
8 Jun 2013, Saturday, 7am, 3.8km/10km - Run For Life
16 Jun 2013, Sunday, 5km/10km - Pocari Sweat Run
23 Jun 2013, Sunday,  7.30am - Mizuno PAssion Mount Faber Run
6 Jul 2013, Saturday - Run & Raisin
7 Jul 2013, Sunday, 3km/6km/10km - Jurong Lake Run
7 Jul 2013, Sunday, 5km/10km - Shape Run
7 Jul 2013, Sunday, 6am, 1km/5km/10.5km/21km/31.5km - Tri-Factor Run
21 Jul 2013, Sunday, 5km/10km/15km - Race Against Cancer
25 Aug 2013, Sun, 5km/10km/15km - CSC Run By The Bay
Sep 2013, Sun, 10km/21km - Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon
8 Sep 2013, Sun, 7am, 800m/1.2km/10km - POSB PAssion Run For Kids
15 Sep 2013, Sun, 10km - Yellow Ribbon Prison Run
4-5 Oct 2013, Fri/Sat, 15km/25km/50km/100km - The North Face Singapore 100
13 Oct 2013, Sunday, 6am, 3km/5km/10km - Pioneer Road Run
13 Oct 2013, Sunday - Mizuno PAssion Wave Run
22 Nov 2013, Friday, 4.30pm, 5km - The Bull Charge
1 Dec 2013, Sunday, 5am, 750m/10km/21km/42km - 
Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore
29 Dec 2013, Sunday, 7am, minimum 5 laps of 10km within 12hrs - MR25 Ultramarathon