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Performance for Year 2014 for Flexifitness Athletes, as at 12 July 2014

By Marcel Sng

I am happy to hear that finally Lim Thow Wee has done a 18min 16sec for the 5km time-trial. In time to come, I believe that he is going to do a sub - 18min soon. Coach Rameshon told me that once he does this, the next step for Thow Wee is to do a sub - 17min, hopefully by this year. 

As for me, I asked Coach what to aim for in my 2.4km test, before I serve NS. He told me a sub-8min is possible. I was amazed with this answer and have started training harder now. My personal best for 2.4km was 8min 22sec, 4 years ago. I managed that in 4 months of training with Coach Rameshon. Prior to that, I was a non-runner.

I remember Coach Rameshon's  passion in running when he was training me. In the past, I was trained by Coach Rameshon and ended up as the only finalist from my school, St Andrews Sec, for the National Schools Track and Field Championships in the 2000m steeplechase.

Many have improved tremendously under Coach Rameshon and I have seen this myself, for serious as well as for casual runners as well. I am hoping to work with him in the long run in this, besides doing my academic studies.

Here, I have collated the results of Flexifitness athletes who have done well. Our Flexifitness athletes travel worldwide to participate in races. Coach Rameshon travels with them to assist them to give moral support to these athletes when he is free. 

Flexifitness track records are listed below. I will soon be collating on the personal best times of Marathon of our runners and profile them in this website and blog. I hope that many do not wait in their quest to do a personal best time.

January 2014
SAA Cross Country 2014
(1) Lim Thow Wee 18min 38sec, (Personal Best Time)
(2) Jensen 18min 46sec
(3) Coach Rameshon 18min 56sec, 6th position in Men Veteran. (Season Best)
(4) Sophia  20min 16sec, (1st in  Women Open)
(5) Mari - Champion in Women under 14 (Fastest rst in Wings Cross -Country,
(6) Brian - 3rd in boys under 14.

Wings Cross Country 2014
1st in Wings Cross-Country 2014, for under 14 girls.

February 2014
Zoo Run 2014 
(1) Selvanther 2nd overall in net time for Zoo Run for under  14 boys
(2) Coach Rameshon - 48min 08sec
(4) Coach Tan Eng Howe - 54min 59sec.

 Tokyo Marathon 2014
(1) Leong Hong Yew - 3hr 35min 25sec (Personal Best Time) Men Veteran

April 2014
London Marathon 2014
(1) Desmond Soh -- 3hr 39min (Personal Best) Men Veteran

Paris Marathon 2014
(1) Lim Thow Wee - Marathon (Men Open) 2hr 48min 49sec - Personal Best
(2) Jennifer Quek - Marathon (Women Open) 3hr 53sec

Flexifitness 2.4km Time Trial 
(1) Lim Thow Wee - 7min 48sec (Personal Best)
(2) Coach Rameshon - 7min 56sec
(3) Vijay - 7min 57sec (Personal Best)
(4) Benjamin Fan - 7min 57sec (Personal Best)
(5) Ali - 8min 30sec
(6) Ms Rajendran - 09min 09sec (Personal Best), Women Open

NTUC Income 350 Run
(1) BK Pradeep - 10km - 56min 32sec (Personal Best Time)

May 2014
Copenhagen Marathon 2014
(1) Tarandeep Kaur - 3hr 52min
(2) Shireena Woon - 4hr 10min

(1) Ashley Liew -  1st position - 17MIN 02SEC

Stockholm Marathon 2014
Dr Benny Goh - , 2hr 57min 52sec (Season Best)

Cold Storage Run 2014
Adit - 4th overall for Kids between 7 and 8 years of age, 800m

June 2014
Pocari Sweat Run 2014
Berlinda - 1hr 11min (3min improvement, personal best time)

MR 25 Half-Marathon (Team) - Overall Flexifitness 4th in Men Open Team
Lim Thow Wee and Colin Chua enabled Flexifitness to come in 4th overall.

July 2014
Gold Coast Half-Marathon 2014 (07/07/2014)
(1) Colin Chua - 1hr 24min 24sec ( 1min improvement , Personal Best Time)
(2) Kariel - 1hr 57min 37sec (17min improvement, Personal Best Time)

Red, White and Blue 5kim Run 2014 (6th/07/2014)
(1) Ashley Liew (champion for age between 25 and 29) - 16min 18sec

Flexifitness 5km Time Trial 2014 (Only those who have done pb will be mentioned)
(1) Lim Thow Wee - 18min 16sec (Personal Best Time)
(2) Benjamin Fan - 18min 57sec (Personal Best Time)
(2) Nathan - 19min 15sec (Personal Best Time)
(3) Kenny - 19min 40sec (Personal Best Time)
(4) Desmond - 21m 45sec (season best)
(5) Le Nguan - 22min 17sec (season best)
(6) Yoga - 21min 52sec (Personal Best Time)
(7) Szerk - 22min 29sec (Personal Best Time)
(8) Chin Peng - 24m 45sec (Personal Best Time)
(9) Jennifer - 25min 40sec (Personal Best Time)
(4) Mari - 22min 40sec, women open (Personal Best Time)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An Interview With K Narayanan - 19kg Weight loss

An Interview With K Narayanan - 19kg Weight loss

Narayanan - Results speak for themselves

By Saranniya R

Picture 1 - A smiling but worried Narayanan (Then)

Picture 2 - A more athletic looking Narayanan (Now)

Narayanan, 32, took up running out of interest and also to lose weight. I have written a summary on him and have posted in an earlier post. This time, I interviewed him, in the hope that many will do likewise- young and old, to lose weight through running.This blog post is intended to motivate many not to lose hope but strive to work hard and be consistent. 

An Interview With K Narayanan

Why did you join the Flexifitness running programme?
It is my personal goal to stay fit and I knew running is a great way to remain fit and strong.When I was surfing to gather guidance in this area, I stumbled on Coach Rameshon’s blog. It was very inspiring and offered many cases where his proven techniques and coaching yielded results in short and long term. I was pleasantly surprised to know that he was a record holder and still continues to win top positions in races, which acted as a driving factor for me to join this programme.

When did you join our programme?
In 2013, I participated in the Sundown half marathon. The performance was an utter disappointment with a net time of 3Hrs : 10mins. I decided it was the right time to take a professional help and I reached out to Coach Rameshon in June 2013 to join his coaching programme.
How did you know about Flexifitness?
It was through and incidentally I also happened to see pamphlets on Flexifitness.

Were you doing personal or group training?
In my opinion, the group training is more inspiring and enriching. It was really motivating to see my fellow runners in the group achieving their Personal Best scores. Every week there is one good news or the other and it became very easy to develop a positive frame of mind. The Group had people from age 13 – 50+ and each one had a great story to tell on their fitness.

How has your progress been, from the start of the session to the last race that you have done?
I receive ongoing feedback on my performance. I’m advised when to stop, build and push and I see the impact on my strength, endurance, conditioning and pace. My running posture is getting better. My pace has improved tremendously and above all I’m enjoying the training every time. My recovery period is now shortened and all the training efforts are positively impacting my body and mind.

When you finished the race, did you check your weight, Can you share with us on your weight loss?
In 2012, when I did my first 10K, I was 89 Kgs and I finished the race in 01Hr : 21 mins.
From June 2013 onwards, I’m able to complete my 10K runs between 55 - 57 mins.
I did my 21K in 2XU – 2014  in 2Hrs 01 min. I would attribute the results partly to my weight loss of 19 Kgs.(currently maintained at 70).
I should mention, there was an exponential drop in my weight post joining the programme.

What is your next race?
I haven’t signed up for any races in the near future. But, I’m enjoying the friendly races we are having in Flexifitness which is also used to calibrate our performance.

Do you have any tips for reducing weight loss?
I did not start with the objective of weight loss, but it was an eventual outcome. Having a professional person to talk to and take inputs always helps, like in my case - Coach Rameshon. Having a bunch of folks to motivate you and doing it together as team is FUN.

Any long term goal that you have?
I wanted to be an Ironman Triathlete. I’m taking it one at a time and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the journey. It all started with RUNNING.

Kariel's 17min improvement in Gold Coast Half-Marathon (1hr 57m 37sec, on 06/07/2014)

Kariel - Couldn't believe the 17min improvement in the Gold Coast Half-Marathon 2014.

By Saranniya 

In the past, I saw Kariel running the time trials with me. Usually, she used to be much slower than me a time trial. Over time, it was not the case. She was able to run faster and has caught up with me. 

After some time, busy with her work and ankle injury, she came back recently, to train hard and was finally able to do a sub- 2hrs in Gold Coast Marathon. 

Her 5km timing during time trials showed that she is getting faster and it was shown in the half-marathon race held in Australia. 

All she wanted to do was a personal best time, around 2hr 10min. The personal best was sliced by 17min.  She was thankful to all the coaches of Flexifitness and appreciate their help rendered in training enabling her to do it.

Right now, she is feeling confident of half-marathon and marathon races and is hoping to do better. We wish her all the best for the upcoming races. 

I have interviewed her and will put this up in this blog so that others are inspired by her feat. 

An Interview With Saranniya

What kind of time did you expect from this race?
Initially, I have an ambitious goal which is 2 hours. After considering my last personal best is 2:14, I decide to change to 2:10 goal.

What was your time?
My time is 1:57:37

Are you happy with this time?Is it your personal best time?
I am near tears when i cross the finishing line as I didn't expect myself to complete under 2 hours. This is definitely my personal best time.

What made you to have confidence of running this time?
I was worried initially because I was I was ruled out of running for 2 months due to ankle injury. I re-joined Fexi-fitness in June and there was only 1 month left before Gold Coast Half- marathon. I told Coach Rameshon my concern and he gave me a 1 month program. Besides, he has advised and emphasized on running economy and running techniques, which I have learnt from him and was is constantly reminding that in my mind for all runs, especially during race day. I felt confident after each week of training and I grew stronger and just got a new good personal best time for my 5km trial run. I am really grateful to all coaches, athletes who are students and training partners in Flexi-fitness for the encouragement and company during trainings!

Can you share with us on the splits of your race timing, like 5km, 10km, 15km and half-marathon timing?

Split time for 0-10km: 55min 10sec
11-20Km: 57min 01sec

What is your next goal?
My next goal is to be top 25 in September Straits Times 10 KM run.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mr Colin does 1hr 24min 24sec for Gold Coast Half-Marathon on 06/07/2014.

Mr Colin - Wants to do well in future marathon races.

By Saranniya

Being 8th position in the Standard Chartered Marathon 2013, held in Singapore, Mr Colin decided to improve upon his marathon timing for his future performance, for year 2014. Things were not easy over time. There were a number of obstacles along the way that prevented him to train consistently. 

However, in the last 6 months, he kept his limited consistency in training, independently by himself. He did some training with us in the eleventh hour and decided to go for 1hr 24min 24sec for the half-marathon. He went for it and he managed to do it and did Flexifitness proud doing a very good personal best time. We decided to interview him on his success. 

Picture 1 - Team Flexifitness - Colin and Lim Thow Wee ran and got 4th in the MR 25 Team Event for Half-Marathon x 2 race. 

Displaying 20140622_065703.jpg

An Interview With Colin. 

Why did you decide to run this race?
I had a lot of friends from Team Fatbird running in this race and Gold Coast marathon had a reputation for producing PBs due to its flat course and cool weather so I decided to make it my first serious overseas race.

Why did you ran the MR25 half-marathon?
I treated it as a long hard run as preparation for my half-marathon in Gold Coast a mere two weeks later.

 How was the route?
It was downward sloping for the first few km and thus, it was easy to maintain a good pace early on in the race. Overall, it's relatively flat.

How was the organisation of the race, itself?
The organisation of the race was indeed superb and I'm really impressed!! The expo was excellent and there was comprehensive pre race information including the profiles of the top runners for each race. During the race, the volunteers were awesome and hydration points were sufficient. To top it off, the official results were available within an hour of crossing the finishing line at the information counter and on the Internet in the same afternoon. Also, every competitor's results and names were published in the local newspaper the very next day.

What kind of time were you expecting?
I raced with no expectations as I had not spent enough time to train due to injury and monthly business travels. My race strategy was to cross the 10km mark under 4'/km pace (which I couldn't manage to do in Singapore) and take the risk of falling apart in the second half of the race.

Are you happy with your time?Is it a personal best time?
Definitely yes. In less than ideal preparations for the race, I managed to beat my previous PB by almost a minute.

What is your next goal?
To run a faster HM in Army half marathon.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ashley Liew's interview on (16min 18sec) RED, WHITE, AND BLUE SHOES 5KM Race, 04/07/2014

Ashley Liew - 1st in 25-29 year age group, 11th overall amongst all finishers

By Rameshon

Picture 1 - Ashley Liew, 1st in age group 25 to 29. 

On 4th July, good news came as Ashley wrote on his 16min 18sec, after completing his exams for his doctorate programme for his chiropractic studies at Sherman College. I felt elated to hear this as he has been somehow able to maintain his fitness and form in running, even while doing his exams. In fact, I was fearful that he may be doing about 17min and above in this race.  

As such, while he is on his journey to do his best in running in life aiming for a possible Olympics, I have decided to do up an interview so as to profile this race, leading to his major races in the future.

Picture 2 - Ashley Liew, still maintaining his form while studying for his exams. 

An Interview With Ashley Liew 

What was the race called?
The Red, White, and Blue Shoes 5k, held annually in conjunction with America’s Independence Day.

Where was it held?
Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. Which age group did you medal in? - I was champion for the male 25-29 age group, while placing 11th overall out of 1015 finishers.

How do you find the route of the race?
By South Carolina standards, this race is flat so it has the potential to be a fast course. To give the readers an idea of that potential, the winner won with a course record time of 14m18s. However, it did have a few twists and turns, so you had to do your best to keep your rhythm.

What was your timing and are you happy with the time?
I did a season best 16m18s. Covering the first mile in 4m56s, I was fired up to be on track to better my 15m53s personal best set last year. However, my pace slipped slightly after that. Still, I am satisfied with my time, as I still managed to finish strong and was not overtaken by anyone after that torrid first 500m.

 What is your next goal that you have set?

I look forward to breaking my 2h35m40s PB at the Chicago Marathon in October 2014, which is my only marathon for this year.

Three Flexifitness Athletes - Ashley LIew, Colin Chua and Kariel - did well in USA Greenville and in Gold Coast Marathon 2014

Flexifitness Athletes - Ashley Liew, Colin Chua and Kariel did very well in overseas races.

By Saranniya R

Ashley Liew
We have good news for Flexifitness. It all happened after Ashley had finally finished his exams recently.
On a happy 4th of July, Ashley Liew came in as the age-group champion of the Red, White and Blue Shoes 5km with a season best time of 16m18s, setting a 2 mile Personal Best time of 10m19s along the way. It was a super competitive field (overall winning time was 14m18s!). 

 Photo: Happy 4th of July! Age-group champion of the Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k with a season best time of 16m18s, setting a 2 mile PB of 10m19s along the way. It was a super competitive field (overall winning time  14m18s!). #4thJuly #RedWhiteBlueShoes #AsicsAsia #ShermanPride #Flexifitness Thanks John Hatfield for taking the photo!

Note: Two weeks back, Lim Thow Wee and Colin Chua did Flexifitness proud by coming in 4th overall team in MR25 Half-Marathon x 2 runners race. Lim Thow Wee did 1hr 36min, while Colin did 1hr 38min.

In Gold Coast Marathon today, 6th July, Sunday, we got results that Colin Chua, did extremely well judging from the fact that he did limited training with us. Colin commented (via sms)," I did a 1hr 24min 24sec for Half-Marathon today (PB by a minute). Reached 10km mark in 39min 30sec (also a PB). I am happy with the run, given the less than ideal preparations due to injury etc. I am looking forward to train with Flexifitness athletes again."
Another smashing result which came was from Kariel, in the women half-marathon. She commented on the race to Coach Rameshon(via sms)," Hi Coach, thank you for the training program and advice. I hit personal best at 1hr 57min 37sec. Her past timing 2hr 14min. It was a huge personal best time for her and we are proud of this. It is a 17min improvement.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lim Thow Wee and Colin Chua - 4th in MR 25 Men Open Half-Marathon x 2 Team Race (Part 1)

Team Flexifitness - 3rd in MR 25 Men Open Half-Marathon x 2 Team Race.

By Rameshon

Displaying 20140622_065703.jpg

Two days back, Lim Thow Wee told me that he is going to go hard for the first 10km of the run and do an easy run for the second round of the MR25 marathon race today. He ran in the team race where it involves another runner to do another half marathon so that the distance travelled by both runners is 42.195km.

As for Colin Chua, the second runner of the Flexifitness team, he trained only for a 5km /10km runs for the time being. He told me that he will go for an easy run for the first 10km and then go harder on the second lap of the 10km route of MacRithchie Reservoir course. I was worried that this may overtax him as he was not ready for this race. He told me that he wants to just do this as a training run. This sounded positive and we were there at 6 50am in the morning to support.

The race started although it was raining. We ran the opposite route of the 10km loop to support.

From 6th position, Colin managed to close up the gap and was able to come in 4th. It was an excellent performance considering the fact that the two runners are not taking this race seriously.

Well done, Thow Wee and Colin Chua, you have made Flexifitness proud of you.

 Lim Thow Wee - 1hr 36min
 Colin Chua - 1hr 38min