Sunday, November 22, 2015

Running Coach SG is ranked One of The Most Interesting Running Blog

By Saranniya

I was looking around for running blogs to read and find out more about running. To my amazement, I realised that I found a website that stated that our blog is ranked as one of the 100 Top Most Interesting Blog Spot. This is another milestone set by Flexifitness. It is good to hear that many people out there are reading our articles written. Flexifitness athletes will be happy to hear about this.

I will put the link for all to read.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Moonlake Lee clock in a time of 28Min 04Sec -Great Eastern Woman's 5KM Run 2015

Moonlake Lee clock in a time of 28Min 04Sec -Great Eastern Woman's Run 2015
Dr Ansgar and Moonlake Lee

Moonlake Lee  joined Team Flexifitness in year 2014. Only after a few months of training she was able to bring her time down to 29Mins 11Sec for 5KM. Her previous personal best timing was 29Min and 51Sec which was achieved in year 2011 at the Shape Run. However,  lately due to her family commitment her number of training sessions decreased significantly. 
Nevertheless, with her self-determination and focus she was able to achieve a personal best time of 28Mins 04Secs for 5KM by coming in 8th Position in the Womens’ Open Category 2015 in the recently held Great Eastern Woman’s Run.
Here is a little interview with Moonlake of her race experience and how she balances work, social life and family at the same time.


What was your target for the race?
I was hoping to get a personal best in the 5km category … and would have been happy to go below 29 minutes.
Are you satisfied with your results?
Yes and no J   Yes because I managed to achieve a personal best timing of 28:04 in the 5km… and no, because I think I could have done better, i.e. trained harder or pushed a little more on the actual race day.  On the bright side, this means there is room to further improve !!J
Was the  race organized well? 
Was the route too hilly or relatively flat?
It was a well organized race generally, although it was interesting to note that at the start line, there was another area in front of the start line that had a lot of ladies dressed in tutus… and I was wondering if this was a special line for staff or VIPs.
This, when the starting gun went off, I had to dodge among the ladies in front to break clear before I could run freely.
It was a great feeling to run with an open space in front. I was close enough that I could see the folks on the bikes that were cycling in front of the lead runner(s).  We caught up with the 10km runners around the 1 km mark and after that, it was more crowded. 
Hydrations Stations
Hydration stations were adequate for the 5km run – there were two stations available serving both water and 100plus. 
Distance Markers
Distance markers were good.
There were some slopes but it wasn’t too bad. I slowed down a little on the upslope but tried to make up for it when doing down slope.
Which part of the race was the hardest for you?
It wasn’t a particularly hard route. For me, it was more of a mental issue, to keep pushing when I was feeling tired by positive talk to myself, and keeping off any discouragement when I looked at my watch and found that I was below my targeted pace.
Why did you start running?
I first started running back in 2008 and my first run was the Anlene Orchard Mile which is a 1.6km run from Orchard MRT to DhobyGhaut MRT. I remember training for it with my husband and thought I would pass out as I was really struggling to run there and back.
After completing that run, I signed up for the 5km Shape Run 2008 to give myself a goal to aim for. At that time, I had joined a gym but hardly ever went. Thus, participating in a run forced me to go to the gym to use the treadmill to train.
So essentially, I started running because I needed to find a reason to use my gym membership JAfter that, I kept running to maintain fitness.
Now I also run to support my husband and kids who are active with the FlexiFitness running group under Coach Rameshon. It also helps to improve my overall fitness and health.
How do you balance your family, social life and running at the same time?
Running with FlexiFitness actually combines all three !!!J  Our family of 4 runs together, so we have some bonding time travelling to and from the track, we can also see each other working hard while training and this motivates each other.
Hanging out with the other runners in the group is fun and we now have friends of many ages, nationalities and backgrounds as well as running abilities. We are friends with the teenage athletes (and run with them), their parents, the coaches and also the elite runners like Ashley Liew and Lim Thow Wee who are part of the group.
Many people have told me it is hard to make time to exercise, especially busy moms … how I manage to do it is that I block off time for my kids’ running training, and since their time is blocked off, I also make it a point to do my exercise at the same time… so I rarely miss the training except when I have meetings or am travelling.
Who is your biggest inspiration to continue running?
My husband, Ansgar Cheng, who always give 100% at each training session.
What is your next target?
More personal bests J !!  I have the 10km Standard Chartered Run in December 2015 and the 10km Standard Chartered Run in Hong Kong in January 2016… so I need to keep training and also keep the holiday weight off J

Friday, November 6, 2015

Get Sporty this November/December with Flexifitness School Holiday Programmes

By Saranniya

Singapore Sports Guide 

This blog post is written for those who are in need of a sports programme to catch up on skills that students have missed as they had to do their studies and they have missed out on sports and games that will improve their coordination skills and other skills of a game.

Now that most of us have finished our exams, we can now join programmes that will improve fitness and skills. We can find this in Flexifitness.

In order to improve speed, spatial awareness, coordination, running drills and running technique, it is a good idea to join us. Running technique like the hand technique is rarely shown in You-tube are corrected in our programme. There are games that will help one in socialising with one another.

I have found out that some of students have finished GCE 'N' and GCE 'O' Levels. Nearly all primary schools have finished their exams. Hence, it is a great time that some of the students who do not have any physical activity during the holiday to join us for the programme.

Flexifitness Programmes are in The Singapore Sports Guide

Our programme is in the Singapore Sports Guide. Please refer to this domain for reference and one could go to Flexifitness website to access on information on the programmes offered to excel in sports. .

Sunday, October 25, 2015

An Interview with The Specialist Dental Group

By Divya

SPECIALIST DENTAL GROUP – Promoting Healthy and Active Lifestyles
Specialist Dental Group (SDG) is an award-winning multi-specialty dental practice with 11 dentists based at Mount Elizabeth Orchard and Gleneagles. The clinic’s team of 20 staff comprising dental nurses, front office and administrative staff have participated in several runs and team events over the past few years.

 An interview With The Specialist Dental Group

2XU Run 2015
How many races has your company taken part in?
SDG has come a long way since our first 1.6km run in the Anlene Orchard Mile back in 2008. Over a span of seven years, the team has participated in 14 races, which have been largely comprised of a mixture of 5km and 10km runs.
Year, Event, No. of participants
2008 Anlene Orchard Mile (1.6km) 8
2011 Shape Run (5km) 12
2011 Safra Bay Run (5km) 18
2012 Terry Fox Run (5km) 7
2012 Nike Goddess Run (5km) 9
2012 New Paper Big Walk (5km) 10
2012 Shape Run (5km, 10km, 2.4km) 20
2012 Games Day (Captain Ball, Badminton) 30
2012 100Plus Passion Run (5km) 25
2013 Zumba Class 10
2013 Shape Run (5km) 3
2014 Shape Run (5km) 7
2014 Garfield Run (5km) 9
2014 Standard Chartered Marathon (10km, Ekiden) 5
2014 Healthy Living Retreat (Yoga) 20
2015 Shape Run (5km) 6
2015 2XU Run (5km, 10km, Half Marathon) 10
2015 Parkway Hospital Bowling Competition 4
2015 Standard Chartered Marathon (10km, Half Marathon, Marathon) 6

                                                                            Games Day 2012

Any awards and accolades that your company has won or achieved?
SDG is the proud recipient of the Singapore Health Award (Helping Employees Achieve Life-Time Health) 2014 (Bronze Category). This award is presented by the Health Promotion Board to organisations with commendable Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Programmes that help employees lead healthy and vibrant lives. In addition to the races, the team went through health risks assessments, physical group activities like Yoga and Zumba classes, and attended health and wellness talks.
                                                                      Shape Run 2012
Usually, how many runners on average take part in the race?
From a group that had only one or two runners in the past, SDG now has an average of seven to eight runners taking part in each race.
Who is your fastest athlete in your company? Can we have the athlete's time for the race?
The fastest female runner in SDG is Liza, one of our dental nurses. She recently completed her first half marathon at the 2015 2XU Run with a timing of 2hr 28min. Her best timing for a 10km run was 1hr.The fastest male in SDG is Dr Ansgar Cheng. He is a Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics (teeth replacement and cosmetic dentistry). His best timing for a half marathon (1hr 28min 59sec) was achieved at the 2XU Run in September 2015. As for his 10km timing, he completed the Straits Times Run the same month in 37min 37sec.
Why do you take part in these races?

Our group of nurses started running after Moonlake, SDG’s former Business Affairs Director, encouraged them to participate in the Anlene Orchard Mile back in 2008 and the 5km Shape Run in 2011. Initially, they ran for fun and leisure. Subsequently, they discovered their love for running and have been participating actively in races ever since. Many of them also started training for their races together after work and the team has become more closely knit. An extra bonus is the drop in uniform sizes! Some staff who used to be ‘M’s are now ‘S’s, and the ‘L’s have dropped to ‘M’s. Beyond running, the SDG staff also get together for regular badminton sessions, Zumba and other workouts.
What is the next race that your company is taking part in?

The next race that SDG would be participating in is the Standard Chartered Marathon 2015. Dr Ansgar Cheng would be competing in his first full marathon. Dr Neo Tee Khin, Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics, will be leading a team of three nurses to take part in the half marathon.  There would also be one nurse running in the 10km race.
What is your advice to other companies who are in the process of coming out with a running/sports programme?
1) Start small and simple
It is important to start with an activity that is manageable for the majority of the employees. Unless they are a group of avid runners, imagine their dismay of having to run a full marathon during the first corporate sports programme. A good start would be to participate in a walk or a 5km run, then subsequently, increase the distance or intensity slowly according to the comfort level of the employees.
2) Keep it fun
There is a wide range of fun and healthy fitness classes that are readily available for corporate booking, such as yoga, Pilates, body combat and dance. Based on the responses from a survey done among our colleagues, SDG has plans to include boxercise and yogalates (combination of yoga and Pilates) into our fitness programme for 2016.
3) Participate in government-supported initiatives
The Health Promotion Board offers the Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Grant to organisations to help start and sustain their workplace health programmes. The grant could be used to plan activities that improve the general health and mental health of the employees. As the initiative is currently being reviewed to better meet the needs of companies, keep a lookout for the new scheme.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Two Featured Athletes From Flexifitness The Sunday Times, today

By Divya

Today, from Flexifitness, we have two outstanding athletes, who are marathoners as well, who were being featured in The Sunday Times. As a budding runner myself, I notice that they are very dedicated in training. They also train hard, day in day out.

Well trained body of Mr Evan Chee, a Wellness Products Researcher
Mr Evan Chee, 34, ran in the Men's Open category in The Straits Times Run recently and did a time of 1hr 13min 49secs for a distance of 18.450km. He finished 7th overall. He also ran the Paris Marathon and did a time of 2hr 57min. He is hoping to run the Standard Chartered Marathon 2015 and do a sub-3hours time.

Jennifer Quek, an Accountant by profession

 As for Jennifer, 43, with two years of hard work, she has finally gotten a slot to run in the upcoming Boston Marathon in 2016. Getting an entry to the Boston Marathon is not that easy as one can think of as I have known that even those who have done 3hr 04min, approximately, for Men's Marathon, were in fact not able to qualify for the Boston Marathon 2016. This is already an achievement for Flexifitness and Jennifer Quek

Having said that I was feeling happy when I saw our two athletes in  The Sunday Times today. I would like to congratulate both Jennifer and Mr Evan for their consistent hard work and improvement in training. I would like to wish them all the best for their upcoming races.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Munich and Chicago Marathon 2015, 11th Oct 2015 (Sunday)

By Saranniya

Tomorrow, we will be having Erich who will be running in the Munich Marathon 2015. He has done a sub-3hr in the past and he hoping to do a better time. 

Dr Stephen and Ashley Liew will be running in the Chicago Marathon 2015. We wish them all the best for the race. 

Coach Rameshon told," If they can do a personal best, that is good enough, anything better is a bonus."" If the time is right, one may be able to excel in timing." " The most important thing is to achieve what has been planned long-term." " So this is not the end, I guess."

A message to from our Team Captain Thow Wee to Erich and Ashley Liew.
Go Ashley go, in Chicago! Show the tenacity you have shown in June! Do us proud once again! Flexifitness are supporting you here in Singapore.

All the best, Erich. You have shown great attitude in training and massive improvement. May you do the PB you have been striving fotomorrow in Munich!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Specialist Dental Group - Active Running Group

By Rameshon

The Specialist Dental Group

Dr Ansgar Cheng, 49, a dentist, has not done a sub-1hr 30min for a half-marathon in the past and he became very determined to relentlessly go for it. He joined our group and wanted to improve so that he could do a sub-1hr 30min. In the earlier time trials, he was always going out in front and was not able to hold the pace. As for me, I realised that if a person goes out fast, they usually will not be able to run in a steady state, all the way. Over time, he realised that running a steady state pace throughout the time trial or race was a good decision to make in order to do well or see improvements in one's timing.

In the Brooks Marina Half- Marathon race, in February, he completed the half-marathon event in 1hr 32min 25sec. Dr Ansgar felt good about the time. However, he was in a way disappointed with the race as he missed the sub-1hr 30min. He shared that even a 1hr 29min 59sec would have made him very happy. The whole Flexifitness Team, those who train alongside in our training were very happy with his performance. 

Dr Ansgar - an exemplary of discipline in training

With a new personal best time of 30min 26sec, Dr Ansgar and I felt that he was ready to do a sub-1hr 30min. In the 2XU Run, held on 2nd August 2015, finally, he completed the Half-marathon event in a time of 1hr 28min 59sec and was 10th in the Men Open category. 

(left-right) Dr Ansgar, myself and Tan Eng Howe

Two weeks after the 2XU Run, he ran in the 10km Straits Times Run and did a 37min 37sec for the race. Many of us were very surprised at the time as he did better than what was predicted. The thing that Dr Ansgar has is that he has this firm determination to do well. He also has started to run patiently and in a clever manner such that he is able to kick towards the last part of the race.

Dr Ansgar - 10km run in The Straits Times Run

Also, I would like to share that, he encouraged his Specialist Dental Group colleagues team to participate in the 5km, 10km, and Half-Marathon categories of the 2XU Run. This is good because as a Specialist Dental Group director, he is encouraging his group to run as well, for health and fitness. 

Dr Ansgar's Family

As such, I told him that in the future, I was thinking of featuring his clinic Specialist Dental Group as an active running group so that this can serve as role model group for other firms and companies to follow. Dr Ansgar is a perfect example of work/life balance. Not only that, he also ensures that his kids are most of the time active in sports. This makes him a special person. 

Dr Ansgar (left) and Moonlake (right)

In the past, I have been looking for companies that are active. I realised that, it would be a good idea to write about this company, as usually I see them in races 

More than that, we also have his wife, Moonlake, 46, who also runs and supports Dr Ansgar in his passion - running.

Hence, I shall write about The Specialist Dental Group in the next blog post.