Sunday, August 31, 2014

Vegan Kenny Lee - Surprises everyone with his 1hr 29min 22sec time for his first time 2014 Army Half-Marathon race. (Part 2)

Kenny Lee - Carrying the flag for Vegans in Singapore. 

Kenny Lee (second from left)

Kenny Lee ran with a t-shirt Team V. His message is for Singaporeans to consider being compassionate towards the animals before you eat. His message is that there are plant based products we can eat that could in fact prevent one from diseases like cancer and other diseases. 

Yesterday, Team V captain Kenny Lee did a 1hr 29min 22sec for the Army Half Marathon and did this remarkable time first half- marathon. Furthermore, his training was not suited for the 21km but for 5km/10km; he was focused on bringing his time down for 5km, which would bring his marathon time in the long run. 

Interview with Kenny Lee

What was the recent race you did?

 SAFRA half marathon.

Why did you choose this race?

 It is a popular event and there are many good quality competitors coming from the NSF.

 The event time also coincides well with the 'halfway' mark of my training program for the SCMS 2014 under coach Rameshon. It was a good chance to test my fitness and preparedness for the marathon. 

What was your timing?

1:29 unofficial.

 Are you happy with it?

Satisfied, but I know it could have been better if I pushed myself. However, I chose not to stress my body out too much, knowing that there would be a 10k race in 2 weeks and many more grueling months of training to come before I'm marathon ready. 

How was the route and organisation of the Race?

The route was enjoyable. Water and isotonic points were evenly spaced and well stocked. However, I thought that the organizers could have arranged a pen system so the more experienced runners can have a better chance at their PB.

What is your next race? 

POSB 10k run with flexifitness team! 

Ashley Liew 10th in Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon

Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon - A race to prepare for the Chicago Marathon 2014

By Rameshon

Ashley ran the race at 7am and finished the race in 8 15am. He had to fly back at 12 20pm on the day itself to South Carolina. Two more weeks from now, he will be having his Chiropractic Board Exams at Sherman College of Chiropractic Studies. 

He came in overall 10th out of  a heavily contested race. The race had 7750+ finishers. With Chicago Marathon in sight, he did not really cut down his training to taper for this race. The mileage still need to be high. The official time was 1hr 15min 22s (5m45s/mile pace), 

Photo: Overall 10th out of 7750+ finishers at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon, with minimal tapering! Net time 1h15m22s (5m45s/mile pace), not what I was gunning for. Then again, time is relative to the day’s conditions. In July I had watched online streaming of Jeffrey Eggleston hitting his 2h10m52s PB at the Gold Coast Marathon; today he battled the stifling heat (and competition) to triumph in 1h05m27s. Weather aside, it was an amazing race atmosphere. Race started at 7am and was in the air back to South Carolina at 1220pm (thank you Dr Kelvin Ng Say Koon who tracked me live from Singapore and updated me with these results as I was boarding the plane!). Bummed I had to miss the post-race beach concert featuring bands like Train, because of National Board of Chiropractic Examinations at Sherman College of Chiropractic in 12 days. I look forward to seeing fellow runners Dan Kerr and Jacob Birkett at October's Chicago Marathon too! #RnRVB #ShermanPride #AsicsAsia #Flexifitness

Ashley Liew Does 1hr 15min 23 sec in 2014 Rock and Roll Virginia Beach Half-Marathon

Army Half-Marathon 2014 and Rock and Roll  Virginia  Beach Half-Marathon 2014

By Marcel Sng

Latest - Just few minutes ago, as soon as I heard from Coach Rameshon that Ashley Liew has done a 1hr 15min 23sec for today's Rock and Roll  Virginia  Beach Half-Marathon, I was elated and felt very enthusiastic that both race fell on the same day such that. Ashley came in 10th in the race. This news came from Dr Kelvin Ng, Ashley's chiro in Singapore. An interview will be given to him by me asap so all can benefit. He is in a midst of going through a hectic academic schedule as well as his exams are in the corner.

I decided to collate the whole results of Flexifitness Athletes current performance in half - marathon as of 31/08/2014. We will update when we get other Flexifitness runners' result.

1hr 15min 23sec Ashley Liew 
1hr 23min 30sec Lim Thow Wee 
1hr 28min 50sec Colin Chua
1hr 29min 17sec Kenny
1hr 34min 30sec Jensen
1hr 35min 00sec Jonathan 
1hr 51min 00sec Wang Yan
1hr 51min 50sec Szerk 
1hr 59min 22sec Jennifer Q. 
2hr 01min (Coach Tan)
2hr 07min Chin Peng

It was a wonderful day for Flexifitness and I will be interviewing some of the runners, please look out for it!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vegan Kenny Lee - Surprises everyone with his 1hr 29min 22sec time for his first time 2014 Army Half-Marathon race.

Vegan Kenny Lee - Hoping to bring cheers to the vegan community

By Marcel Sng

Picture 1- Picture taken in Loving Hut at Joo Chiat

He has done 3 sub - 19min timing in 3 months. The timings were all consistent. He did 5km in 18min 38sec with 2 1/2 months of Flexifitness training. In the past, he did not have any personal best time for 5km. At first, with one month training, he did 19min 40sec and 19min 41sec for the subsequent week. 

Today, he ran with confidence and aimed to do a sub-1hr and 30min as it was his first half - marathon race that he was taking part in. However, he was unsure of how to run it. He followed Coach Rameshon' s advice of running the first few kilometres easy and then ramp the speed up by running a steady pace and kick at the last part. Towards the end I saw him giving his best shot by sprinting towards the last few hundred metres. While the clock was ticking, Coach Rameshon was excited whether Kenny will hit the sub- 1hr 30min target. We were all anxious. Seconds were just passing by and I was looking for Kenny and started yelling as soon as I saw him. Kenny gestured to me by raising his hand in triumphant victory and went for it at the homestretch. His challenge was with himself. 

Hence, in such a short span, he has done a sub- 1hr 30min for his first run and right now aiming to do a sub-3hours in this Standard Chartered marathon, either this year or the next, I was thinking of interviewing him on his achievement. 

So, first timers out there, watch out for this interview. I hope that you perk up your confidence and train for races. I hope that you can do a sub - 2 hours for your first half-marathon by following Kenny's example, if you keep training consistently.

Army Half Marathon 2014

Singapore Bay Run 2014

By Marcel Sng

I was there at the start of the race. There were pacers in front of the runners. There were seeded runners from Army right in front of the pacers, from Army Formation, I guess. It would have been good that the race paces are in different pen or they could have stood 20 metres away apart with a balloon or something for that allows visibilty for people to run with so that they can attain the time they want. The MC was informing the public to look out for people with orange singlet for visibility. This is actually disadvantageous as it defeats the purpose of running with the pacers. 

Our runner Lim Thow Wee who came early and was sitting right in front, and having a time of 2hr 48min 49sec for April Marathon in Paris, this year, ended being blocked by about 100 runners right in front of him. Thow Wee was about 10 meters behind at the start even though he was there much earlier. I hope the organisers can do something about this. It is about time to come up with 'pen', put runners according to the timing. In international races this has been practiced worldwide and runners can in fact get good timing by the organisers doing this. 

Anyway, our runners did fairly well in the race as all did a time of sub-2hrs. This is a good sign for us as it also involves women as well. The timings are unofficial and are given below. according to our watch. 

1hr 23min 30sec Lim Thow Wee 
1hr 28min 50sec Colin chua
1hr 29min 17sec Kenny
1hr 34min 30sec Jensen
1hr 35min 00sec Jonathan 
1hr 51min 00sec Wang Yan
1hr 51min 50sec Szerk 
1hr 59min 22sec Jennifer Q. 

Coach Rameshon has already told the group that even if they improve the half-marathon time, it is not going to be improve their half marathon timing as significantly  as compared to the 5km time trials. Overall, the runners have improved in 5km and not the half-marathon and marathon timing. 

Wang Yan and Kenny, however, did a personal best time in their first Army Half Marathon run. They ran the race very will. Kenny and Wang, were able to sprint past many runners, the home stretch. Kenny has shown that as a Vegan he can still run competitively. 

Other Flexifitness athletes have also run the race, we will put it up soon. but first we want to interview Kenny and Wang Yan for their great perforamnce. 

We saw the first runner and believed him to be an African runner, may be a Kenyan runner running with a time of about 1hr 05min. 

Coffee - Good for performance or not - My Experience (Part 7/8)

Coffee - Injury and Weight Loss and Performance

The knowledge of Physiology is very important for a coach and athlete to excel in running. In a number of research, tea and coffee are mentioned as an ergogenic aids to performance. I like topics on Biochemistry as they are interesting to read. There are many research on caffeine, not just coffee, but red bull, tea, chocolate and coca cola as well. Let me talk about how caffeine can cause injury, and weight loss as well. Performance will also be discussed. 

When we injest fluid that has caffeine, I believe that the sympathetic nerve becomes activated such that the heart rate elevates. Heat increases when one drink caffeinated drink. Another thing that happens when one drink caffeinated drink is that there is the dehydrating effect of the body. My frank believe is that there is this diuretic effect, which is the cause. One will tend to go to toilet more often and this is how dehydration takes place. Hence, one needs to drink water frequently in order to counter the heat increase in the body. Dehydration disappears. 

The elevated heart rate goes down. If one does not ingest water, because of going to toilet to pass motion, the blood volume in one's body reduces. It affects performance, hence. The muscle, tendon, ligament and bone will lack water. They are made up of water as well. Rheumatism may set in. It is supposed that by stopping the caffeine drink for sometime, one will enable the body to be well hydrated, and by drinking water, one expedites the cure for the injury. In the past, I believe that most of the injuries are caused, I believe, is due to not hydrating oneself properly. 

Weight Loss
It is believed in studies that there will be weight loss in a person when they use caffeine. One will feel the 'not hungry' effect. For me it has worked at times. 

At certain times, it has not worked. Maybe the cause for this could be because of the inclusion of sugar which prevents fat oxidation. If you drink a more sugary coffee drink, fats are prevented to be oxidised. There is a high in a person at first and then there this feeling of low later on during the day. Some products like the Hydroxylcut, which has been banned now, has been used to lose weight. Hydroxylcut has this 'I am not hungry' feeling and this may enable one to lose weight. However, this  process makes the liver to work very hard and it is not good.  Hydroxylcut is now banned in the market. 

Performance - Timing and Concentration of coffee content is important. 
There are many research on when is the right time to take and on the concentration of caffeine is of utmost importance to do well in running. The timing of coffee taking varies differently between individuals. If one has not taken coffee in the past, it is advisable for one not to drink for the race as a try out. Research shows that people must get used to coffee if they want to do well. People who are not used to coffee may get over anxious if they take all of a sudden. 

I learned from  George Gandy, our Athletics Lecturer, Loughborough University, that the coach's job is to find out from Biochemistry research and Physiological studies and interpret to their athletes and work on their athletes on things that one will enhance one's performance so that he/she will excel in running.

Friday, August 29, 2014

All the best to all in the 2014 Singapore Bay Run Army Half - Marathon

Singapore Bay Army Half-Marathon 2014 - Some improvements forecasted for Flexifitness Runners.

Lim Thow Wee's aim is to do a sub- 2hr 48min in Osaka Marathon (Oct)

Tomorrow is Singapore Bay Army Half - Marathon and I am wishing all a safe and enjoyable run. Ashley Liew will also be targeting a half - marathon in USA very soon. Our next top runner Lim Thow Wee is believed to do a personal best time as he has improved in his 5km run in a trial with a time of 18min 03sec. In a race, it is projected to be 17min 43sec. For the past more than 20 years I have experienced that my runners are able to do 20 to 30sec faster if given a race.

I told Thow Wee that the 5km time is now important and to focus on it more. Even though if the half-marathon time is not run well, in the long run, he will be able to do a much better timing. He took my advice. For me doing a sub - 2hr 48min 49sec is my target, somewhere around 2hr 42min to 2hr 45min for the coming Osaka Marathon 2014, coming in the last week of October.

I would like to wish all those who are running all the best. If you are sick, it is better not to run. There are many races in the long run to do.

All the best Lim Thow Wee, Jonathan, Jennifer, Desmond, Colin, Lee Nguan, Kenny, Chin Peng, Kariel, Szerk, Wang, Joseph, Wee and Jensen. All the best to those that I have not mentioned.

My only advice is to run in a planned way. Also, you will do well if you believe in yourself.