Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2014 POSB RUN Official Results and Wang Yan, 42, Answers Interview Questions

By Marcel Sng

Wang Yan - As she ages, she is getting younger and faster

Yesterday, I was appalled to hear that Wang Yan did 44min 58sec for 10km. Earlier, she had told us that she has to work hard to do a sub- 45min, after the POSB RUN, one two days back, as she thought that 45min 20sec was her time (unofficial time for 10km) according to her watch. Only yesterday, she found that the official time showed 44min 57min instead of 45min plus timing. She was elated.

The funny thing is that she just took up serious running with no background or history of serious running. She did not know that she is talented and only took up running to keep her daughter company. She wants her daughter to keep running and she felt that the best way is to set herself as an example for her daughter.

Over time, Coach Rameshon has told her that she will do 45min plus in a few months time if she trains hard. She was told that she was talented. Using 3 times and with her rare four times per week training, she keeps improving over time.

I have decided to do an interview questions and answer that I had with her at night, yesterday. She shared some insights to her training.

At the same time, I am putting up the blog post on the website result link in the blogpost and on some of our runners perforamance.

An Interview With Wang Yan

What is your real age?
42, going to be 43 soon.

How do you find the organisation of the race?
Excellent! The water points, start of the race, finish of the race, limit in the number of runners, safety, etc were all done to the best so that runners benefit.

How do you rate upon 10?
9 out of 10.

Anything that they could improve upon?
Nothing much to say, perhaps they could allow good runners to come in front will be good. However, in this race, even though I was able to come to the front as there was a limit in the runners number. That is why I believe that I got a very good time in the race?

What is your time in this race?
Earlier I thought that it was 45min 30sec plus. Later, I was told that it was 44min 57sec. I was on top of the world to hear this as I was actually gunning for a sub - 45min next, not knowing that I have already done it.

Are you happy with the time?
I am very happy as came in third. A year back, my first race was POSB 2013. I did 53min plus in the race.I did the Great Eastern 10km and did 48min for the race and also came in 4th in the Real Run in 48min plus, missing out on the third prize. In this year's Shape Run 2014, I did 46min 16sec. 

Any misgiving in the race?
The fact that I had to win the third girl to get the second runners up prize. I felt bad for the 3rd girl. I thought that I am in the veteran women category, not knowing that I also in the women open category.

How many days per week do you train?
I train 3 times per week. I am trying to train more, however, the most I get to really train is for four times for now. 

What was your strategy in this race?
Not to run too fast at the start. After 5km of comfortable running, I started my move to go to the front. It was not to go out too fast at the start.

What is your next race?
Straits Times Run 2014 and Standard Chartered Marathon 2014.

Results of POSB Run 2014


Coach Ernest Wong, 44, Does 41min 20sec in 2014 POSB 10km Race

By Marcel Sng

Coach Ernest, 44, does 10km in 41min 20sec for 2014 POSB Race. 

Ernest Wong would routinely run 35 mins for 10km in his prime. Now as a Coach at FlexiFitness, he still does respectable timings at races.

Ernest Wong at the POSB 10km run.

Ernest Wong did a 41 min 20 sec at the POSB Run last Sunday. He planned to follow the FlexiFitness team- FlexiFitness sent 2 Corporate Challenge teams- but had to slow down " I was with the the team till the 4km, but had to slow down at 5km as I had no training, I speed up at the 9km'

He is happy with his time as he is did not train much for this race. He felt good just running with the team. He is happy with the route, organisation and water points. I myself feel that this race was truly well organised. There were no blockages throughout the race, which is very rare in races organised in Singapore.

Back in his days, Ernest Wong was rather fast. He did a 35min 15sec for the Malacca 10k Run in 2000, and 16min 06sec for 5km in 1999, Japan. He was a competitor to Coach Rameshon in his yonger days. 

Coach Ernest has a personal best time of 2hr 37min in Hong Kong marathon in year 2004. 

Ernest has been injured for 3 years now. Although injured, he manages to do 1 hour runs 3-4 times a week and 400m workouts weekly. He has a relaxed mindset and will run his next race when he feels good.

Now, he is working as a coach in FlexiFitness running group and shares his vast training and running experiences to us.. He is very knowledgeable - athletes frequently go to him for advice. I myself like to hear his past experiences as a runner. 


Ashley Liew Shares his Knowledge for people running in the Straits Times Run 2014 -Coming up soon

Wang Yan, 42, Does 44min 57sec in 2014 POSB 10km Race

Wang Yan - A compassionate runner.

By Rameshon

I was asking Wang Yan on her timing etc. She told me her past stories and I found that she was not running until she joined Flexifitness. Before that she used to do a 2km run twice per week.

Even now, she trains about 3 to 4 times per week as she has to do full time work as well. When she joined us for training, in the past, we knew that she was talented. After my steady run, one day, I decided to pace her for her 8km tempo run and at the last 200m I realised that I had a tough time with her as she nearly overtook me for the last 200m. 

From last year, she has run about 4 to 5 races. She will reveal her goals and future races in the upcoming blog post. Stay tuned for it as it only shows that as when you age, one can go faster. Age has no barrier for veteran runner Wang Yan, who ran in the Women Open category. 

Yesterday, I was asking her on when she is going to break the sub-45min barrier. She told me that she don't know. Only today, I found out that she has done a 45min 04sec gun time and 44min 57sec net time for the 10km race. 

We would like to thank the organisers for their quick response in putting the website result as soon as possible. 

I am wondering on what is Wang's next target. As a coach I hope it is to go faster. We hope that her interview will get many out there to take up running. She did not know that she had talent in this and she is very happy to be aware now. 

There was a show of compassion as she  had to overtake the third runner and she is feeling sad about it as one will be a winner and one will be a loser. As for me, both have won, as the two runners ran valiantly and did big personal best times. 


Monday, September 15, 2014

Flexifitness Hero Lim Thow Wee Says,"We Run For Kids!".

Flexifitness Team A and Team B clinches Champion Team (Corporate Challenge)  and First Runners Up Prize, respectively, for POSB RUN 2014,

Picture 1 - Lim Thow Wee collecting Team Champion prize for Corporate Challenge

Lim Thow Wee, our team captain was very happy today. He told us that it is very important to run in the race to support the underprivileged children. Having won the Team Corporate Challenge category he is in discussion with Flexifitness on how we can support the underprivileged children further by using our prize money to donate back to them.

Picture 2 - Tea break before prize giving

Today, I met 3 of the Vegans during training and all three of them Chin Peng, Lee Nguan, and Kenny they told me that it is good to donate back, to the underprivileged children.

As we ran for the kids, majority of the Flexifitness members felt that it is good to GIVE. I was happy that in Flexifitness we have many who think this way.

Picutre 3 - Nice breakfast at Lau Pa Sat

Lim Thow Wee and I will be discussing with the POSB on how we can give half or full amount of our TEAM A and TEAM B prize money to the underpriviliged fund.

Also, as the 2014 Osaka Marathon is about 6 weeks away, Lim Thow Wee was happy to tell me that he did 38min 10sec for the POSB 10km race, as the distance measured was accurate, according to his GPS watch. He was all praise towards the organiser for organising such a wonderful race for adults and for the kids as well.

It will be also interesting Lim Thow Wee, through an interview, to share on winning the championship and second position for the Corporate Challenge as a team. As such, I will put out the interview that I had with him in this blog post.
Picture 4 - United We Stand

An Interview With Lim Thow Wee - Flexifitness Team Captain for POSB Run 2014

What was your 10km personal best time?
I have done a pb of 37min 48sec, two weeks before 2014 Paris Marathon, held in April. In this race, yesterday, running the POSB Run 10km, I had to run neck to neck with Ronnie Teo and that allowed me to achieve a good timing before my competition which is coming up, few weeks from now. I am happy that I got it earlier. 

Picture 5 - Lim Thow Wee, having competition from Ronnie Teo

How was the race?
Starting of the race for Corporate athlete allowed us to go into the pen early. This arrangement is the best that I have ever seen coming from the organsiers, recognising the fast teams to stand in front. As the runners were limited many achieved very good timings. I saw many with happy faces, especially from Flexifitness athletes. 

What was your expectation of the race?
I was going for a 37min 30sec. As my legs felt tired, I had to change my target time to a sub - 39min. I was happy as Iwas nearly was about to cross the 38min barrier. If not for my tired legs, I would have done a 37m 30sec, I guess. Thanks to Ronnie Teo for helping me do a good time, despite my tiredness coming from my legs.

What is advantage of standing in front as a top runner?
We can sleep an hour more for this race. Other races I have 1 hour less sleep. Runners will feel fresh. This ensures that the warm-up is not wasted. This race has allowed some runners to take a train so that you can go the pen just 15min before the start of the race. POSB organisers have, I believe, looked into the welfare of the runners.

How did you feel when the team won first and second for Corporate Challenge?
I felt that all the hard work that we were putting as a team has allowed us to do very well in this race. 

As a team captain, how do feel on the kids and adults running together?
Many Flexifitness athletes did personal best timings because of the fact that there was more moral support from our other team members, irregardless of whether we are kids or an adult. It was also good for the kids to see us succeed as well.  About 46 runners from our Flexifitness group took part and I am elated to know this. We would like to send more the next time. As team, we took it like a family day, for young and old together, there was good team bonding. .

How do you rate the organisers of the race?
I would give a 8/10 score.

Do see this race as a model for other 10km race organisers to follow?
Yes, Other races usually has the quantity, so the quality suffers. There is more bottleneck when quality suffers. It is good to put the mass run right at the end of the race.

What is your next race that you are preparing for?
2014 Osaka Marathon in Japan on 26th October 2014

How about Standard Chartered Marathon 2014 race, are you participating?
As it is 5weeks after Osaka Marathon race, I will have to give it a miss. 


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Team Flexifitness - Support Charity in POSB Run 2014

Flexifitness Supports POSB Run 2014

Picture 1 - United We Stand

The main reason for us to run in this event is to support the underpreviliged kids. Another reason is to do well in the race. Almost all team A runners did a time of sub - 41min for 10km. We came in champions in Team A and second in Team B for Men Open category. We won $800 for winning the championships and $640 for coming in second in the team event.  

Picture 2- Wang Yan, non- runner a year back to a winner (3rd placing in Women Open)

Wang Yan did 45min 30sec (unofficial time) while our forty-six  athletes from Flexifitness took part in the race for Men Open and Women Open, and for kids race. Three of our runners, from the men side, did sub-40min for the 10km race. Six of our Team A runners were all in front of me, while I did 45min 42sec (unofficial time).

Picture 3 - A photo with the Mascot of the race (courtesy of Lincoln Han)

Two of our women runners were 3rd and 4th for Women Open. Wang Yan won the third placing. We did very well in the kids race as well. 

I will be putting our team results in our website soon. However, I would like to write of some who did very well. 

Firstly, let me talk about Imran, who did 42min plus, 3 years back, for 5km. In 10km, he found it a struggle to do a 1hr 20min, an impossible feat. He was training once or twice per week and was not training with us consistently. Currently, he did a 30m 29sec for 5km. We told him to take part in 10km POSB Run, and he reluctantly took part, as he was wondering whether he could do even a 70min. He did a trial run of 65min before doing a 63min plus for this race. He was smiling throughout when he knew that his time have improved drastically. 

Kenny, who just starting running competitively without any history of running seriously, did a sub-40min run, a 39min plus for the POSB men open race. It took him 5 months to do it. This is really incredible. 

There are many heroes in our group who ran well and I would like to share this in the next post. 


POSB RUN 2014 - My Experience Today

2014 Paris Marathon to POSB Run 2014

Picture 1 - A photo with the organiser of the event Yeo Boon Imm (Courtesy of Moon)

After 2009, Oct, I realised that I got myself injured at my knee area. I went to see doctors, and other professionals who could help me to come out of the knee problem. I was not able to run and I had problems walking down the stairs. 

Picture 2 - An interview for doing well as a team (courtesy of Doris)

Somehow, I did some yoga exercises taught by my yoga teachers in the past and also did exercises to align my body, that got me out of injury. I realised that it is important to align the body, and all will be well. The next important thing I learn is that when a person overexerts in stretching, one will not do well in running and at the same time, one may get themselves injured if they do that. 

Picture 3- Team  A and Team B came in champion and second, respectively, today (Courtesy of Moses)

When I got myself off injury, I ran in the Gold Coast Marathon and did about 4 hrs. While I was running, I told myself to complete the race and get at least the finisher t-shirt, in order to show myself that I can complete a marathon again, having won 2008 Stanchart Marathon, in the past. As for Lim Thow Wee improved his time to 2hr 53min in the race. Two months before that he did 2hr 57min in Seoul Marathon. It was another feather in his cap.

Over time, I did 3hr 10min for the Stanchart Marathon 2013, December, coming in as the fastest local veteran for 40 years and above and 10th in the international category, for men veteran. 

Later on, I did 7min 56sec for 2.4km in March, while Lim Thow Wee did 7min 44sec. We went to Paris Marathon 2014, with Jennifer joining us as well. It was an achievement for us as Lim Thow Wee did 2hr 48min 49sec breaking the sub-2hr 50min barrier for marathon. During the trip, I realised that I did not clock good mileage and I told myself to just complete the race. It was an experience.

Picture 4 - It is good to keep the smile when we run (Courtesy of Pictureart)

After that, I got a sharp pain which restricted me from doing competitive runs. Now, I got myself back to running by doing a 45min 42sec, an unofficial time for the POSB Race. Our coaches also ran to set example to our athletes.

Picture 5 - A sprint finish from last 300m till finish (Courtesy of Moonlake)

Now that I am cleared of injury, I am going to train for the Chicago Marathon 2014, which is coming on Oct 12. I am hoping to do a 45min 42sec for each 10km splits, throughout this marathon race.

I will share the race experience today in tomorrow's post.