Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shahruddin - Aiming for SEA Games 2011

 Shahruddin - SEA Games matters

Ashley Liew and I came to know more about Shahruddin, the Malaysian runner while the latter was running for Malaysia in the Hong Kong marathon. Also in the recent KL marathon 2011, Shahruddin did well by doing 2hr 42min for the race. It was another sub-2hr 50min performance and he came in as the local Malaysian Champion. 

He badly wants to go for the SEA Games and is training very hard for it. I have decided to do an interview on his aim and goal in the coming future.

Picture 1 - Ashley Liew and Shahruddin in Hong Kong, Feb 2011

An Interview With Shahruddin

How was Hong Kong marathon 2011?
I find the Hong Kong weather to be too cold for me. It was raining during the race and I had to face a lot of wind. The route was very tough and they were so many hills.

Who are you training under right now?
 I am training with Coach Sidambaram and another coach by the name of JEAN Pierre Peter Lautredoux. He wants me to work very hard for the coming marathon.

What is your next target?
I am preparing very hard to qualify for SEA GAMES. If I can't, I am going to race in Penang Bridge Marathon.

What will you do if you get your self selected?
If I get myself selected to run in the marathon in the SEA GAMES, I promise to both my coach and my country on doing the best for Malaysia . 

What is your long term goal?
I would like to break the Malaysian national record. That is my long term target.