Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wang Yan, 42, Does 44min 57sec in 2014 POSB 10km Race

Wang Yan - A compassionate runner.

By Rameshon

I was asking Wang Yan on her timing etc. She told me her past stories and I found that she was not running until she joined Flexifitness. Before that she used to do a 2km run twice per week.

Even now, she trains about 3 to 4 times per week as she has to do full time work as well. When she joined us for training, in the past, we knew that she was talented. After my steady run, one day, I decided to pace her for her 8km tempo run and at the last 200m I realised that I had a tough time with her as she nearly overtook me for the last 200m. 

From last year, she has run about 4 to 5 races. She will reveal her goals and future races in the upcoming blog post. Stay tuned for it as it only shows that as when you age, one can go faster. Age has no barrier for veteran runner Wang Yan, who ran in the Women Open category. 

Yesterday, I was asking her on when she is going to break the sub-45min barrier. She told me that she don't know. Only today, I found out that she has done a 45min 04sec gun time and 44min 57sec net time for the 10km race. 

We would like to thank the organisers for their quick response in putting the website result as soon as possible. 

I am wondering on what is Wang's next target. As a coach I hope it is to go faster. We hope that her interview will get many out there to take up running. She did not know that she had talent in this and she is very happy to be aware now. 

There was a show of compassion as she  had to overtake the third runner and she is feeling sad about it as one will be a winner and one will be a loser. As for me, both have won, as the two runners ran valiantly and did big personal best times.