Saturday, September 20, 2014

Colin Does PB of 38min 45sec in POSB RUN 2014.

Colin - From good conditioning, now aims for a sub-3hr for Stanchart Marathon 2014 

By Miss Rajendran

In 2014 Gold Coast Marathon, 6th July, Sunday, Colin Chua, did very well in the race by doing a 1hr 24min 24sec for Half-Marathon (PB by a minute). However, just before that earlier on, a few weeks ago, he formed a two man team to run in the MR25 Marathon 2014 Run (a relay race of two runners, each running a half-marathon to complete a marathon) and he did a 1 hour 38min in the competition. 

Picture 1- Colin (1hr 38min) and Lim Thow Wee (1hr 36min) 3rd in MR25 Marathon team race, each has to run a half-marathon. 
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Picture 2 - Colin in one of the race
In the 10km race, where Flexifitness came in champions in the Team Corporate Challenge, Colin was one of those who contributed to the success of the team by doing a personal best time of 38min 45sec. 

As he is gunning for sub - 3hours marathon race, this year, let us hear from him some forecast on his goals and expected improvement that he is aiming for. 

An Interview With Colin

Picture 3 - Colin, 5th from left in the photo, standing right behind. 

1. Can you share with us what distance you have been focusing on?
From January till June, I was focusing on improving my 5km and 10km timings.
From June till September, I was focusing on half marathon distance training and racing. Right now, I am focusing on marathon.

2. What were you doing for your training before you joined us?
I only started running in 2011 and it was Lim Thow Wee, my ex secondary school class-mate, who first showed me how to run a fartlek at Padang!!- From then on, I usually. on average, did 60-80km per week. I also joined Team Fatbird for their long runs on weekends leading up to Standchart marathon. In a typical week, there will normally be one tempo run or fartlek session, one interval session and one medium long run seldom exceeding 22km.

3. What is your 5km,and 10km timings in the past?
Last year, just a month prior to Standchart marathon when I was supposedly at my fittest, I ran 5km in 19’05” in the SGX bull charge race.  I raced in two 10km races last year, finishing both in the 41mins plus region.
I had never run 10km races prior to 2013 and this POSB 10km race is only my third serious 10km race.

4. What is your 5km, 10km personal best now?
My present time for 5km is 18min 45sec and my 10km time is 38min 45sec

5. How did you progress to achieve your current timings?
The quality runs that I did every week and the training from Coach Rameshon certainly helped!! Also, the advice from Coach Rameshon and his coaches as well as fellow Flexitfitness and Team Fatbird athletes resulted in me achieving my current timings.

6. Are you happy with your progress?

7. what are your next races? 
ST run 21km, TNF 25km, Newton 32km and Standchart marathon.

8 What are your short term and long term goals? 
- Short term, I want to run a faster 100km than I did in 2011. In 2011, I was 15kg heavier and only just started running. With pure determination and almost no running background, I completed the Sundown 100km ultramarathon in 14hrs 17mins. In 2015, I would like to try and complete the 100km Sundown race without stopping. Long term, I hope to stay injury free and run a sub 3 marathon.

*Pls elaborate more*

POSB Run Questions
1. How did you find the route, organisation,water points of the POSB run? 
The route have a u-turn point where we can see the leading runners as well as a chance to look at our team mates and it gave me sort of a boost to hear well meaning cheers. The race is well organized, water points are more than sufficient and are well manned by volunteers.

2. How was your race from start till the end?
I ran pretty much even paced all the way.

3. What was your goal for the POSB run? 
Sub-40mins. The failure to break 40mins for 10km last year after two serious attempts had been bugging me.

4. What is your timing for the POSB run? 
38min 45sec

5. Are you happy with your run?
Yes. I was troubled by a right metatarsal injury in the week building up to the race so I did zero running for three days. This same injury has been troubling me this year so I was glad to be able to run a 10km PB with no signs of strain.

6. How do you feel by coming in champion in team corporate challenge
Extremely happy that we did it as a team!! It was invigorating to see my team mates running on the same course with the same goal of trying to do Flexifitness proud. 

7.How do you rate the race
9/10. Almost perfect!!

8. Will you be running the POSB run next year?
Yes, since it is for charity!!

9. How was your training like? 
Due to a hectic work schedule, I am still on a relatively low mileage program and I still do mainly the same type of training as last year’s i.e. In a typical week, there will normally be one tempo run or fartlek session, one interval session and one medium long run seldom exceeding 22km. Due to my relatively low mileage as compared to other seasoned marathoners, almost every run is a quality run and I also try to run my medium long runs at a 4’30”/km to 4’45”/km pace.  

What has changed from last year is that I’ve joined the training sessions with Coach Rameshon’s athletes on Tuesdays. The experience and advice from Coach Rameshon and his coaches as well as fellow athletes from the Tuesday group have been instrumental in helping me run faster than last year!!