Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jennifer - An Interview on her coming Osaka Marathon 2104

Jennifer - Hopes to do a 3hr 45min in Osaka Marathon 2014

By Saranniaya Rajendran

Jennifer Quek - Not forgetting to smile when she is racing

Jennifer Quek, 42, came for training yesterday and disclosed to me, while interviewing, that her personal best time in the past was 1hr 08min for 10km. She was very pleased on doing a 50min 48min in POSB Run 2014, held just few days ago. 

Yesterday she did another personal best time by doing 59min 35sec for her 12km run. 

As I have given an introduction of her just yesterday, in my earlier blog post, I would like many out there to read her interview - on her constant progress and on her iron discipline to run despite very tough work out there.

I was surprised to find out that she had to continue her work after training. She came to training tired from her work and did a personal best time of 59min 35sec for 12km and she had to continue with her work. What an iron will she has.

I am very impressed with her managing time to train and work, and having time for family as well.

Jennifer Quek- Does sub 60min for the 10km POSB Run 2014

An Interview With Jennifer Quek

What was your time in the past for 10km?
It was 68min plus, before joining Flexifitness.

What is your time now?
My current time is 50min 48sec for 10km POSB run. 

Are you happy with your time?
I am very happy as this is the first time I am finally crossing the sub-50min barrier. I was on top of the world to see myself coming in top 10 in the individual category. I somehow came in 10th in the Women Open section of the race. In the past, I could not dream of it even. 

How was the organisation of the race?
As for the water points, the split points were good. Every 3km, approximately, there were drinks. The part I like the best of this race is that I did was not blocked in any way from the start to the finish. As far as I was concerned, I did not see or go through any form of bottleneck. Thanks to the organisers. 

Do you like to come back for this race?
Most Definitely! I would like to come for this race. I like the ambience as well. 

What is your aim for the 2014 Osaka Marathon, which will be held on 26th Sept 2014? 
My aim is to do a 3hour 45min, I will aim for an even better time in other marathons if I can achieve my target time. 

Any podium finish - first, second, third - that you are thinking of?
Not for now, I just want to constantly improve upon my timing and sharpen my running technique to do well in running. 

How do you manage your work and training?
I work very long hours. Sometimes I find that I do not really have much time for running as my work takes my time away. However, I always tell myself that running is for health and I have to run so that I stay physically strong, keeping myself away from diseases and sickness etc. I set myself a time to train. 

How do you feel after doing a personal best time yesterday in 12km run?
I felt shocked as I came for training very tired, and in fact came late for training, It was a very good personal best time. As for me, I had to stop my work for a while and to do the training first somehow and to continue on with work after training. I felt a surge of energy to do my things after training as I did a personal best time. It is a motivation to work harder in my work as well. 

What is your goal or aim for this year or next?
My aim is to finally qualify for the Boston Marathon either next year or year after next.