Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Vegan Kenny Lee does 39min 17 sec for POSB 10km.

Keeny Lee,27, does POSB run in a time of 39:17, well within his target of a sub 40 min.

By Marcel Sng

Kenny Lee - Just took up running competitively only 5months ago

On Sunday, Team V captain Kenny Lee did a 39min17sec for the POSB run 10km.  Kenny takes his time as a guage for the Standard Chartered Marathon in Dec. Although his training now is well suited for the 5km/10km, he is slowly bringing it up to the full marathon level of training.

Kenny joined FlexiFitness just 5 months ago. I find that he is able to do personal bests constantly due to consistent training; as Kenny together with the Vegan group hardly miss any trainings. His vegan diet also helps.

Kenny Lee(left), together with running buddies and fellow vegans Lee Guan(middle) and Chin Peng(right) supporting ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore)

Interview with Kenny Lee

How did you find the route, organisation,water points of the POSB run?
 I thought that the route was well planned. There were more than enough water and isotonic points for a short race.

What was your goal for the POSB run? 
I was aiming for sub 40 min, which is based on a pace that is just under 4 min/ km. 

What is your timing for the POSB run?

Are you happy with your run?
Yes, I am satisfied with my run. I gave it my all and hit my target time. It was a good way to gauge my body's conditioning and readiness for the SCMS Full Marathon. In order to do better I know I will need to get stronger. 

How was your training like? 
I was doing about 50 to 60 km a week, half of which was during the long runs in macrithie. Under coach Rameshon's flexifitness program, I worked on my steady runs, cadence and form, core strengthening and hill intervals, all of which have contributed to my fast improvement. I have never felt as fit in my life as I do now. 

How does vegetarianism help in running? 
A whole foods vegan diet keeps me lean even though I have not changed my eating habits (I.e i don't count or restrict my calorie intake). An anti-oxidant and fibre rich diet improves my digestion and maximizes absorption of nutrition so that I rarely get injured. And when I do I get injured, I recover faster. Faster recovery = more training = one step closer to my sub 3 hour marathon.