Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jennifer - Aims to do Osaka Marathon 2014 in 3hr 45min on 26/09/2014

Jennifer - Time is faster when the distance gets longer

By Miss Saranniya Rajendran

Picture 1 - From Paris, Jennifer is heading Japan for Osaka Marathon 2014 soon.

Today, Jennifer Quek, 42, somehow came for training but it was late. All the athletes from FlexiFitness were running on the track. With little warm up, she mustered up her courage to run the 12km. Only when she finished the steady run that I realized that she was very tired from her yesterday's run. She did a personal best time of 59min 35sec for the run.

She just told herself that she wanted to do her run and she was surprised to 10km personal best time of 50min 20sec while running the 12km steady run. Hence, while running the 12km, she improved her personal best time she did in POSB 10km run 50min 48sec.

In this year's POSB Run, Jennifer did a time of 50min plus, which was faster than her previous 10km time of 53min plus. The best part of Jennifer's achievement is that she has come in 10th position in Women Open race.

Hence there were 4 women from Team FlexiFitness who were top 11 in the 2014 POSB RUN. This was a great achievement for Flexifitness. As this month is my exam month, I was not able to run in the POSB run. I was amazed to see her run in the 12km steady run. She is getting faster over time as I have seen that she is always present in training. 

Marathon Personal Best Time - 3hr 48min was done in Berlin Marathon. 

Split timing for Berlin Marathon 2013
5km 26m 18sec
10km 52min 41sec
15km 1hr 18min 41sec
20km 1hr 45min 07sec
21.1km 1hr 50min 52sec
25km - 2hr 12min 21sec
30km - 2hr 40min 10sec
35km - 3hr 07min 40sec
40km - 3hr 36min 10sec
42.2km - 3hr 48min 33sec.

Name :Jennifer Quek

Half Marathon

YearTimingRace Name
04-Dec-052h:31mSingapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2005
04-Mar-072h:19mHong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon 2007
14-Jun-092h:08m:13s (net)Laguna Phuket Marathon 2009
29-May-102h:07m:45s (net)adidas Sundown Marathon (Half) 2010
30-May-112h:02m (net)adidas Sundown Marathon (Half) 2011
04-Sep-112h:05m:10s (net)Army Half Marathon 2011
09-Sep-121h:59m:40s (net)Army Half Marathon 2012
11-Nov-121h:59m:55s (net)Great Eastern Women 2012

01-Sep-131h:51m:31s (net)Army Half Marathon 2013 Flexifitness Training

Full Marathon

YearTimingRace Name
03-Dec-064h:52m:43s (net)Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2006
07-Dec-084h:50m:34s (net)Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2008
06-Dec-094h:31m:13s (net) Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2009
05-Dec-104h:43m:11s (net)Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2010 (Pacer for 4:45 timing)
01-Feb-114h:16m:21s (net)Toyko Marathon 2011
01-Feb-124h:12m:18s (net)Toyko Marathon 2012
22-Apr-124h:18m:51s (net)London Marathon 2012
29-Sep-133h:48m 53secBerlin International MarathonFlexifitness Training

As, recently, she has already done personal best time for her 5km and 10km, and the 12km, she is getting ready for the upcoming Osaka Marathon on 26/09/2014. I spoke to her and she was answering my interview questions which I will be posting it out tomorrow.