Sunday, September 14, 2014

POSB RUN 2014 - My Experience Today

2014 Paris Marathon to POSB Run 2014

Picture 1 - A photo with the organiser of the event Yeo Boon Imm (Courtesy of Moon)

After 2009, Oct, I realised that I got myself injured at my knee area. I went to see doctors, and other professionals who could help me to come out of the knee problem. I was not able to run and I had problems walking down the stairs. 

Picture 2 - An interview for doing well as a team (courtesy of Doris)

Somehow, I did some yoga exercises taught by my yoga teachers in the past and also did exercises to align my body, that got me out of injury. I realised that it is important to align the body, and all will be well. The next important thing I learn is that when a person overexerts in stretching, one will not do well in running and at the same time, one may get themselves injured if they do that. 

Picture 3- Team  A and Team B came in champion and second, respectively, today (Courtesy of Moses)

When I got myself off injury, I ran in the Gold Coast Marathon and did about 4 hrs. While I was running, I told myself to complete the race and get at least the finisher t-shirt, in order to show myself that I can complete a marathon again, having won 2008 Stanchart Marathon, in the past. As for Lim Thow Wee improved his time to 2hr 53min in the race. Two months before that he did 2hr 57min in Seoul Marathon. It was another feather in his cap.

Over time, I did 3hr 10min for the Stanchart Marathon 2013, December, coming in as the fastest local veteran for 40 years and above and 10th in the international category, for men veteran. 

Later on, I did 7min 56sec for 2.4km in March, while Lim Thow Wee did 7min 44sec. We went to Paris Marathon 2014, with Jennifer joining us as well. It was an achievement for us as Lim Thow Wee did 2hr 48min 49sec breaking the sub-2hr 50min barrier for marathon. During the trip, I realised that I did not clock good mileage and I told myself to just complete the race. It was an experience.

Picture 4 - It is good to keep the smile when we run (Courtesy of Pictureart)

After that, I got a sharp pain which restricted me from doing competitive runs. Now, I got myself back to running by doing a 45min 42sec, an unofficial time for the POSB Race. Our coaches also ran to set example to our athletes.

Picture 5 - A sprint finish from last 300m till finish (Courtesy of Moonlake)

Now that I am cleared of injury, I am going to train for the Chicago Marathon 2014, which is coming on Oct 12. I am hoping to do a 45min 42sec for each 10km splits, throughout this marathon race.

I will share the race experience today in tomorrow's post.