Saturday, September 13, 2014

All the best to those running in the POSB Race 2014

POSB Race - Good Charity Race to Run. 

Picture 1 - (left to right) POSB Run 2011, in the past - first time Flexifitness joining POSB Run
After 4 years, soccer player, Yogaraj and hockey player Divya are still running 

We took part in the POSB race in the past and this is the fourth year in the running for us. It is good that it is a charity race. Although, I did not train that much for this year's race, which will be held tomorrow, I told myself to just support this race again. Last year, I came in sixth in the men open race. The top 5 of the top 10 runners were all from Flexifitness and it was one of my happiest day in my life. 

As for myself, this year as a whole, it took me sometime to enable 8 runners in Singapore to do a sub-19min for 5km. It took some of my energy away from me. My training went down to a minimal level. However, at the end, I am satisfied with this achievement. I believe that there is more to come as I can see that some have great talents in our group. 

At the other end of my coaching, this year, while doing my personal training today, at a park around the east area of Singapore, I was happy to see that two of professional woking class people who were only used to walking were able to run all the way for 8km run with some rest in between. repetitions. 

Tomorrow morning we will be having a total of 46 runners from Flexifitness runners taking part in the POSB Race. 

I am hoping that for every 4/5 of our Flexifitness runners are able to obtain their personal best times tomorrow. 

Please pray that it does not rain in the morning. 

All the best to all those participating in the POSB Race.

All the best to all Flexifitness Runners!