Sunday, September 14, 2014

Team Flexifitness - Support Charity in POSB Run 2014

Flexifitness Supports POSB Run 2014

Picture 1 - United We Stand

The main reason for us to run in this event is to support the underpreviliged kids. Another reason is to do well in the race. Almost all team A runners did a time of sub - 41min for 10km. We came in champions in Team A and second in Team B for Men Open category. We won $800 for winning the championships and $640 for coming in second in the team event.  

Picture 2- Wang Yan, non- runner a year back to a winner (3rd placing in Women Open)

Wang Yan did 45min 30sec (unofficial time) while our forty-six  athletes from Flexifitness took part in the race for Men Open and Women Open, and for kids race. Three of our runners, from the men side, did sub-40min for the 10km race. Six of our Team A runners were all in front of me, while I did 45min 42sec (unofficial time).

Picture 3 - A photo with the Mascot of the race (courtesy of Lincoln Han)

Two of our women runners were 3rd and 4th for Women Open. Wang Yan won the third placing. We did very well in the kids race as well. 

I will be putting our team results in our website soon. However, I would like to write of some who did very well. 

Firstly, let me talk about Imran, who did 42min plus, 3 years back, for 5km. In 10km, he found it a struggle to do a 1hr 20min, an impossible feat. He was training once or twice per week and was not training with us consistently. Currently, he did a 30m 29sec for 5km. We told him to take part in 10km POSB Run, and he reluctantly took part, as he was wondering whether he could do even a 70min. He did a trial run of 65min before doing a 63min plus for this race. He was smiling throughout when he knew that his time have improved drastically. 

Kenny, who just starting running competitively without any history of running seriously, did a sub-40min run, a 39min plus for the POSB men open race. It took him 5 months to do it. This is really incredible. 

There are many heroes in our group who ran well and I would like to share this in the next post.