Friday, September 19, 2014

Kariel 11th in Women Open and Does 51min 13sec

By Marcel Sng


Kariel - Goes one notch up, coming in 11th in Women Open
Although Kariel hardly has time to run or come for training, she does her best to find the time to train. This is what I call determination. Kariel joined us for training about 10 months ago and start gradually improving her running performance. Her progress was rather slow. 

There was a time when she was missing because she was having some pain at the lower limb near the ankle area; because of her injury, she did not train with us for months. 

In the past, I have never seen her doing a sub- 25min for a long period of time.

After she had recovered from her injury, she rejoined the Flexifitness group for training. She did a time which showed progress. To get a sub-25min, it seemed at first an impossible task for Kariel, until she did a 5km trial at the track on 4th August, 2014, when she did 24min 57sec. A week before that she was 1min behind this time. 

In the 14th of Sept POSB  race, Kariel came in 11th overall in the Women Open section. Fellow Flexifitness athletes Wang Yan and Jennifer came in 3rd and 10th for the race. All three did a personal best time. There were other girls who did personal best times as well. The time she clocked for 10km was 51min 13sec. She was happy that it was a big personal best time. We felt happy for her. 

As a way to motivate people not to lose heart in running, I am writing this to inspire the ladies and others from our group to go below 25min for 5km just like her and at the same time improve one's  marathon timing. This interview serves to inspire others who have been doing 30min plus in 5km to do a sub 25min over time, if you are determined like Kariel. 

An Interview With Kariel

Why did you join the Flexifitness running programme?
I wanted to improve my running time through Flexifitness running programme.

When did you join our programme?
I joined in 2013 October 

How did you know about Flexifitness?
Mr Thow Wee and Colin told me about Flexifitness

Were you doing personal or group training?

Group Training 

How has training with the group helped you?

Training in a group allows me to run faster because I would not be able to do it alone.
Group training is encouraging as you will want to catch up with your team mates, hence all of us will improve together.

How has your progress been, from the start of the session to the last race that you have done?
My timing has been improving since I join Flexifitness and results have shown this.
I have achieved personal records for last few races such as 1:57:37 for my gold coast half marathon and 10:44 for 2.3km in DBS community game. My training time trial has improved also by hitting new record 24:57for 5K last week. 

What is your next race? 
My next race is POSB 10K and Straits Times 10K held on 14th Sep and 28th Sep respectively.

Do you have any tips for improving fitness?
Discipline and consistency. I still have room to improve in these areas. Mental training is important too. 
Do you have any long term goals?
To be top 10 in Singapore Standard Chartered Bank running in the full marathon in woman open.