Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Going Vegetarian (Part 2) - Meaning of Compassion

Going Vegetarian- Compassion towards animals

They claim their move to vegetarianism in 20089 came from a realisation that most meat-based food items are processed and a growing awareness of "how the livestock industry operated".

"As we progressed, we discovered so many different plant-based food sources which we would not have if not for turning vegetarian. Also, our understanding of the ethical considerations extended to the dairy industry, which could very well be worse than the livestock industry, and we decided to stop consuming dairy products as well," reveals Mr Gangasudhan who turned vegan in January 2010.

As their search for vegetarian nutrition didn't throw up satisfactory results, they launched a free online magazine on the topic in August 2009. A year later, demand was so high that they started printing it. Today, 3000 copies of VegVibe are distributed free from over 80 locations across Singapore.

The best argument for vegetarianism, says Mr Gangasudhan, is the fact that there is no longer a need to argue for it. "Many people are already aware of the benefits at the casual level and make a conscious effort to reduce meat and increase plant-based food in their diet anyway," he says. 

For Singaporean yoga teacher Balakrishnan Matchap, it was a routine incident at work that inspired a turnaround in his dietary preference. While working at the Singapore Zoo as a zookeeper, he saw an injured racehorse being put to sleep with a  captive bolt gun.

"With complete trust, it meekly followed its handler to its own demise. Watching this made me realise how we humans use and abuse animals for our own vanity, without proper understanding of the pain these sentient beings go through every day for our sake," he says, in support of his decision. 

But was the changeover difficult? Not at all, says Mr Balakrishnan who during the initial stages read up on nutrition and carefully observed his body's response to the change in diet. He has been vegan for 16 years now and feels mock meat varieties available in many restaurants across the island help vegetarians and Non-vegetarians Bridge the "divide" and dine together. 

In Mr Balakrishnan's words, vegetarianism is not just about dietary preference. It is about compassion living and treading lightly on this planet, sharing resources by taking not more than needed. And the powerful thought that three times every day when you sit to eat, you’re making a positive impact both socially and environmentally.

Pramod Kukanur - Person Initiating This Blog (Part 2)

Pramod Kukanur - Exercise is My Hobby

I spoke to Rameshon that I am leaving Singapore today, at mid-day. My wife is here as well. I have told Rameshon to definitely come down to India to my place during future holidays. 

I have shared with people on my past and what I did to reduce my weight from 86kg to 75kg. I hope that many can benefit from my experience. 

I remember that,  in the past, I used to eat late. I was told by Rameshon that by eating late our metabolism will slow down and we can, over time, become over weight. In fact, in the past I used to sleep very late. Rameshon told me that studies and research has shown that by sleeping late our metabolism will slow down a lot and we will gain weight significantly over time. He told me an old adage, "Early to rise and early to sleep will make one healthy, wealthy and wise."  

He also told me that a lot of difference to a sportsman. No matter how hard a person train, the sportsaman is definitely not going to do well in running, when he or she is advancing in timing for a particular long distance race. .

As a vegetarian, I have no preference for Chinese, Indian or Western food. I was suggested to some food that was sold in the Chinese Vegetarian and I enjoyed those food here. It is near Hoy Fatt Road. There were altogether 3 shops but now there are only two. I saw a variety of food in the Chinese vegetarian shop and chose to take soupy stuff and vegetable items. Even as a vegetarian, I knew that some Chinese and Indian vegetarian shops sell food that has a lot of oil in it. I was careful with this.

It is because of avoiding late night food that I dropped in my weight and now I am back to normal. I hope that all expatriates here are careful with food. Fast food are usually not good for the body and we have to be careful f it. 

Lastly, I would like those expatriates working here all the best and be healthy and happy while you are working here. 

Pramod Kukanur 
Hubli, India.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Caster Semenya - Wins 800m in Dakar

Semenya - 20Year Old South African winning the 800m Grand Prix 2011 at Dakar, 28/05/2011

Video 1 - Semenya doing a 1min 55.45sec in Berlin 800m for Women (2009)

Caster Semenya, a South African by origin, a world reigning champion, who recently had been cleared from gender dispute, ran her fastest time, 2min 01.77sec and won the women's 800 meters race in the IAAF World Challenge Dakar Grand Prix held in Senegal on Saturday, 28/05/2011.

Semenya dominated the race from start till the end in her first international race for this year. Her timing was more than half a second faster than her previous best set this year.

The 20-year-old Semenya is believed to do a better time in Daegu, South Korea, which is predicted to fall on August 2011.  Semenya did 2min 01.77sec and ran the provincial meet in South Africa held in March, this year. Her personal best time is 1min 55.45sec, which she may be looking forward to better it over time. She looks set to go below 2min this year. Next weekend she is running the Prefontaine Classic in USA, Eugene, Oregon.

Since her gender controversy that sidelined her for some time has been cleared, she can now run peacefully and run under women category. Semenya had a niggling back injury in the past toward the end of the season of her 2010 season which caused her to miss the Commonwealth Games. She is much fitter now, judging on her progressive performance recently, coming with a season best time in the world this year

Video 2 - Clearing of her gender issue.