Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flying off to Gold Coast from Melbourne, tomorrow 1st July 2011

Leaving Melbourne for Gold Coast for the marathon

Picture 1- We enjoyed the beautiful and scenic view of Lysterfield Lake.Ashley went there to unwind.

So far, I find Australia as a very nice place to stay and the people here are warm and very friendly. The land space is huge and vast. I see a lot of greenery here and this place is very scenic, especially the sight of Lysterfield lake. My sister brought Ashley and I for a walk around there. My sister recounted how she and her friend went for a very long walk and nearly got lost in the woods. I told her that if she needs to go into the woods, the most important thing to do is to go in twos or a group and to bring at least 1.5 litres of water each.

Picture 2. - Aravind, showed Ashley a park that he could run, for the time being.

Yesterday, the weather here was 4.5 degrees centigrade in the morning hours, around 7am, at my sister's house.

Gold Coast Marathon is an AIMS certified course. The marathon has various races as well ie Kids dash, Wheel chair Half-marathon, kids dash etc. The start has different timing for the various races. The marathon distance is equal to the Olympic distance of 42.195km.

It has been suggested to be at the marathon race 1hr before so that one can see the start and finish point, and know where the baggage point. One will be able to go to the toilets and be comfortable when they run.

Today, my sister and her daughter and I went to a Hindu temple at Carrum Down. We were there for a . while.

Picture 3 - (Left to Right ) Rameshon, Ashmitaa and Gowri. We visited a Hindu temple at Carrum Down

After that Ashley did his last 40min run in Melbourne, Narre Warren Area. We realised that the course record is 2hr 13min for the men open and 2hr 31min for the women open.

Tomorrow, we will be flying  off to Gold Coast to collect the number tag. We will be leaving Melbourne at 2pm and reaching Gold Coast at 4pm. Ashley told me that the temperature is predicted to be somewhere around 15 degrees to 20 degrees centigrade. I just hope that the temperature does not go below 10 degrees during the race. Nevertheless, I have told Ashley to be ready for any kind of weather.

Picture 4 - Ashley, standing next to Gowri's neighbour's house.

We will be having a 2 hours flight. We leave at 2pm and reach there at 4pm. It will be nice to see the ocean at the Gold Coast area.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meeting Lindy Yap and May Yong before Gold Coast Marathon 2011

Two passionate runners- Lindy Yap and May Yong

Picture 1 - (left to right) My sister Gowre, Lindy Yap, Ashley Liew and Rameshon.
We had our dinner at the Chinese Vegetarian restaurant at Vegie Mum in Doncaster.

Today, Ashley Liew and I were invited by Lindy Yap, one of the MR25 Club member, who is now residing in Australia. She told us that she would like to give us a treat at a Chinese Vegetarian, somewhere 45mins away from my sister's place at Narre Warren. My sister was also invited. It was at Doncaster. The restaurant's name was Vegie Mum.

Picture 2 - (Left to Right) Ashley Liew, my sister Gowri, Lindy Yap, May Yong and Rameshon

Lindy who has a personal best time of 3hr 49min, will be also running in the Gold Coast Marathon 2011. However, she revealed that she will be doing this for the fun of it. The Chinese Vegetarian food was very delicious and we thank her for the treat.

After the treat, we decided to meet May Yong who was staying at Grenfell Avenue. At present May Yong is studying at Glen Waverly College. She told me that she is preparing for the cross-country championships. Hopefully, I hope to see her run in the State Cross-Country Championships 2011. I found out that my nephew Aravind has been selected.

Later on, we went to MacDonald's, since we could not find any place to go for a coffee drink. May Yong chatted fwith us for about 30 to 40 min and finally left the place to go to my sister's place. Lindy Yap was very kind enough to bring us back to my sister's hourse, considering the long ride back to the latter's place.

It was very nice meeting the two runners - Lindy Yap and May Yong. These are very passionate runners from Singapore and I was very happy to meet them. It was a ftuitful day.

Hillcrest Christian Annual Sch X-Country C'ships 2011, Australia

Hillcrest Christian Annual School Cross - Country Championships 2011

Today was Hillcrest Christian Annual School Cross-Country Championships 2011. Two periods were off for the students to run in the race at 1:30pm. Aravind, my nephew, told me in the morning that he was taking part in the 4km race in the boys' race. He also predicted that he is aiming for 4th position. At 4pm plus, Aravind was back and was happy that he came in 4th. I congratulated him for his performance. He also recounted to me that he had to fight hard to get the 4th position. I have asked him for an interview and he answered me.

Picture 1 - (Left to Right) 1 -Zavier Harris, Aravind Thiruselvam(4th position), 3- Alex Cross (1st position), 4 Jarrod Mcaleese (5th position), (Front and Center)1 - Chris Webber (2nd position), 2- David Ghali

An Interview With Aravind Thiruselvam - Secondary 3 Student from Hillcrest Christian College

How did you find that race?
I found the race rather difficult as I was competing with people who have been preparing for the race.

How many people participated?
Nearly 600 students participated in the race.

Did you train hard for the race?
To be honest I did not train much for the race, but I trained 3 times per week, that's all. I think that I will do much better if I had trained more,

Can you tell us on the reults of the race and details of your performance?
Well, it was a tough fight for the fourth postition as I had to fight hard with Jarrod Mcaleese. For our under 14 age group boys race, the first second and third went to Alex Cross, Chris Webber, and Chris Agnew, respectively.

How did your coach feel about the race?
My coach was proud of mine and the team's performance. Mr Dennis congratulated us after the finish of the race for our effort.

What is your next goal?
My next goal is to prepare for the state Cross Country. Based on today's performance, the top 6 runners will be selected to compete in this event, and I will be looking forward to train hard and perform well for this upcoming event.

How did your parents feel about this?
My parents felt very proud at this achievement.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mutai Does 27min 19sec-10km Run in Boston

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Geoffrey Mutai does 27min 19sec in 10km Run in Boston

Geoffrey Mutai on the way to his 27:19 win in Boston (Victah Sailer)
Geoffrey Mutai leaves Ethiopian Gebremariam behind in Boston 10km                           

Boston, USA

Men Open 10km Race
29 - year - old Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai defeated Gebremariam from Ethiopian to win the inaugural BAA 10K on Sunday 26th June 2011, his second victory in Boston, followed by his April win in the  Boston Marathon with an  unofficial world record time of 2min 03:02sec, the best time ever by a human. He had challenges from Kenyan Sam Chelanga and Moses Mosop also. Moses Mosop finished third in 28min 29sec. Chelanga, running in his professional debut, finished fourth in 28min 31sec.Mutai may have been motivated when his wife gave birth to their second child, a girl.

Women's Open 10km Race
In the women's open category fellow country runner Kilel, won the women’s race for the 10km race  in 31min 58sec, with former Providence College star Kim Smith second. Kim Smith is from New Zealand. Ethiopian Misiker Demissie did 33min 08sec for the race. The top American finisher was Heather Cappello who came in fourth position for the race.

Leading Results -
1. Geoffrey Mutai (KEN) – 27:19
2. Gebre Gebremariam (ETH) – 28:11
3. Moses Mosop (KEN) – 28:29
4. Samuel Chelanga (KEN) – 28:31
5. Samuel Ndereba (KEN) – 29:01
6. Shawn Forrest (AUS) – 29:10
7. Simon Ndirangu (KEN) – 29:30
8. Joseph Chirlee (KEN) – 29:37
9. Elkanah Kibet (KEN) – 30:13
10. Timothy Ritchie (USA) – 30:26

1. Caroline Kilel (KEN) – 31:58
2. Kim Smith (NZL) – 32:06
3. Misiker Demissie (ETH) – 33:08
4. Heather Cappello (USA) – 33:32
5. Benita Willis (USA) – 34:11
6. Katie Dicamillo (USA) – 34:26
7. Jennifer Campbell (USA) – 35:42
8. Caroline Bjune (USA) – 36:08
9. Trina Painter (USA) – 36:13
10. Mary Kate Champagne (USA) – 36:38

In Melbourne - A Walk around the Park

In Melbourne - Going for a walk in the park with Ashley and Aravind

Today we landed at the Melbourne Airport. It tood about 7 hours journey. The temperature was 7 degrees centigrade when we landed there. When we came out of the airport, the temperature was about 11 degrees.

Ashley and I were welcomed by my sister Gowri. My sister-in-law Hema was also there. My brother-in-law Kannan was going to Singapore from Melbourne. He was able to see me for a while

The airport was 75km away from my sister's place. It was quite a ride. Later on, Ashley and I took breakfast and lunch here at my sister's place.

Picture 1 - Aravind showing me route that has soft surface in his area

Ashley went for a run and I was inspecting some good area for running and I found two places. My nephew Aravind showe me around.

 Picture 2- Ashley and I near the running route in Melbourne

Monday, June 27, 2011

Leaving Singapore For Gold Coast Marathon 2011

  Gold Coast Marathon 2011 Journey