Saturday, January 15, 2011

1500m for Men - S. Jeevanesh Champion in SAA Track Series 1

1500m For Men - SAA Track and Field Series 1

Picture 1 - Ashley is preparing for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2011

Today, morning, was the start of the SAA Track and Field Series 1. In the 1500m race, Ashley Liew and Jeevanesh took part in the race. Since it was only pre-season, I told Ashley to aim to run between 4min 25sec and 4min 30sec. However, as Jeeva is a better conditioned runner, I gave him a slightly challenging target time of 4min 24sec to 4min 30sec. Since the season time is not here yet, doing a 4min 30sec to 4min 40sec would have been sufficient.

Picture 2 - S. Jeevanesh is fourth from the left, outside. Ashley is behind and cannot be seen.

The race was delayed by about 30- 40mins and the digital timing for the race not working. After few races of the girls race, the Men Open race started.

Picture 3 - At the 500m mark, S. Jeeva was slowly moving up to the front.

At the start, the leaders including S. Jeevanesh and Marcus Ong were running a 50sec for the first 300m. At the 300m point, S. Jeevanesh was running more on the outside of the leading group. Ashley did 51.6sec and he was way behind, just in front of 4 to 5 runners. Over time, Ashley Liew caught up many runners and was sticking to third position all the way till the end.

At the second lap, Jeeva was just following the leader and at a point Jeeva found the pace quite slow that he had to overtake and run forward. However. somewhere at the last 400m, Marcus Ong from Nanyang Polytechnic sudden surged to overtake Jeeva. Coming towards the last 300m, Jeeva decided to ramp up the speed and surged to the front to do a 1min 08sec for the last 400m. With a convincing lead, Jeeva out-sprinted the rest of them to come in as the champion with a time of 4min 21sec. Ashley did 1min 10sec for the last round and felt he has achieved the target that he had planned for when we had to sit together. In short, both runners, Ashley and S. Jeevanesh had achieved their short term target.

In today's race, Ashley was third with a time of 4min 27sec. Last year, he did this time with a lot of speed workouts and near the Inter-Varsity race. Today's time is a personal best time with no speed sessions ever given to Ashley and he felt the future looks good for him to get much faster. However, he said that today's race was the last race of the season for him as he prefers road races, marathon, half-marathons and cross-country from now onwards. He has requested earnestly to me that he wants to do that as he feels good running overseas and races which has road runs for competition.

Picture 4- (Left to Right) Mun Yong Liang, Ashley Liew, Nathaniel Wong and S. Jeevanesh

As for S. Jeeva, he has no intention to keep improving in 1500m as his love for running is more for running in road races and in the long distance races, he is just wishing to be a distant runner running 5km and 10km locally and overseas, preferably on roads. To be a 800m and 1500m, he would rather go overseas to train just like what Chamkaur Singh did.