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Mun Yong Liang - Health and Fitness Club Chairman

Mun Yong Liang - Former Catholic High Secondary School Student Who Can Excel in Studies and Running

Hard work will always be rewarded.  
Picture 1 - Teng Jian Hong, Mun Yong Liang, Jeeva, Rameshon, Chamkaur and Si Heng.

We got to know each other because of Health and Fitness. Mun Yong Liang decided to handle as chairman as he was voted in by the Health and Fitness Club group of Hwa Chong Inst (College). He told me that he has a time of 11min for 2.4km. Hence, I kept giving him fitness work to improve him in healthy living. However, over time, because of good conditioning at a young age, Yong Liang became interested in running and hence he joined the Cross - Country team. His progress was very slow to the point that we start focusing on the three boys, Si Heng, Jeeva and Jian Hong. I realised that quality is very important. I was thinking that winning a gold is not near for us as we did not have our fourth best runner. We started focusing on track. However, over the last 3 1/2 weeks, Mun Yong Liang. from a mediocre performance in SAA Cross -Country and Wings Cross- Country, suddenly started to make tremendous improvement.

It was the last 3 1/2 weeks which made a lot of difference as his improvement was exponential. He was getting closer to Jian Hong and Si Heng to win them. Although, this did not happen, he was able to do a sub 16min for the National Schools' Cross -Country and come as 12th position. Hence, he was 5 of the top 12 boys who came from Hwa Chong. The other talented who rose to the occasion was Chin Joo Ern, who spring a surprise by coming in no 09 position. From the trials, I realised that Joo Ern made a miracle improvement during the last two weeks of the competion. All these culminated in Hwa Chong Institution winning the A Division Championships, one of the two championships that Hwa Chong Institution won out of twenty years. The championships trophy was always elusive and finally we got it.

I believe that everyone were working on what time they are to go for rather than going after any RJC or VJC boys. The boys started to follow the game plan, rather than competiting with the opponents.

Having told about Mun Yong Liang and the game plan, now I would like to invite this disciplined, resilient, understanding, kind, thoughtful and charismatic student to give his answers to the short interview I gave.

An Interview With Mun Yong Liang  - Chairman Health and Fitness Club

What is your role in Health and Fitness Club?
I am the chairperson of the Health and Fitness club. However, I have taken a 2 month hiatus to concentrate on my training.

What made you and your former Catholic High friend Nathaniel Wong to join Health and Fitness Club?
Nathaniel ‘Nat’ Wong and I wanted to join a CCA that would allow us to maintain a certain level of fitness, so that we would be fit for National Service in two years. Health and Fitness Club fit the bill completely. It did not require a large degree of commitment as there is only one session per week and it allowed us to maintain a certain level of fitness.

What did you learn from the club?
From the club’s core programmes, I have learnt some basic yoga poses such as the headstand and shoulder stand; unique stretches such as the Japanese sit; some theory such as the drive/arousal theory; training methods; periodisation; injury prevention and even food and nutrition. In essence, I have learnt many things regarding health, fitness and even sporting performance.

Why did you join the School's Cross-Country Team?
After my third Health and Fitness session where we had a 1km run, coach Rameshon came to me and asked if I was interested to join him for training with the Cross-country team. I had some passion for running since Secondary 4 so I jumped at the opportunity offered to me. After some time I joined the ranks of the Cross-country team.
How do you find the training?
The training volume slowly increased from 2 times a week, to 3 times a week, to 4 times a week to 6 times I found the gradual increase in training volume very thoughtful. I find that it was wise of coach Rameshon to adopt a conservative approach to increasing training volume. It prevented me from feeling burnt out and getting injured. The training might seem tough but it is quite manageable. There are definitely times when I don’t feel like running at all but I’ll just remind myself that this is my first and last chance to achieve something for myself during my schooling years, that motivates me to keep training. I also like to motivate myself with this quote, “Running won’t kill you. You will pass out first.” So, the training is probable tiring and maybe daunting but definitely not impossible.

Can you balance studies and training?
I’m okay with balancing schoolwork and training. I skip my breaks to complete my tutorials. I’ll just have a sandwich during the break as I do my tutorials to keep me going through the day. Small sacrifice for the final victory, besides, a sandwich is healthy! I am generally ahead of my tutorials, because I have a need to be ahead (not much time to do homework when I get home after afternoon training, just feel like sleeping!).

But there is indeed some difficulty when it comes to revising and training. There’s barely enough time to complete schoolwork, so there’s no time to look back and revise previous topics.

What made you to do sub 16min for Under 20 National Schs' Cross-Country Championships?
Faith. My very first run around the Bedok Cross-Country route was around 16:40. The next one was 16:20. By the time I hit 16:09, I told myself there’s no time to go to 16 flat then onwards to sub 16. I decided that there’s no next month or next year and I just aimed for sub 16 the next week. I believe that mental training helped me to do a sub 16 min.
How do you feel about your result?
A little disappointed about my timing at Nationals. I knew that due to the crowd, my time would be affected slightly, but I felt that anything between 15:50 and 15:59 was achievable, so I was aiming for any time that is sub 16. To realize at the finish that I missed my target by 14 microseconds was quite disappointing. Position wise, I would have never expected myself to be in the top 20. 11 months back, so I am quite satisfied (although I’d be happier with a top 10 finish!).
How did you feel when you knew that your school became champions?
EXTREMELY happy. No words could describe the thoughts and the feelings rushing through my mind. Cliché but true. When you have really put in everything you’ve got, when you have put your heart and soul into something, the happiness of earning what you have trained hard for is quite indescribable.

Which event are you taking for the National School Track and Field Championships. ?
I would be running the 3000m Steeplechase at the National Schools Track and Field Championships.

What is your aim and long term target?
To keep running. Follow in Ashley Liew’s footsteps. Win a marathon or two. His story is quite inspiring. Haha. My other love besides running is mountain biking. So hopefully I can achieve something there as well in future. I’m sure the base that cross-country training has given me would be helpful!

What is your advice to students who are reserved to take up cross-country because of intensive training?
You’re only as strong as your mind. You can do anything if you set your mind to it. The intensive training is the main reason why victory tastes so sweet. So, just take up cross-country if you’re passionate about it. Worry about the intensive training later. If you are really passionate, those things will work themselves out later.

Detailed C Division Boys' Results Race 2011

National Schools' Cross-Country C Division 4.6km Timing
Raffles Institution (High School) 30
16m 08s 002 Mohd Imran
16m 26s 004 Shohib Bin Abdul Wahab Marican
17m 28s 011 Chua Shao Shxuan
17m 30s 013 Willy Lim Wei Qian

Hwa Chong Institution (High School) 33
17m 09s 006 Dai Nan Tian
17m 11s 007 Tan Jian Jie
17m 20s 008 Leong Sheu Xiang
17m 29s 012 Dylan Tan Yong Jin

Victoria School 82
17m 26s 010 Ryan Koh
17m 58s 020 Dominic Choo
18m 06s 025 Mandip Rai
18m 16s 027 Justin Thong Yu Wen

Bendemeer Sec School 87
16m 05s 001 T Thineshwaran
17m 51s 018 Ivan Consuelo Hong
18m 19s 028 Chiew Han Hui Adisak
18m 42s 040 Lua Jian Hong

Singapore Sports School 98
17m 20s 009 Keith Yong Sheng Wei
18m 02s 023 Sean Chua Chi Hin
18m 29s 031 Gary Wee Wei Zong
18m 37s 035  Brian Ho Ren Jie

Commonwealth Sec Sch 115
17m 02s 005 John Tio Chee Hon
17m 59s 021 Muhd Hafiz
18m 47s 042 Liaw Zhi Yong
19m 03s 047 Ho Zi Feng

Catholic High School 141
17m 40s 016 Scott Ho
18m 29s 032shi Shi Jun
18m 51s 045 Tan Wei Sheng
19m 04s 048 Tay Tao

St Joseph's Inst 152
17m 56s 019 Lee Zhen Yu Edward
18m 06s 024 Leong Wei Sie Aloysius
18m 59s 046 Ong Chin Kang
19m 57s 063 Muhd Hasif B Jemain

Nan Hua Sec School 163
16m 16s 003 Leroi Lee rong Zu
18m 32s 034Jozua Heng Yi Jie
19m 21s 045Douglas Yeo Zhi Xinag
20m 53s 077 Wong Kwok Ho

Anglo-Chinese School Independent 196
18m 07s 026 Paul Simmy
18m 31s 033Sean Chan
19m 22s 050 Justin Eu
21m 06s 087 Keefe Tan Sher Waye

Maris Stella High School 227
18m 41s 039 Wee Zheng Mou
18m 42s 014 Matthew Zach Neo Jia Jun
19m 32s 054Ng Yun Jian
21m 36s 093 Terry Lim Xi Chen

North Vista Sec Sch 236
17m 39s 015 Kennedy Tap
19m 46s 057 Lester Pung Chee Yong
19m 52s 059 EeBing Xian Bryan
22m 02s 105 Peh Zhenhao Amos

Woodlands Sec School 241
17m 36s 014 Murugananthan
20m 01s 066 Brian Pek Ling Cong
20m 26s 070 Paramoth Naidu
21m 15s 091 Muhd Fahmi

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian 244
19m 25s 051 Wee Zheng Cheng
19m 26s 052 Theodore Tan
19m 49s 058 Jeremy Pravindran
21m 03s 083 Chim Ge Huai

Jurong Sec Sch 327
18m 48s 044 Qian Yu Hao
19m 52s 060 Aaron Sim
21m 46s 097 Remus Ong
23m 18s 126 Tan shun Xiang

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School 379
20m 17s 068 Lugmanul Hakim
20m 48s 075 Muhd Danish
22m 32s 117 Asri Nur Harez
22m 36s 119 Samual Ang Wee Teck

Deyi Sec Sch389
20m 58s 080 Divyan Nair
21m 02s 082 Cavin Christopher Peter
22m 19s 111 Aw Zheng Hao
22m 30s 116 Lim Chun Ann

Bedok View Sec Sch420
20m 48s 074 Low Heng Wei
21m 54s 102 Wong Jing Jie
22m 39s 120 Ang Wei Liang
23m 04s 124 Muhd Syahiran

Queensway Sec Sch 462
19m 44s 056 Eugene Low Ya Ming
21m 54s 103 Chua Chong Aik
24m 18s 151 Adam Sufi
24m 20s 152 Kenny Tan

Unity Sec Sch 465
21m 51s 100 Ho Yonjg En Jesher
22m 18s 110 Mohd Zaid
22m 44s 122 Liew Guan Teng
23m 39s 133 Kuan Yan Heng James

Pierce Sec Sch471
21m 53s  101 Muhd Afiq
22m 14s 109Muhd Nur Azhar
23m 29s 130 Heeran Ravindran
23m 31s 131 Ong Jian Xun

Boon Lay Sec Sch 479
19m 32s 053 Tang Bi Yang
20m 31s 071Muhd Hairul
25m 39s 176 Yong Zong Lin Joven
25m 27s 179 Max Tan Zi Qing

Northbrooks Sec Sch488
20m 54s 078 Muhd Ridhuan
21m 44s 095 Ong Ming Liang
24m 17s 145Nor Amsyar
25m 12s 166 Muhd Nur Afiq

Quangyang Sec School 511
21m 48s 099 Federic Lim
22m 42s 121Goh Jing Bang
23m 28s 128Sapan Sunwar
24m 53s 163Alvin Teo

School of Science and Technology 536
21m 05s 085 Tan Jing Heng
24m 09s 144 Chua Zong Wei
24m 11s 145 Christopher Nah
24m 53s 162 Jurvis Tan Si Jun

Anglo Chinese School (Barker Road) 564
21m 08s 089 Matther Yeo Ming
23m 40s 134 Ng Wei Qiang Richard
25m 18s 168 Timothy Tan Lin Yi
25m 35s 174 Lee Koon Wen

St Patricks School 568
19m 58s 064 Clement Luke Yeo
21m 00s 081 Kim Hyeon Gu
27m 09s 201 Basil Ryan
28m 21s 222 Shervin Tan Kuo Jin

Canberra Sec Sch 572
20m 55s 079 Lai Thye Yi
24m 18s 150 Wong Hong Sheng
24m 27s 155  Kieran Yap Zun Hong
26m 13s 188Jonathan Tan Bo Cong

Northland Sec Sch 573
18m 37s 036 SAifulAnuar
24m 16s 148 P. S. Arvinth
24m 35s 157 Muhd Sufi
29m 33s 232 Shaik Fahmi

Pei Hwa Sec Sch 619
24m 16s 147Muhd Zahin
24m 27s 154 Mohd Nashrudin
24m 35s 158 Giovanni Lim
24m 45s 160 Teo Wei Jie, Sean

Fuchun Sec Sch 640
22m 07s 106 Nafis Bin Juraimi
22m 28s 114 Naufal Bin Juraimi
27m 08s 200 Muhd Amirul
28m 11s 220 Sew Cheen Da

Changkat Changi Sec Sch 649
21m 06s086 Amirul Hadi
24m 31s 156Aniq Johan
25m 28s 170 Muhd Firdaus
30m 03s 237Tay Wen Hao

Chua Chu Kang Sec  Sch 683
23m 18s 127 Saravaana
24m 01s 139 Garham chu
26m 58s 199Timothy Timuari Li Zhi
28m 07s 218Ang Jia Yong

Loyang Sec School 686
23m 29s 129 Sherman Ng
23m 56s 136 Kwang Kian Hui
27m 16s 202 Hanniel Lim
28m 09s 219 Koh Jun Jie

Tanjong Katong Sec Sch 707
20m 53s 076 Brandon Soo
26m 13s 187 Dhayan Parresh Timbadia
27m 32s 209 Gan Cai Ying
29m 55s 235 Zachary Ngooi Cheng Hong

Chong Boon Sec Sch 708
22m 09s107 Muhd Amirul
26m 28s 194 Lee Wei Ming Jerrell
27m 16s 203 Yusuf Chouthury Shaik Farid
27m 17s 204 Que Ming Qi, Aaron

Serangoon Sec Sch 713
23m 35s 132 Muhd Tarmizi
26m 08s 185 Chandrashekahar
26m 15s 190 Muhd Raihan
27m 19s 206 GweeMin Xin

Pioneer Sec Sch 716
22m 12s 108 Akman
24m 50s 161Muhd Naqiuddin
26m 34s 196Muhd Sallman
32m 31s 251 Leow Jing Kang

North View Sec School 721
21m 58s 104 Pravinthan
25m 26s 169Alvin Ngow Feng Hao
28m 27s 223 Catapia John Nicolas Taas
28m 30s 225Mohd Mirza

Chung Cheng High School (Main) 724
25m 30s 172 Calvin So
25m 37s 175 Edward Wee
26m 03s 182Yeo Wei Quan
26m 29s 195 Emmanuel Kwan

Henderson Sec Sch754
24m 03s 140 Seah Xie Liang
26m 13s 189 Leslie Goh
26m 45s 198 Chin Jin Tai
28m 54s 227Wong Yi - En

Yuan Ching Sec Sch 757
21m 44s  096 Abhishek Pandey
26m 21s 191 Lee Jun Heng
29m 46s 234 Teo Han Wei , Dominic
29m 58s 236  E Gogulan

 Hua Yi Sec Sch 768
25m 58s 180 Ang Tau Want
26m 08s 184 Eugene Hoong
26m 24s 193 Muad Afiq
27m 42s 211 Mohd Danial Isa

Bukit Batok Sec Sch 791
26m 00s 181 Lee Min Lun
26m 42s 197 Issac Chua
27m 18s 205 Muhd HaiKalb
27m 32s 208 Tobias Lee

Si Ling Sec Sch 871
24m 05s 141 Chho Kai Sen
30m 19s 241 Muhd Fatris
30m 20s 242 Ivan Yap
31m 04s 247 Miresh Praveen

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Detailed C Division Girls Results- Nat Sch's Cross-Country 2011

National Schools' Cross-Country  2011 - Team and Individual Results.
Distance - 4.1km

Cedar  - 20 points
001 17m 52s Jocelyn Lee
002 17m 53s Lok Xin Ying
008 18m 28s Tricia Chua
009 18m 28s Edina Tan

RV - 52points
005 17m 59s Rachel Tang
011 18m 39s Christina Puay Jia Sing
017 19m 12s Chen Hui Jia
019 19m 30s Foon Si Han

Cresent Girls' School -65 points
004 17m 56s Lin Yuxin Kathleen
014 18m 50s Marianne Elizabeth john
015 18m 57s Natalie Tan
032  20m 06s Ariel Chung

MGS - 68points
003 17m 56s Collins chloe Ariana
013 18m 48s Sabrina Lim
023 19m 45sNasuha Nasser
029 20m 01s Audrey Lim

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' Sch 103 points
006 18m 05s Yeo Yue
027 19m 51s Elysia Marie Chong Wen Yee
034 20m 12s Eunice Lim Jing Wen
036 20m 25s Kathleeen Wong

Singapore Sports School 116points
022 19m 45s Stacey Choo
026 19m 50s Chiam Jia Xi
030 20m 02sElleora Lim Kai chen
038 20m 33s Yang Shuet Hwei

Commonwealth Sec School 154points
018 19m 23s Wong Xin Yi Emilai
028 19m 59s Peh Jia Wen
052 21m 3s Cheryl Lim Zi Qi
056 21m 54s Shervon Goh Yue Qi

 Jurong Sec Sch 176 points
037 20m 33s Nur Razlynn Bte Raslan
041 20m 47s Nur Iffadina Nabilah Bte Jamil
043 20m 55s 21m 50s Tan Yan Li Anabel
055 Angela Villanueya Nebres

Nan Hua Sch Points
040 20m 35s Cheng Wei Bin
044 20m 56s Ng ee Ling
049 21m 21s Wong Ying Xin
054 21m 45s Jodie Lim Hui

North Vista - 218points
North Vista Sec School
024 19m 47s Janine Lim Jia Jia
031  20m 05s Stephanie Chan
081 22m 49s Chia Kai Xuan
082 22m 51s Loh Mel Jun

RGS -219
039  Tee Chun Ying
059 Lee Huan Jing
060  Denise chia
061  Sheryl Lee

SCGS 239 -pts
016 Rachel Lum
062 Chloe Teresa
068 Nichole Ong
093 Ching Ann Hui

Woodlands Sec Sch -263
046 Tahseen Gani
051 Revathi
064 Seri Nursyahidah Bte Mohamad
102 Nur Ameerah

Bukit Batok Sec Sch 280pts
048 Ng Yuan Yi
050 Josephine Tan
084 Soh Zhi Xuan
098 Nur Haziqah Hamraa'

Paya Lebar Methodhist Girls' -299
069 Lee Wen Xhin
071 Bai Yingzhi
076 Karina Lalchand Sheri
083 Valerie Wee Jia Ying

Ahmad Ibrahim Sec School 331
063 Lini Farhana Bte Zulkornain
074 Law Lirong
087 Gladys ong Yuzhuang
089 Sabrina Tan

Junyuan Sec Sch - 331points
007 Lee Ting
086 Yang Nan
109 Nur Azyan
129 Siti Nur Sabrina

Chung Cheng High School (Main) 346 points
075 Jane Cher
079 Faith Oh
085 Genevieve Chua
107 Lam Pui Shan

CHIJ (Toa Payoh) 384 points
053 Kitty Teoh
077 Kumi Sotomatsu
106 Reyna Logathan
148 Debbie Cheng

Hua Yi Sec Sch -388 points
067 Tan Cheng Hui
090 Tang Sze Tong
097 Dephanie Ng
134 Karen Lee Kah Yee

096 Desay
104 Cheryl Lik
115 Perlina Lee
116 Maranda Lieu Yun Xian

047 Shammah Preethi
058 Roslidyawati
162 Ng hui Hung
167 Nur Ai'n

065 Dionne Choo
088 Helene Tan
133 Tatin Zafirah
170 Denise Lim

091 Nur Syafiqah
119 R. Reshma
120 Celin Goh
132 Chen Jiayi Dora

091 Eliza Goh
119 Tan Wen Xin
120 Chan Ying Hui
132 Nadhirah Insyirah Bte Abu

100 A. Dhivya
118 Alfiera Bte Zbdul
127 Vanesa Ang
128 Siau Qian Ling

105 June Kwek Jia Li
123 Yee Jie Ying
131 Chew Min En, Lydia
142 Chew Yan Ru, Mavis

080 Nichole Lim
137 Rachel Neo
138 jonys Tan
164 Vanessa Lee

066 Maia Maebenne Cruz Sobejana
101 Dareen Ong Simin
175 Nazariah
188 Ko Ya

099 Erin Yeadon Kimbrell
121 Nur Umairah Bte
144 Lim Yan Zhen
194 Germine Ho

122 Jazzlynn Toh
135 Gladys Kee
155 Natalie Lum
156 Rena Tan

114 Yusoff Nur
143 Zuleiny Bte Mohd Saifollah
149 Nurul Natasya
163 Nadya Adryana Bte Rozaini

125 nsiti Nur' Aliyah
153 Cynthia Jean Miranda
158 Angel Png
180 Aerenia Koh

126 Liu tong Tong
139 Angeline Tan
147 Cynthia Li
189 Izaa Fariha

124 Chrissa Chia
171 Ong Yu Pin Chloe
180 Poh Hui Xian
183 Shahindah Bte Sahfreen

112 Regina Tok
182 Shannen
186 Pavitra Devi
187 Karen Elizabeth

146 Nurul Atiqah
154 Nurul Sarah
173 Lee Li Min
201 Wong Jing Yun

140 Joycelyn Chen Wah Yi
176 Germaine Lee
177 Huang Xiao Pei
202 Hoong Jin Ying

CJC Forecasted to Win Next Year's Nat School Cross- Country 2012

Jared Hui - Athlete in the Making

Picture 1 - Jared Hui, being pursued by the Hwa Chong athletes Teng Jian Hong and Yeo Si Heng.

We all know the Jared Hui story . With my two months training Jared was able to improve his 2.4km from 9 min 20sec to 8min 03sec. Hence, I have predicted him to be one of those tipped to win the individual champion for next year. From mid-February, he has been training with CJC coach Elaine Lim, Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2010, 2nd in local women open marathon race.

In this year's cross-country race, Aldrich was 6th with a time of 15min 35.50sec with Jared Hui coming in 8th with a time of 15min 45.25sec. Both were ranked 1st and 2nd respectively for year one college students competing in the national schools' cross-country championships. Hence, CJC needs only two good athletes, which is a very possible thing, to win the title and the ball seems to be in their court to win.

As Jared has been predicted as a very talented student, with 3 1/2 month training. he has beaten all Hwa Chong students except for Teng Jian Hong and S. Jeevanesh. Hence, the progress he has shown is exponential. With commitment and consistent training, I believe that he will further improve as he has a lot more room left to improve.

Having said that, I would like to introduce this fine young gentleman who can upset many budding talents in long distance in future to come if he going to take up running as a lifetime sport. Hence, I will post this interview that I had with him.

An Interview With Jared Hui

How Can you tell us on your training and your improvement between GCE 'O' Levels and now?
I was training on mileage after the GCE 'O' Levels and speed training for about a month before nationals. I was shocked by my improvement at nationals as I’ve never run sub 16 before.

What made you to choose cross-country as compared to other sports?
I wanted to stretch my potential in running and I love to run.

How is your parents support? Can you say something on your sibling and your parents' involvement in sports?
They supported me although I came back late from training sometimes. My sisters played table-tennis for their schools.

How did you enter Catholic High School?
I appealed through cross country.

What time were you expecting for this race?
I was just expecting top ten

What was your time and position?
I did 15m 45s, and came in 8th position

What was your strategy during the race?
 To just follow the pace of the top few runners.

How do you feel when you know that you are second to Aldrich Lim, from your own school in Year 1 college category.?
I did not really bother much, as he has much more experience and training than me.

Knowing this , what is your next goal?
I aim to come in top 3 for nationals next year.

How are you coping with your studies and training?
I’m trying to balance both studies and training and its tough.

Any problems you encountered during the race?
The last part 270m I had to overtake some girls who were the last few of the 'A' Division Girls.

Mother of Jared Hui
How do you feel about the race.
I am happy and it is good to hear on his constant improvement.

Appreciation - Thank you Mr Ram for training me during the Nov, Jan and Mid-February which gave me the conditioning for cross-country.

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Nat Sch Cross -Country B Girls Team Results 2011

Nat Sch Cross-Country Team Results.
B Division

01 River Valley 33
02 Cedar Girls Sec Sch 65
03 Nanyang Girls' High 92
04 Singapore Sports 111
05 Chung Cheng High School 118
06 Bendemeer Sec Sch 140
07 Raffles Girls School 142
08 Chij St Nicholas Girls' Sch 145
09 Methodist Girls' Sch  173
10 Nan Hua High Sch 229
11 Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' Sch 253
12 Cresent Girls' Sch 266
13 Chij Sec ( Toa Payoh) 290
14 Singapore Chinese Girls' Sch 308
15 National Junior College 313
16 Dunman High Sch 330
17 Gan Eng Seng Sch 348
18 Broadrick Sec Sch 384
19 Chij Katong Convent 398
20 Jurong Sec Sch 402

Top 20 Individual
1. Ranjita Juying Sec 16m 35s
2. Cheryl Chan Cedar Girls' Sch 17m 01s
3. Su Zann River Valley High Sch 17m 04s
4 Winona Howe Seng Kang Sec 17m 25s
5. S. Roobini Chij Sec School 17m29s
6. Victoria Tan SCGS 17m 32s
7. Elizabeth fritz Chestnut Drive Sec 17m39s
8. Nichle Lum SSS 17m 52s
9. Heather Hong RV 17m 59.01s
10. Jolene Quek RV 17m 59.02s
11Sharyl Quek  RV 17m 59.08s
12 Adeline Bee Nan Hua High 18m 03s
13 Yang Tian Tian SSS 18m 05s
14 Ng Bei Lin Chij St Nicholas Girls' Sch 18m 06s
15. Teo Shin Yun Nanyang Girls Sch 18m 08s
16. Thaddea Chua RV 18m 09s
17. Jillian See Chung Cheng High 18m 15.46s
18 Hee Yu Ning RV 18m 15.57s
19 Tay Pei Ern Cedar Girls' 18m 17s
20  Valerie Chua Nanyang Girls' 18m 18s

Nat Sch Cross-Country Boys - B Div Individual and Team Results

Team and Individual Results. - B Division


B Division Boys
Position 1-  20 (Team )

1. Victoria Secondary 55
2. Hwa Chong Institution (High Sch) 60
3. Catholic High School  71
4 St Joseph's Institution 101
5. Raffles Institution 103
6. Anglo Chinese School (Ind) 120
7. North Vista Secondary 147
8. Singapore Sports School 189
9. Commonwealth Sec Sch 197
10 Bendemeer Sec School 269
11 Woodlands Sec Sch 300
12 Ahmad Ibrahim Sec 302
13. Maris Stella High Sch 314
14 Northland Sec Sch 335
15 Jurong Sec School 354
16 Broadrick Sec Sch 352
17. Pierce Sec Sch 439
18 Boon lay sec sch 457
19 St Patrick's sch 459
20 Nan Hua Sch 468

Top 20 Individual
0116m 16s Karthic Harish Ragupathi 
0215m 41s Bryan Yong
03 15m 49s Heng Yu Jie
04 15m 58s Marcus Ng
05 16m 00s Tan Teck Chye
06 16m 14s Justin John surin
07 16m 14s Tan Hoe En Jonathan
08 16m 15s Justin Tan
09 16m 17s Bryan Cheng
10 16m 21s Chua Bo Yu
11 16m 35s Lim Jia De
12 16m 38s Joel Ng Jo Wei
13 16m 41s Lee Wei Sheng
14 16m 42s Dhashman
15 16m 48s Joshua Nga
16 16m 54s Asher Tham
17 16m 56s Ryan Michael
18 16m 56s TanJian Da
19 16m 57s Mohammad Reyhan
20 16m 57s Muhammad Syamir

Nat Sch Cross -Country A Girls Division Results

National Schools' Cross Country 'A' Girls Results

Distance - 4.1km

01    Raffles Institution (College) Points 14
02  16m 52s Wan Zahrah
05  17m 20s Lian Xueli Berenice
08 17m 28s Seow Yun Yun
09 17m 32s Melinda chan

02   Anglo Chinese Junior College Points 32
03 17m 00s Belle Tan Xin Yi
07 17m 25s Janell Tan
12 18m 02s Chua Wan Ping
15 18m 17s Koh Yi Qi Esther

03    Victoria Junior College Points 41
06 17m 23s Romaine Soh
10 17m 47s Melissa Tsang
11 17m 59s Clara Wong
14 18m 16s Danae Chiong

04   Hwa Chong Institution (College) 62 points
01 16m 42s Qua Bi Qi
04 17m 15s Debbie Ho Min
25 19m 28s Sherilyn Lih
32 20m 31s Chen Sijia

05  Temasek Junior College Points 101
22 18m 59s Lau Jia Yee
23 19m 13s Dhakshayini
27 19m 46s Joelle Cheng
31 20m 26s Geraldine Chick

06  Catholic Junior College Points 109
16 18m 27s Sumathi
24 19m 21s Isabel Lim
28 20m 09s Melody Mak Wan
41 21m 15s Tan Daphne

07  Jurong Junior College Point 146
34 20m 37s Youk Keun Hee
35 20m 37s Heo Yoo Jin
38 20m 56s chuah Ke Hui
39 20m 58s Yap Zhi Yun Sharon

08   Anglo Chinese School (Independent) Points 152
21 18m 55s Ng Gek Yeen Jiya
36 20m 40s Wang Xiao Di
44 21m 37s siti Nathira
51 22m 15s Selby Li

09   Innova Junior College Points 191
29 20m 12s Neshina Prem
45 21m 44s Teo Hui mimn
54 22m 23s Teo Qing
63 23m 08s Leong Yuan Shan tracy

10   NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Points 195
30 20m 20s Janice Goh
42 21m 17s Genevieve Ann K.
57 22m 31s Hilda Tay Kai Lin
66 24m 03s Germaine Loo Jie Min

11    Millennia Institute Points 226
48 21m 58s Syarifah Nur
53 22m 21s Lim Tian Ling Jeslyn
61 22m 49s Janice Tan Qisi
64 23m 17s Rachel yeo Shu Wen

12   Tampines Junior College 226
46 21m 53s Leong Xue Tng Jang
55 22m 29s Heng Hui Zhi
58 22m 34s Quek Mei -Xian Joanne
67 24m 30s Hannah Wee Su Ann

13   Yishun Junior College Points 232
50 22m 15s Samini
52 22m 16s Diviya Priya Naidu
60 22m 45s Karen Kang Yu Jun
70 25m 45s Valerie Chang Wei Feng

National Sch Team Cross-Country A Division Boys - Results

National Schools' Cross-Country - Hwa Chong Boys told to relax 

First - Hwa Chong Institution (College) 27points

01 14m 57.05sec  S. Jeevanesh (New Championships Record)
07 15m 44.84sec Teng Jian Hong
09 15m 51.81sec Chin Joo Ern
10 15m 52.81sec Yeo Si Heng

Second- Raffles Institution (College) 36 Points
02 15m 06.38sec Benjamin Amaldas Samynathan
05 15m 29.46sec Ho Hsien Hao Wilbert
13 16m 08.75sec Lee Guan Lin
16 16m 25 13sec Tay Yi Yan

Third - Anglo Chinese School (Independent) 63 Points
11 15m 54.56sec Zachary Devaraj
14 16m 10.34sec Sean Lim Yi Fang
17 16m.30.72sec Sien G Vanco
21 16m 47.47sec Arjun Kunnasagaran

Fourth - Victoria Junior College 67 Points
03 15m 19.21sec Eugene Cyril Rodrigo
15 16m 24.87sec Yeo Jun Kang Sherwin
22 16m 47.90sec Roy Chiang Weihao
27 17m 02.97sec Hieng Pheak Kdey

Fifth - Anglo Chinese Junior College 78 points
04 15m 19. 21sec  Z. Dass
19 16m 24.87sec Andrew Arthur Ng
24 17m 00. 26sec Liaw Jun Lin Max
31 17m 09.55sec Chua Ying Zhi

Sixth - Catholic Junior College 101 points
06 15m 35.50sec Aldrich Lim
08 15m 45.24sec Jared Hui
43 18m15.56sec Clement Tan
44 18m 17.06sec Lim Tee Yong

Seventh - National Junior College 129 points
23 16m 56.13sec Lim Hong Yu
32 17m 12.56sec Meiyappan Karthik
33 17m 13.61sec Donavon Ng
41 18m13.02sec Joel Teng

Eighth - Serangoon Junior College 159 Points
20 16m 36.22sec  Gordon Lim
34 17m 17.75sec Damian Chong
49 18m 49.21sec Arjunan K
56 19m 34.75sec Wyn K Heng

Ninth - Jurong Junior College 169 Points
18 16m 31.52sec Norman Lai
40 17m 56.61sec Muhd Anas
54 19m 10.74sec Mohd Azhar
57 19m 49.67 Mohd Sultanul

Tenth - Temasek Junior College 182 Points
30 17m 08.97sec Chew Liang Yuh
46 18m 18.80sec Reynold Heng
48 18m 40.44sec Lu Hongyu
58 19m 55.79sec Abhishek Gupta

11th - Innova Jc Total 217 Points
26 17m 02sec Aaron Justin Tan Wei Jie
55 19m 11sec Jacky Ng
65  20m 37sec Lee Min Ren
71 21m 18.79sec Low chuan Whye

12th - Millennia Institute 225 points
47 18m 29s Chee Yuan Sheng
50 18m 57s Navindran
61  20m 08.47s Toh Soon Kee
67 20m 40s Devanathan

13th - Tampines JC 275 points
64 20m 37s Low Kim Meng
66 20m 39s Tan Jian Cheng
70 21m 15s Low Chin Ken
75 21m 37sec Loi Shou De

14th - NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
72 21m 21sec Hong Wei Ren
79 24m 02sec Phua Yuan Wei
80 24m 05sec Ma Ronald
82 24m 51secLoo Yee Shuen Lewis