Friday, March 4, 2011

Sukhasana - Easy Pose For Meditation

Sukhasana - Easy Pose Sitting in Meditation.

For people who meditate for long, they say that padmasana (lotus) is the best pose. However, in order to do this leg flexibility must be good to do this for long. Some using this can sit for 10 hours non stop. The next pose which one can do is the half-lotus pose. This pose is an alternative if one find that their leg is not flexible. The one that is common and easy which one can sit for 20mins to 3hrs is sukhasana.

Having said that, let us find out on the benefits of sukhasana. The technique of sitting will be discussed in point form later on.

EASY POSE (sukhasana) Benefits

• Lengthens the spine

• Open the hips

• Promotes inner grounding and calm

• Amplifies the state of serenity, tranquility and eliminates anxiety

Step by Step

Sukhasana (suk-AHS-anna)

sukh = joy, happiness, and comfort

1. Begin sitting by crossing the legs inwards starting with the left leg in first and then the right leg. Allow the knees to separate, crossing the shins and sliding the feet under the opposite knee. Maintain a comfortable gap between the feet and pelvis.

2. Rest the palms on the knees, with the palm facing up. Begin to find balance over the pelvis. Come lightly forward onto the sit-bones preventing the body from leaning back and rounding the spine. Keep the bottom front ribs slightly pulled down as the sit-bones begin to reach down into the cushion. Discover the feeling of neither arching forward or leaning back, but simply balancing the spine over the pelvis

3. Feel the thighs roll outwards and the knees move down towards the ground. Then, inhale and lift up through the spine through the top of the head. Exhale and relax the shoulders. Broaden the chest and collar bones without becoming hard between the shoulder blades

4. Relax and close the eyes. Maintain the chin parallel to the ground. Relax the facial muscles, the jaw and the nostrils. Allow the tip of the tongue to touch the roof of the mouth at the back of the front teeth

5. Breath slowly through the nostrils for as long as it is comfortable watching the rhythm of the breath. Maintain the sensation of grounding through the sit bones and hips as the spine lifts lighter. To exit the pose, straighten the legs forward and give them a shake. Repeat crossing the legs the opposite way.


o For beginners, sitting on a higher cushion will make the pose more comfortable especially for the hips and lower back

o If you have knee discomfort, keep the effected leg straight