Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trikoasana - Pose to avoid ITB problems (Part 2).

Trikoasana - Triangle Stand (Variations)

It is one such pose that is neglected in sports which will prevent injuries at the lateral side of the knee. Also, if one wants to grow tall and to have a better posture, it is advisable to do this pose. It is important to hold for 20sec. It is good to make use of implements to get more benefits.

Picture 1 - This pose gives an excellent lateral stretch to the spine, tones the spinal nerves,

Picture 2 - A very simplified version. Elbow is above the head

Picture  3 - A variation of trikoasana. It is important to stretch laterally.

Picture 4 - With good guidance one will benefit most if done correctly. In this posture the fingers are interlocked and the elbow is extended and not bent.

Picture 5 - One will be better able to straighten the hands with a long stick or implement or golf stick etc.

Picture 6 - For even better stretch, one can cross the legs and stretch like this lady. This is a very good stretch for the ITB.

Picture   7  - Using a medicine ball for a greater stretch.


Picture  8  - For older people, a simple stretch like this will be enough.