Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Gold Coast Marathon Preparation 2013 (Part 8)

Gold Coast Marathon Training - My first weekly very long run

Ashley Liew and Bobby Ng were concerned about the sensation around my heart area. I did not feel the pain after running with Lim Thow Wee on last Tuesday. I appreciated the kind gesture shown by these people and other kind souls who hoped for me to get better. To these people, I would like to thank them from the bottom of our heart. 

On Wednesday, I decided to do my first circuit training of the season. However, at first I decided to do a 1km at 4min pace and stop the run. 

I did my circuit training exercises. I remember that the circuit training is one of the ways to run fast. We have done this in Loughborough University of Technology when I was a student there in the past. It made me strong. 

After doing that I felt that my whole body was very tired throughout the week. However, I think that it was very good for me to do it. 

On Thursday, in the morning, the rain made me to cancel the training. At 8am I found out from the radio news that about 6 areas had accidents. Fortunately, I did not go out to drive out the running destination and run. Instead, I chose to have a very good rest. I could feel the aching of my body due to the circuit that I had done. 

On Friday, I did about 12 km easy with a 6min per km run. It was so easy and I felt like running more. I decided not to run a lot on the day. On Saturday and Sunday due to the lethargy of my body from the circuit training, I decided to rest on Saturday and Sunday. My plan of running a long run on either of the days was gone as I felt that my body needed a lot of rest. 

On Monday, I went for a 15km walk and 4.4km run/walk training. The total distance covered was about 20km, as I walked 2 rounds at the stadium. 

I felt great and decided to do a long run on Tuesday. Eventually, I did a 30km in 6 min per km pace. It took me about 3hours to do this. 

I am happy to complete this run eventually today.