Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sub - 3 hours Marathon - Dream of a Marathon Runner (Part 2)

Sub - 3 hours Marathon - Dream of a Marathon Runner

By Saranniya

Out of 6 local runners who ran in this year's Standard Chartered Marathon 2015, Flexifitness has three runners who have sub-3 hours time. In total, there are altogether 6 locals who did sub - 3hours for Singaporean runners. Our Flexifitness athletes individual won the second runners up and third runners up for the race. It was a fantastic news for us. They are Mr Evan Chee, who came in top 3 with a time of 2hr 56min 51sec and Mr Colin Chua, who came in 4th position for the marathon race, held on last Sunday, 06th December. That means, two of our runners are among the top 4 position winners. 

We are happy that Mr Evan Chee and Mr Colin Chua did their personal best time. For Mr Colin, the sub-3hours have evaded him a number of times and he relentlessly went for it and got the timing this year. For Mr Evan, he got the podium finish, third in the race. He was surprised with this. The only thing we know is that he rose to occasion.

On top of that, it is also good to feature another of our runner who came to us with a time of 3hr 07min and did 2hr 51min in Tokyo Marathon this year. He became champion in Men's Open category of the Kona Marathon, Hawaii, Marathon 2015 race with a time of 2hr 54min 54sec. His name is Mr Andreas Wenger. Mr Andreas ran with a time of 2hr 54min in Stanchart Marathon about 2mins in front of Mr Evan Chee. Both Mr Evan Chee and Mr Andreas are training partners. Both runners do not have high mileage as their work commitment is also quite heavy, if not very heavy. It was good to see that they finally did the miracle to do sub-3hours, with fellow runner Colin Chua as well. 

We will be featuring on Andreas soon in our blog on his excellent run in this year's hot and humid Singapore Marathon. For this year, 2015, Andreas Wenger, Jensen Toh (Berlin Marathon 2015) and Colin Chua are new entrants to the sub - 3 hours time. We would like to congratulate these runners for their fine performance. I believe that Flexifitness will continue in churning sub-3 hour athletes year in year out so long the athlete want to go for it. 

We will soon list out the runners, from past to present, on who have done the sub-3 hours, and post in another blog post soon. 

It will be good to go for the sub-3 hour time for those interested as to achieve this. It is not that easy. Coach Rameshon says," There are time, money, effort and even relationship time to be sacrificed in order to achieve this and it is not easy. In this year's race in Singapore, we only have 6 runners doing sub-3 hours in Standard Chartered Marathon race. It is only an handful who can do it - the committed and determined ones.