Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Does acclimatisation help athletes in 2015 Standard Chartered Marathon Race?

By Rameshon

Sure it does! Scientific journals and research papers have endorsed that two weeks before the marathon race, in a hot or cold climate, one should learn to acclimatise to the local country's weather where the race is being organised. 

There are two kinds of sweat glands in the body, and they are known as the apocrine and eccrine. The eccrine is known to cool down the core temperature when one runs in the hot weather, thus enhancing performance. 

As Singapore Stanchart Marathon is approaching, one should avoid going to cold or cooler countries to live or train or have a holiday if they are about to run in the hot weather soon, which is about to take place in few days time. It takes time for the sweat glands to get used to the weather that they are not used to. If there is a drastic change to the weather, that one is racing, one will experience sweat fatigue and the individual will not be able to allow cooling down of the the body, by the body secreting sweat. One will get dehydrated if sweat does not come out of the body efficiently and effectively. 

Yes, perspiration actually cools down the body to bring the core temperature of ones body down, and this in fact enhances ones performance. One's race, from half-way to the finish will be better with acclimatisation. It takes time for the sweat gland to get used to it, to produce sufficient amount of sweat to cool down the body when one needs to bring the core temperature down.Hence, one has to train the sweat glands. 

How many days should we take to acclimatise to the race's weather. Scientific journals on acclimatisation to weather says that 2 weeks should be enough. However, I feel that a month is best for me. Some cold countries' runners and sportsmen do take about a month of acclimatisation in order to take part in the host country, that the race is being organised. 

In Singapore, the weather is hot and humid and getting used to weather is of utmost importance. It is advisable to run in a weather which is between 9am and 10 30am, and if possible go into the pool and be in it for at least 30min to an hour. This can be done twice per week or on alternative days, towards the last few weeks of the race date. 

Even now, it is not too late to do, as something is always better than not doing. It is better late than never. Even if it is slightly cooler in Singapore during the Singapore Marathon race on 6th December, for the most part of the race, it is still advisable to train the sweat glands to work effectively, especially during the race itself. By not doing this, the skin receptors will not be able to secrete enough sweat. A much fitter athlete will be able to secrete sweat faster than an unfit person. 

My take is that do from this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, if one has not done this homework. Just learn to relax in the pool for 30min to an hour between 9 and 10 30am. The pool is also effective way to relax the muscles. 

If you have done all these, still it is not too late. It is advisable to drink throughout the race and this, in a way, helps in the cooling down of the body, thereby enhancing one's performance in a race.