Friday, December 11, 2015

Jennifer Quek Does 32Mins 33Sec for Ekiden 7km Race

By Saranniya

Jennifer Quek (extreme left and in front) with her fellow colleagues

The are a number of Flexifitness runners who ran in the Stanchart Marathon 2015. I have featured mainly the sub - 3hours runners - namely, Mr Andreas Wenger (2hr 54min), Mr Evan Chee (2hr 56min), and Mr Colin Chua (2hr 59min),  and Dr Ansgar (3hr 35min) as well. From Flexifitness Dr Ansgar was one of the best veteran runner from our group. All four have been featured. 

My next step is to interview Mr Erich, age 49, who is actually a sub-3hour runner to his credit, and he has recently done a 3hr 02min in 2015 Berlin International Marathon in September and in this Stanchart Marathon, where he did a time of 3hr 06min.  There are others like Moonlake, Mr Andrew Liew, Mr Bobby Ng, Mr Balaji, Mr Narayanan, Mr Joseph Ho and Helen who will be featured soon. 

On the day, after the marathon, we were very happy about the results. Our Team Captain for Flexifitness Mr Lim Thow Wee said, "We remember the 1,2, 3 finish in the 2008 marathon and it is like a miracle for us as three of our runners this year did sub-3 hour run". Mr Lim Thow Wee quickly told us to assemble to quickly take photos, by informing his wife Eliz to help us to take nice shots of the team photo". 

In midst of our celebration of the Standard Charted Marathon, we, later on, came to find out on our fellow team-mate Jennifer Quek's performance, where she did the Ekiden race, while the 10km and marathon race were on as well. She ran with her working colleagues and completed 7km with a big personal best time. A euphoric kind of feeling came to all of us when we were told by Coach Rameshon that Jennifer has done 7km in 32min 33sec. That means she was able to run in sub 4min 40sec pace for each kilometer. We were appalled by the great improvement she has been making. Coach Rameshon also sent us the official results of the timing through the whatsapp. 

Coach Rameshon personally shared with me that he was extremely happy with her performance,as usually her timing would be ranging from 34mins to 35mins. Eventually, she has been able to bring her time down. He said," Jennifer has crossed the 5min per km mental and physical barrier."This is good for her future, as this is definitely going to translate to improvement in marathon timings." Jennifer has a personal best time of doing 3hr 42min done in Osaka Marathon 2014". 

Even though she is extremely busy with her work she always tries her best to come down for training or at most she does her own training and updates Coach Rameshon on her progress. Honestly speaking, Coach Rameshon has used her as one of the examples on how she always maintains good communication with him and also updates him on her race results and injuries.

Currently Jennifer is very busy with her work that she has said that she will join us back for training sessions as soon as possible. I cannot wait to have her back at the training ground again with the rest of the team!

A Very Short Interview with Jennifer

What was your timing and distance?
I ran the Ekiden team relay with my colleagues. I was at the 3rd leg doing 7km. I did 32mins 33 sec, meaning 4min 39sec pace
 How was the route that you ran?
The 3rd leg start from big splash to around carpark F1 at east coast park. The route was flat and straight which was easy to follow and run.
 Did you meet your expectations?
Yes, I was targeting at run below 5mins pace.
How did you feel during the race?
I felt tired and my leg was aching due to work, standing the whole day, the day before the race. However my mind just told me to keep chasing the person in front of me.
What is your next target?
I hope to keep this timing for a much longer distance.