Friday, December 18, 2015

Contributing To A Child's Success In Their Chosen Sports (Part 2A/3)

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By Rameshon

The Coach - Story leading me to become a coach. 

When I was a student at St Joseph's Institution, one of the foreign teacher by the name of Mr Brown, from England, asked me what I am going to be in future. Immediately, I told him that I would like to become a coach. That was when I was a secondary two student. Our school, at that time, supported sports to the maximum. My principal Dr Kevin Bryne encouraged us to run faster. In one annual School's Cross Country race, he mentioned my name in front of my father, in an announcement that I did 15m 55sec for 4.8km, and it made my day. However, my curiosity was there to see whether this manifestation of becoming a coach will come true or not, over time. 

At age eighteen, I assisted Sukhdev Singh, Maran and another Eurasian boy, who was Sukhdev's friend. It was at that age that I got myself started to be a trainee coach. It was more of learning how to coach. Sukhdev told me that he wanted to win the individual champion trophy in Gan Eng Seng School Track and Field Meet. He told me that he had been losing everytime to a competitor by the name of Akaramutalvan. Akaramutalvan was genetically well endowed and was faster than him. I trained Sukhdev for about 3 months or so, and the latter became the individual champion, eventually. Akaramutalvan's elder brother Arul was a sub-33min 10km runner at that time, until the latter became an Air Steward.  

After this achievement, I was focused in my own running. Most of the time, I had problem struggling with studies, as there was not much interest in me to study. I found studying a chore at that time. In fact, I was not able to get through my GCE 'A' Levels Examination. I had to go into Army to do my National Service. Only on the last two months, before leaving Army, that I trained very hard to do well in South East Asian Army meet at Lumut, Perak, Malaysia, 1986. I was able to do a 36min 31sec for 10km. I was very happy with the time. It was my biggest personal best at that made me to adventure further into running. 

After that, I decided to go to the then College of Physical Education to study and train. I got in as I got through my GCE 'A' Levels, finally. After first week, in the College, I told myself that it is important for me to train hard. I trained nearly everyday, despite very heavy physical training from being a teacher trainee. When the things got tougher, somehow, I forced myself to run at least 10km everyday. My friends, about 5 of them, used to run with me on three days per week. As the load got heavier for physical activities during our course, they decided not to run, as they were too tired to run, although we had planned to run together. 

I stayed away from coaching as I was thinking of running a fast 5km.