Saturday, December 12, 2015

Colin Chua - Marathon training journey to lose weight from 68kg to 50.5kg

By Rameshon

Colin Chua - From Fat to healthy to fit to performer. 

Colin Chua - Then

Colin Chua - Having a fit, fine and a fantastic body

Many people came to me to ask about the truth about Colin Chua. After reading the blog, written by Saranniya, they still doubt the photo as to whether the photo was Colin's or somebody else's. I asked Saranniya whether she had put someone's  photo wrongly, to be 100% sure. To my amazement, I found that the photo right on top was actually his. I told myself to investigate further on his journey to lose weight, as currently he has a fantastic body, that enabled him to win 4th position in the men open category of Stanchart Marathon race 2015. 

Colin was actually introduced to me by Lim Thow Wee. However, it was found that Lim Thow Wee had earlier gone extra mile to assist Colin so that the latter has a fit and fabulous body, finally. Knowing this truth, made me to give detailed interview on Colin's weight loss method, for the sake of Singapore readers and overseas readers. I am hoping that many can do something about their weight loss and lead a healthy life. 

My experience in USA showed that I saw some having a super heavy weight body. I felt this oneness with these people and felt sad about their weight. If I that kind of weight, of course, I will not be happy. It is God's blessing that I am now having an ideal weight, and in all instances, I do not want to take it for granted. 

I really, really hope that Colin's story of 68kg in 2011 to 50.5kg in 2015, would inspire many to lose weight by developing a passion for running or doing a aerobic exercise that interests them. I also suggest that it is important to have a guide like Lim Thow Wee or a mentor to show the path of losing weight. 

(left to right) Lim Thow Wee and Colin Chua

An Interview With Colin Chua
What was your weight when you were 10 years old?
I don't know but all I know is that I was skinny. 

How about army time, what was your weight like?
I don't really know but all I know is that I was still thin.

How about 23 years of age?
! was around 53kg

When did you become overweight?
From 30 onwards, I realised that I was 68kg.

What was your weight like after that?
I stopped weighing, but the weight was steady at 68kg. 

What made you to lose weight?
Lim Thow Wee and I were my secondary school mates. We met up once and Thow Wee offered some suggestions to improve my weight. Thow Wee suggested me to take up running. I also had decided to make a drastic decision to run a marathon to lose weight. 

How did you go about in doing it?
I decided to sign up for 2011 Sundown 100km run. In March, I ran 25km 2015 Passion Run, and subsequently ran a marathon in June. A month from then, I ran the Sundown Marathon 100km. 

What was your weight then?
It was stuck at 63kg. 

What was your next step, then?
I realised that I had got myself injured and regretted for my action. This made me to read more on running while I was injured. 

How long it took for you to come out of injury?
6 months

The biggest challenge is to juggle work, family (with 2 kids) and running

How were you able to train to run faster?
It was Thow Wee who brought me to Padang to do fartlek in year 2012 so that I could do workout and that made me to run faster. 

Which year was the year that you got the lowest weight?
It was in 2014 Stanchart Marathon that I was 50.5kg. I came in with net time that got me 8th overall for men open category of the marathon race. However, the organisers only took my gun time and I was 10th, instead. For this year's race, I came to 50.5kg and am happy to come in 4th in men open category of Standard Chartered Marathon 2015.

Do you have more past photos of your overweight condition?
I had a number of them, but I have deleted them as I did not like the idea of remembering the overweight days. If I find some in my folders, I will send you some.