Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mr Colin Chua Does 2hr 59min 05sec for Standard Chartered Marathon 2015

By Saranniya

Gambling Macau Marathon 2015 for Standard Chartered Marathon 2015

We believe that Mr Colin Chua is a success story for a soul yearning to do a sub-3hours time. He relentlessly went for it and finally got it and he is happy man now. Now he can be rest assured that he is a sub-3hours runner. 

What is more striking is that he is married with 2 kids. It is amazing to see an athlete like Mr Colin Chua in not giving up the dream of sub-3 hours, although he was not able to achieve the sub - 3 hours earlier on.

Also, it is important to share with our readers on another piece of information. Mr Colin was actually selected to represent Singapore to run in Macau International Marathon 2015, which was held on the same day as Standard Chartered Marathon on 06, December. He called up Coach Rameshon to get some advice and the latter had told Mr Colin to focus on Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore, instead. Hence, Mr Colin gambled the opportunity away so that he take the bigger challenge to do a sub -3hours in Singapore itself. Fellow athletes Mr Andreas Wenger (2015 Tokyo and Kona Marathon) and Mr Jensen Toh (2015 Berlin International Marathon) achieving of sub- 3hours in marathon races have been a motivational force for our Flexifitness athletes. 

Also, a point to note is that in our group, the 5 five top runners from Flexifitness who went for sub-3 hours were Mr Andreas Wenger, Mr Evan Chee, Mr Colin Chua, Mr Erich and Dr Ansgar. 

First let me discuss on those who did their best but was not able to get the sub-3hours. Subsequently, I will discuss about Mr Erich and then on Dr Ansgar, and then discuss the rest who did the sub-3 hours athletes, especially Mr Colin, as the topic is on him. 

Mr Erich did 1hr 30min with Dr Ansgar at the half-way mark of the marathon and had to finally settle for 3hours 06min, while the latter had to settle for 3hour 35min. Both did not give up in the race, although they were later affected by the heat and the humidity of the race. Both runners did us proud by completing with a reasonable time. 

Mr Erich, a systematic athlete by nature, would like to ascertain on what could have gone wrong by doing reflections and meeting Coach Rameshon so that mistakes in future could be avoided. Coach Rameshon shared that by doing reflections one could avoid future mistakes which are controllable. As for Dr Ansgar, Coach Rameshon has told him to just run the Hong Kong Marathon which may enable the former to obtain the sub-3hours. 

It was in Hong Kong that Coach Rameshon, in the past, did 2hr 31min, in 1990 Hong Kong Marathon and came in 5th in the International category for men open race. It is a good place to do a good time, although it is a hilly course. Hill workout is a must for this terrain. Coach Rameshon says, "The weather may be enough for Dr Ansgar to do the sub-3hours as it is very difficult to get cramps in a cool climate country, which he got it in the Singapore Marathon. The risk is much higher to get cramps in a hot and humid country as compared to cooler climate countries. Various research studies have shown this."

Mr Andreas and Mr Evan ran together, nearly for the major part of the course and both did sub- 3hours. Mr Colin dons our singlet during important races and is proud of it. We were elated to do well throughout the course. We were tracking all our runners’ 5km splits all the way, till they finish the marathon race. 

Despite Mr. Colin's very busy schedule, he had maintained contact, through Facebook, with Coach Rameshon and was constantly in communication with us. We would like to congratulate Mr Colin to finally get the sub-3hours and doing us proud. Well done, Mr Colin!