Thursday, December 11, 2014

Interview with Colin Chua- An Interview on his 10th position Stanchart Marathon 2014 (Men Open)

Interview with Colin on his Personal Best timing of 03Hr 06Min 45Sec 

Interview By Saranniya

Are you happy with your timing?

Yes though I did not hit my pre-race target. I was struggling to complete the marathon due to fatigue and I looked so awful at the finish that race officials were trying to convince me to get on the wheelchair!! So to get a PB of 3mins is really a bonus.

How was the organisation of the race?
Hydration stations were adequate. However, the race event handbook said that there is a energy gel station at abt 23.5km but I didn't see any. That affected my refueling plans.

Were the kilometer marking accurately marked?

 How was the route? Too hilly?
 The route was pretty flat and the same as the previous year.

 How was the weather during the race?
 It was getting progressively hotter and more humid as the race drags on.

What is your goal? In the long term and short term.
My long term goal is to run a sub-3hrs marathon. Short term will be to improve my 10km PB to sub 38mins.