Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Colin Chua does 3hr 06min 45sec for Stanchart Marathon 2014

Colin Chua - With very limited training, he came in 10th in Men Open.

Colin Chua, came in 10th Men Open in the local category of the marathon race, while Wang Yan, 42, came in 2nd in the women veteran category in the half - marathon race. The time she did was 1hr 42min, in her first debut. She told me that she is strongly considering doing a sub-3hr 30min. Perhaps, I guess she may want to do the Boston Marathon 2014 as well. I believe that she can qualify in the Boston Marathon 2014.

As for Colin, as the day was the hottest day of the previous 9 days, he somehow managed a 3hr 06min 45sec. We are very proud of our runner and wish that he would be able to do a sub- 3hour soon. We will post the interview soon. Please look for it!