Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Haile Gabrselassie discusses on Altitude and Training Facility (Part 3)

Meeting With Haile Gabrselassie

Somebody asked Haile Gabrselassie on Altitude and he answered with clarity. 

Haile was sharing with us that he runs at least 200km per week. He said that he does this mileage at altitude. He told, "I do this mileage at altitude".  However, when he goes to a non altitude place, he feels that, to compensate, it is good to add an extra 20km into the mileage. He say that, for Singaporeans, it may be hard to go to the altitude. An adding of 20km to your mileage will make a big difference to offset the altitude benefits. 

After his explanation, a person asked on how Singapore facilities can change such that we can do well in running. To this, he said that Singapore has everything and in Ethiopia, he said that there is nothing there. He was hoping that Ethiopia will one day become like Singapore. He told that it is important not to ask for anything as the facilities are very good. He told that in his country there are people going through hardship. 

However, he told that if one wants to improve, it is good to go to Ethiopia to do well.