Friday, October 3, 2014

Sunu Lazar's Travel - 30km pilgrimage walk for 20 days.

My days in St Joseph's Institution - By spiritual discussion, we became very good friends

By Rameshon
Sunu Lazar has not walked like this in life before

One of the best principal that I have ever came across in life was Bro Kevin Bryne. He not only ask us to study but also told us to to be good at sports using his own example of playing squash, after work. He also instilled in us some moral values. 

While he was the principal,at that time, I befriended Sunu Lazar. The latter was quiet most of the time. I tried making him to take up running but he did not budge. When it comes to running, he leaves me alone. He doesn't support or dissuade me when it comes to running. Most of the time, our topics centres on boxing and martial arts. 

There was a time, we ran on the railway track, at Tiong Bahru, where the railway track was functionable at that time. Trains used to pass by. We ran together with another of our school - mate by the name of Selva Ganapathy. 

Sunu and I used to discuss on topic on religions of the world at a young age. We were in fact in discussion on 'End of the World' plus other moral and ethics stories. 

However, much I tried to make him run, even now, he does not run but he likes to keep himself active by doing some weight lifting etc. 

Lately, since he is now 49 year of age, I found out that he went for a pilgrimage which consist of walking 30km per day for 20 days. I told him that these are the runs he owe me, for not doing in the past. He has to pay the karma for not running with me.....ha ha ha. .

Anyway, he would like to share with us his journey called 30days walk for 20days in my next blog post. I hope that you will enjoy reading.