Saturday, October 4, 2014

Berlin International Marathon 2014 - Jonathan Kang 3hr 02min 56sec

Jonathan Kang - Is getting very close to a sub- 3hr for the marathon
Jonathan, has all along run a number of marathons and has been doing what he can to go under 3hr for the marathon race. He has done whatever he could to do a sub-3hr but all his efforts has gone in vain, despite many attempts. 

Recently, he has told me that he want to do a sub-3hr soon. That was when he was about to go for Berlin Marathon 2014. 

When he was training with us, he was found struggling in tempo runs. Rather than improving, his time trials timing were more of a stagnant one. 

In POSB Run 2014, he took part in 10km run and did a mere 43min plus for the run. The run time worried me.I had to do something about it and told him to do his best and the only thing that I could do was to request to use a technique as part of mental training so that he could at least do a 3hr 02min to a 3hr 15min. 

When Lim Thow Wee messaged me using his handphone, I was very happy that somehow Jonathan has done a 3hr 02min and has qualified for Boston Marathon 2014. 

I felt that the race in Berlin marathon was all mental, I guess. Many in our group were inspired with Jonathan's time. 

It looks like he is going to be the 12th person to go under 3hrs for the marathon race. 

Having told this Jonathan Kang, has told me that he will answer to our interview questions soon.  It is good to look out for it. 

Jonathan Kang - In POSB RUN 2014

The splits for the Berlin International Marathon race was :
5km- 21:56
10km- 43:40
15km- 1:05.12
20km- 1:26.40
Half- 1:31.23
25km- 1:48.09
30km- 2:09.46
35km- 2:31.20
40km- 2:53.30

Finish- 3:02.56