Thursday, October 9, 2014 - Blog Post Readership Worldwide Nearing 500,000 pageviews - Blog for selfless service

Pramod, standing on the right with his wife on the left hand side

Pramod Kukanur, an Indian IT expert, was here around year 2008 and 2009. He suggested to me to come up with a blog post to help people to cut down their weight as he has cut down his.

I told him that it was difficult to do as I have no idea of how to set up a blog. He told me not to worry and he do up a blog for me and told me to have my own password.

He told me that since he has gone down by 11kg in weight by my training, others out there in the world could also benefit from here as well. I consented to do this and I just wanted to have a pageview of 100000, in the long run as part of getting good karma.

Since the inception from 2009, the pageviews has risen and it is reaching 500,000. We from Flexifitness are very proud of this achievement as it is good karma that people benefit from this blog.

Tracking from the past, many readers came from Singapore first and then Malaysia and then it was UK. USA was about fourth position.

Over a period of time, for daily readership, most of my readers come from USA and then Singapore for the 'Now Readers' ,  ' Daily Readers'  and for 'Weekly Readers'. As for monthly readers, USA readers are about to be number one in the reading list. As for monthly and yearly readership, Singapore is maintaining the first position followed by USA. I will post out the result of the blog post for the readers benefit.

The readership per month is 17,000 pageview. In the past, the average was between 8000 to 12,000 pageviews.