Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Meeting Pramod Kukanur - Passion from IT is moving to Sports.

Pramod Kukanur - 11kg down through an exercise programme and hoping to head Flexifitness in India in future

Pramod Kukanur - Suggesting me to bring Flexifitness to India, run by dedicated coaches there
My wife and I invited Pramod to our house today to commemorate Deepavali, celebration of good over evil.  We took some photos and decided to work on some projects.

I met Pramod Kukanur, 31, from Bangalore, about 4 years back. He was all along looking for a weight management programme. When he asked me, "Is there a swimming pool nearby?'. I told him that there was. That only told me that this guy is looking for a way to exercise. 

Within some months of training, Pramod finally lost about 11kg of weight. He was very happy about that. With enthusiasm, he told me to write my ideas on a blog. I told him that I do not know how to go about in setting up. Since, he was an IT expert, he started a blog for me, almost immediately, and told me to keep writing. Hence,  the advent of this blog became a reality. You can read this story of Pramod in this blog post.

After so long, Pramod finally met me in Singapore, today. One of his topic was to bring Flexifitness to India. As I have seen the success, he is now inviting me to go to India and start there and set the programme there, but run by other people. I was excited to hear this. I am confident on this as he is an IT expert and he has been on very high profile projects in the IT service.