Sunday, October 5, 2014

An Interview With Jonathan Kang - Berlin International Marathon 2014 in 3hr 02min 56sec

Jonathan Kang - Lim Thow Wee feels that Jonathan is a marathon away from breaking the sub- 3hr barrier.

By Rameshon

In the face book, today, I saw Lim Thow Wee, (2hr 48min in Paris Marathon 2014), who is preparing for Osaka Marathon 2014 on 26 of Oct, 2014, giving his encouraging thoughts that Jonathan is another 1 marathon away for a sub-3hours. I support this statement as Jonathan has gone to Berlin International Marathon without the best preparation. However, he has doen his homework of training very hard. He usually comes for some sessions even when he is very busy.

In Berlin, he was all mental, mental and more mental!. There is no answer to this. He must have wanted the sub-3hours so badly that he rose above expectation. We expected a 3hr 02min and 3hr 20min range for the marathon, as his POSB Race time in 10km was 43min 06sec. Hence, Jonathan had to seek ways to capitalise his energy on economical way of running. We had to put him in Team B of Flexifitness running group, which consisted of 8 per team, for the Corporate Team Challenge, where both Team came in first and second in the race for team event.

Jonathan was a bit chubby runner at first before he brought his figure to a more athletic form, as the Berlin Marathon was approaching.

Let us look for his answers in this blog post as he has finally answered the interview questions. I realised that by reading, many will benefit on his wisdom on pacing. 

Jonathan drive to do a sub- 3h time, ended bim in a personal best in Berlin INternational Marathon Race

What did you pace yourself 
in the Berlin International 
Marathon 2014 race?

I had set out to do an even paced run for this marathon. in most of my previous runs this year, i always started out too fast, and ended up drastically slowing down in the second half. So I'm happy i managed a pretty consistent pace this time.

What was your goal adn what is your official time for this race?
The Official time was 3:02.56, an improvement compared to previous 3:04. I had entered the race hoping for an outside chance of doing a sub-3, but nonetheless I'm still glad this is a Personal Best time for me.
Are you confident of doing a sub-3hour in the next marathon?

Having known the WR being smashed at Berlin 2014, just goes to show that All things are indeed possible! for all we know, a new WR might well be set very soon within the next couple of years.
Can you share with us your splits for the marathon?

My even pace running can be seen in the figures that I have submitted to you.
my splits for this race:
5km- 21:56
10km- 43:40
15km- 1:05.12
20km- 1:26.40
Half- 1:31.23
25km- 1:48.09
30km- 2:09.46
35km- 2:31.20
40km- 2:53.30
Finish- 3:02.56

Can you share with us on your upcoming marathon race?
I have not planned for any other marathons for this year. But a Sub-3 is definitely my next target at the next marathon, probably New York and Tokyo!