Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summary of Hong Kong Marathon 2011

A memorable day in Hong Kong in the Standard Chartered Marathon race.

The Hong Kong officials were very hospital to the athletes, coaches and managers. Hong Kong officials are one of the best in attending to the needs of the runners and they were very professional in ensuring the smooth flow of the race. I realised that it would be good to write in in pictoral form so that what happened in Hong Kong will be known to the public.

Official Results - Please read this for detailed result of invited runners.
Women's Result
Men's Result.

Picture 1 - The first thing that happened was Ashley Liew was waiting for me at the hotel lobby.

Picture 2 - Jenny, an Hong Kong official played an important role in helping us in Hong Kong.

  Picture 3 - A Photograph with the top Moroccon male and female runners

Picture 4- A picture with most of the top runners of the world

Picture 5 - A photo with the top runners as some are not found in Picture 6.

 Picture 6 - A photo with David Chao, an official for the race, a sub 3hr marathon at the age of 51.


Picture 7 - An Exclusive photo with the Moroccon Team
Ashley Liew, Hammou Moudouji, Rashid (Team Manager , Morocco), Rameshon, Samira Raif.

Picture 8 - Meeting Arjun Prasad from Nepal, a 2hr 24min runner who predicted that his time that he is going for was 2hr 30min. On the day of the race, he got it.

Picture 9- Lunch time, Shaharuddin had to find for halal food while I had to hunt for vegetarian food. David Chao volunteered to help us in this.

Picture 10- Dinner with Ashley where I told that porridge is one of the best food for marathoners. I had to tell Ashley that people who rush will not get the result but the people who are relaxed.

Picture  11 - I had to take this photo before Ashley goes out for the race. Memorable moments where we sometimes forget to take.

Picture  12 - Just before the race, meeting with managers of Russia.

Picture 13 - Right timing for the warm up in the morning helped Ashley to get his target time. Earlier, he wanted to warm up, but I had to tell him that those who were warming up at that time were the half - marathoners. Shaharuddin was also waiting for the right time to warm up. Shaharuddin was very patient in warming up.  

 Picture 14 - The runners are about to start the race.


Picture 15 - After the start, we went to the start point and met Thomas Kiprotich (1hr 07min).He won the race with no fight. Thomas was 57kg, from a weight of 62kg.

Picture 16 - Few minutes after meeting Thomas, I met Lee Kar Lun (in the middle), who did 1hr 20min 20sec.

Picture 17 - A photo with Ashley directly after the race.

Picture 18 - Proud moment for the Singapore contigent.
Picture  -

Picture  19 - One of the best result of the day was from Shaharuddin Hashim from Malaysia, from 2hr 47min in Penang Marathon 2010, he brought the time down to 2hr 37min in this race, which consisted of numerous upslopes and down slopes. I also noticed that he is an experienced runner who knows how to avoid mistakes in running a race.

Picture 20  - Nelson Kirwa Rotich was running the last kilometer in a relaxed fashion and did not feel intimidated until finish. He showed great confidence during the race. He emerged as the champion 2hr 15min 58sec).

 Picture 21 - 2hr 50min in the marathon by Indonesian Albinus Sila did not deter him from taking a photo. The manager told me that the course was very tough. I remember running in year 2008, where out of about 1000 marathoners gave up the race.


 Picture 22A and 22B - Samira Raif, one of the top Moroccon runner, who came in second for women overall, was given an interview. She is a coach and a Physical Education teacher as well.person. Her timing was 8sec away from the course record. I saw her giving everything that she had and only started walking 1 metre after the finish point.

Picture 23 - Dinner on 20th February night.