Friday, September 4, 2015

Mr Viju - A Talk On Failure That Can Lead To Success

Mr Viju - Important to know the real meaning of Failure. 

By Saranniya 

Mr Viju - Discusses the importance of knowing what failure means

Mr. Viju, a parent of the two kids in our programme, and a firm believer of sports for life, gave us a talk, two weeks ago. It was a talk that inspired me and the rest of the Flexifitness group of athletes in a different and meaningful way, on that day where Mr Viju delievered his 20min short talk, teaching us the importance of having the courage face failure and keep progressing from there. His advice was to face failure with courage and not think that it is the end, but it is a lifelong process, that leads one to success eventually. 

During the talk, he shared with us on how blessed we are to have a number of wonderful and dedicated coaches in Flexifitness who are, by our side to guide us along and never once to lose hope on anyone of us when we fail. He used successful examples like our own Head Coach Rameshon himself, speaking on the courage and determination that latter had to go through in breaking his own National Marathon Record five times in a row, before having the final record set in year 1995 in Changmai, Thailand with a time of 2hrs 24mins 22sec standing till today.

Then, he told us that trying something new is a vital thing in everyone's lives, as we will never know on what each and every one of us are capable of. He quoted Thomas Edison, the inventor who invented the light bulb, who once said “I have not failed, but have found a ten thousand ways that won’t work.” We should learn to break out from our comfort zones and be brave enough to begin something new. He then said it’s not about the results that you achieve as the most important thing. He told us on the process that we need to experience in our journey of life. We will be then be able to experience great success later on. 

He discussed on this experience on failing 3 subjects in his engineering course. He told us that he was devastated in knowing this and felt helpless. However, putting in his energy and mustering up his courage, he told that he tried again to do well and then found that there was success along the way and achieved greater success such that he has done a Management Course in Havard University and feels happy of this achievement. Coach Rameshon was very impressed with this achievement as this was a feather on the cap of Mr Viju as he has already attained his masters as well. Of the talk, the most interesting part of the talk was on knowing the difference between mistake and failure, that he touched on. This was an important knowledge for me as I am also studying for my exam. .

He toid us that the term mistake has something to do when one intentionally does something knowing the consequences for it. For example, if you sit for an examination without preparing for it, the known fact is that you will fail the paper. This is something that we choose to do, a choice that was made by us.

Failure occurs when we decide to start something new that we have never ventured into before, your first time attempting it. That’s when you are amateur at something that you have decided to do.He told us on the importance of trying such that we can learn from there. 

Lastly, he told us that no matter what the results are just continue in working hard and to do the process, cause one day you will never know what you can become by giving your 100% in it. He ended his speech by quoting the famous NBA player Michel Jordan “I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost ... I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.'

In short, his speech pointed out that it is ok to fail by trying and to keep putting effort, which will finally lead one to success at a later date and not now. 

Coach Rameshon presented to Mr Viju a token of appreciation after his talk and we took some photos altogether. 

Athlete and Parent who attended the Talk on Failure given by Mr Viju