Monday, July 6, 2015

Singapore Athletics Walk Series Competition 2015 - At East Coast (05/07/2015)

Flexifitness Athletes achieve commendable results in Walking Competition

Picture 1 -  A joyful day out with Family of Flexiftiness, competitors and supporters

The day started with rain at about 7 45am on 5th July, 2015, Sunday. We were waiting for the rain to stop, and at about 7 45am, the race started. The race is supposed to start at 7am. There was a delay in the race and some athletes were waiting for instructions. We were wondering whether to stretch or not. We did not want to stretch too early. Finally, we were only given 10min only to start off the race, as the rain was, from heavy, was starting to drizzle.The weather was a bit unpredictable.

I was surprised to see a crowd in this race, as the race walk was never taken that seriously in Singapore. I have put down the results of Flexifitness athletes. 

The first race that started off was the 2km boys/girls for junior. After some time the 4km for Men/Women open and veteran started. Overall, we were happy with the result. 

Summary of our results.
In Singapore Athletics 2k/4km Walk Series Competition, in the under 15 boys Wei Shen came in 3rd and Jia Wei came in 4th position. They did the 2km race.

As for the 4km competition, Divya and Tan Anja came in 3rd and 4th, respectively, in the Women Open Category (above 15 and under 50 years old). Sumathy came in 6th position in the same category as well. She would have been top 3 if it was 40 years and above. Coach Tan came in 2nd overall in the Men Veteran,  for under 50 years old. Suh Hyeong our female walker, walked and came in 4th in the under 15 year old race.

Picture 2 - Tan Anja, Divya, Felicia, Sumathy and Tan Eng Howe.