Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gratitude to Environment - Haze is a good lesson.

Haze - Many physical activities by Flexifitness has been cancelled for outdoor activity. 

Haze Situation - Getting Worse

From my experience, haze comes to Singapore from time to time, and usually it stays for a month, the most about 3months, I guess, judging from the past PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) readings of Haze. People are hasty not to train or exercise and become worried. 

In the past, for my training sessions, usually, from a PSI reading of 100 to 150, I could wait for the PSI go down to around 70-80 so that I can do workouts and also to do other forms of training. The current situation, however, shows that the PSI is stubborn and it is still staying at around 120 to 200 plus and this is not a good situation that we are going through.

Kids in schools are disappointed with the haze reading, I guess, as the activities are cancelled. From my understanding, year 2015 is significant as the schools, all over Singapore, had to close as the PSI reading increased to 300 plus.  

I guess, that it is about time that we can look at the past happiness that we had in having a good environment, and appreciate the nice situation that we have been having, all along. We are able to do many things with a good environment. Right now, we have to be careful with our own health and decide on when and where to go for food, social activity, physical activity and so on. 

With a high PSI reading above 200, it is best that we totally go indoor. The important thing to do is to be consistent in training or in doing some form of activity. If you halt your training, there will be some negative consequences which will take place, which in fact, make our stamina to be reduced. 

There are some sharing sessions that I may do in future blog posts so that many enthusiastic athletes do not give up on doing their sport. It is about time to find out on alternative training methonds that they can do so that their performance is not compromised. When we do not train aerobically, for 3 weeks, the research (Saltin et al, 1968) shows that our stamina will be drastically reduced. Ascertain what you can do in order to continue so that your progession is always there or your maintainance of fitness is always there.

Haze comes to show that when the things get tough, the tough will continue. 

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