Monday, February 23, 2015

Jennifer Quek - Journey from 4hr 18min to 3hr 42min 19sec (Tokyo Marathon 2015)

By Saranniya

Picrure 1 - Introducing Flexifitness Dragon Lady, Jennifer Quek

In the past, 3 months before Berlin Marathon 2013, Jennifer Quek has been improving in her marathon jtime, with her own training. Over a period of time, she found herself stagnating and not being able to cross the barrier of 4hr 18min and did not know what to do but was facing a series of disappointment. She needed assistance.

It was then that Jennifer Quek was introduced to Coach Rameshon by Dr. Benny Goh. Dr Benny Goh suggested to her to try for a more structured training program and recommended FlexiFitness. Thats why she gave it a shot. These were the information that we gather from her earlier interview answers given to me by Jennifer. We also call her 'The Dragon Lady' of Flexifitness', due to her fealess way of running. It inspires us to see her run along when we train with her at night.

She started with the group Jun 2013 and ran Berlin Marathon in September, that year itself, and did It was only 3 months of training completed. In last year's Osaka Marathon 2014, Jennifer did a 3hr 45min 47sec for the race. I was really amazed with her mental strength to follow the program in a consistent way. As an aspiring female athlete, I myself admire her courage and tenacity to train hard during our training and follow the program religiously.   

With a workload in her workplace, which makes her to work until 3am, she still comes for our training consistently and does not allow any form of slackening in attendance.

It would be good to compare her past timing with her present timing. One can see how she has been improving in her run timing -  5km to the marathon. 

Coach Rameshon says that it is just a matter of time for her to do the 3hr 30min time. In this Tokyo Marathon, the 3hr 30min target was prevented when Jennifer had a bad fall at the 21km mark. Fortunately, with her resilient way of running, she continued her way to a 3min plus personal best time. 

Picture 2 - Aftermath of the Tokyo Marathon 2015

Before joining  Flexifitness

When 1st joined, my PB for  
5km -          35min  
10km -        59min 05s  
Half Marathon –    1hr 59min55s  
Marathon -            4hr18min

After Joining Flexifitness

Now, my PB for
5km –                  25m:20s
10km –                50m:48s
Half Marathon –   1h:51m:31s
-           3h:42m:19sec (Tokyo Marathon, 22nd February 2015)