Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jennifer Quek Does 3hr 42min 19sec - A Personal Best Time in Tokyo Marathon 2015 today.

Jennifer Quek - Woman with Iron Determination

By Saranniya 

Picture 1 - Jennifer Quek (left) did a 3hr 45min time in Osaka Marathon 2014

Except for Mr Kenneth Lai, who told us that he is recovering from an injury, the rest of our athletes wanted to go and do their personal best time at Tokyo Marathon 2015. Mr Kenneth just wanted to go for an easy run during the marathon  and he also wanted to support his fellow runners. 

Picture 2 - Jennifer, overcame her plight of falling down to a personal best time.

The rest of the runners - Andreas Wenger, Jennifer Quek, Mr Desmond Soh and Mr Kenneth Lim - all did personal best times there. Jennifer informed Coach Rameshon that she was aiming for 3hr 30min, but at the half way mark of the marathon race a tragedy took place where she fell to the floor and was having bruises on both knee area. With iron determination, she did not pull out of the race but continued on and did the best out of the worse situation. She ran with resilience and came with a personal best again.

She did a time of 3hr 42min and 19sec. If she did not fall at the half-marathon mark, she would have done a much faster time, this is my strong feeling. She has sent Coach Rameshon the both knees plastered with first - aid and the breakdown timing, and I shall share this all in my next blog post where I will put up her interview answers. 

Mr Desmond Soh, a pilot,has communicated with Coach Rameshon on his 3hr 36min new personal best time. After knowing all the timing, we were still wondering on what time did Mr Kenneth Lim do. I was told that he has done an unofficial time of around 4hr 11min 20sec, which is still a personal best time for him. After so long, finally he has done a personal best time. 

The most fortunate news came to us is when Andreas Wenger, a Swiss national who is right now training with us consistently, shared with us on his 2hr 51min 3 9sec new personal best time. Earlier on, all Andreas wanted to do was to do a sub-3hr and it was his dream in life to do it. It is miraculous to see him do in 5-6months of training with us. There was a fear, earlier on, that he may not do it. However, his recent tempo times and race times showed that he was ready to do wonders. His timing is in the undermentioned link.

 Picture 32 - A 17min 58sec 5km time in SAA Cross Country in Men Open Race.

Hence, I will like to say," Well done to all our Flexifitness group of runners!." My suggestion to athletes is to look out for their interview answers that I will be posting it out and I hope that you can read their  answers and be motivated in running.