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2011 Divisional Ranking for 'A' Division Nat Sch Track and Field C'ships

National School Track and Field Champion Team

Picture 1 - Hwa Chong Institution is champion for 'A' Division Boys

Pic 2 - Hwa Chong middle and long distance athletes using SPH as a platform to race before the Nat Sch Track and Field Championships 2011
(From Left to Right) - Teng Jian Hong, Nathaniel Wong, Mun Yong Liang, Yeo Si Heng, Freeman Aw, Chin Joo Ern, S. Jeevanesh, Samuel Wong and Rameshon

No PTS  G S B School
01 242    9 7 8 Hwa Chong Institution (College)
02 189    4 8 6 Raffles Institution (College)
03 080    3 2 0 Anglo Chinese School (I)
04 064    0 1 3 Anglo Chinese Junior College
05 058    2 1 1 Victoria Junior College
06 019    0 0 1 National Junior College
07 014    -  - - Catholic Junior College
08 009   1 0 0 Seng Kang Sec School
09 007    - - -  Tampines Junior College
10 006    - - - St Andrew's College
10 006    - - - Serangoon Junior College
12 005    - - - Anderson Junior College
13 002    - - - Jurong Junior college
14 001    - - - Bedok View Sec School

Picture 3 - Raffles Institution is champion team for A Division Girls

No Pts G S B School
01 214 6 10 7 Raffles Instiution
02 176 7 3 6 Hwa Chong Institution
03 111 3 2 2 Anglo Chinese Junior College
04 080 1 2 2  Victoria Junior College
05 032 0 0 2  Catholic Junior College
06 023 0 0 2 Anglo Chinese School (Indepedent)
07 019 0 0 0 National Junior College
08 016 1 1 0 Singapore Sports School
09 005 Temasek Junior College
10 005 Tampines Junior College
11 002 Bartley Sec School
12 001 Innova Junior College
12 001 St Andrew's Junior College

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Latest News : Nat Sch Track and Field Championships 2011

Final Day Report

Hwa Chong Institution clinches A,B,C Division Boys Titles, while in the girls section Raffles, Sports School and Cedar Girls clinched A, B and C Division Champion Team, respectively.

Picture 1 - Hwa Chong wins all three titles for Boys
A Division means Under 20
B Division means Under 17
C Division means Under 14

In the Divisional Ranking for Boys, 'A', 'B' and 'C' Division, Hwa Chong Institution came in as the champions. In the 'A' Division ranking, second position went to RI while third position went to ACS (I). In 'B' Division Boys, Singapore Sports School came 2nd and ACS (I) came in 3rd, making it to the top 3 in the team event.  In 'C' Division Sports School came in 2nd while Raffles Institution emerged 3rd position.

In 'A' Division Girls, Raffles Institution came in first while Hwa Chong Institution came in second. In the B division Girls, Singapore Sports School emerged as the champions while Cedar girls took second position. Third went to CHIJ ST Nicholas. In the 'C' Division Girls, Cedar Girls came in as the champions.

In the 'B' Division Girls, Ranjeeta from Juying Secondary was trailed by Wendy Enn of Sports School. Wendy lost to Ranjeeta by a mere 1min 01sec. Ranjeeta did 2min 22.02sec, while Wendy Enn did 2min 23.03sec. Nabila Bte Abdul Latiff did a time of 2min 25.53sec to clinch the bronze. All the timing of the top three girls were sub 2min 30sec.

In the A Division Girls, it was a one, two, three for the RI girls Berenice Lian did 2min 31sec while Natalie Wee and Clara Poon did 2min 33sec and 2min 34sec, respectively.

The dramatic fight came in the 1500m when Nan Tian from Hwa Chong beat Tineshwaran from Bendemeer Secondary Schooland Shohib from Raffles Institution to the tape. Nan Tian's time was 4min 41.55sec while Tineshwaran and Shohib's time was 4min 41.59sec and 4min 41.65sec. The fight was the closest that was ever seen by me where three of them were contenders for first position.

Credible timing was done in the 1500m in the B Division Boys. Justin John Surin did a time of 4min 20. 98sec to win the mostly leading Heng Yu Jie from Catholic High School. Heng Yu Jie did 4min 21.66sec and clinched second postion while Benjamin Tang of HCI clinched third position.

Picture 2 - S. Jeevanesh was happy with a time of 4min 16sec in 1500m.

In the A Division 1500m finals, Zackary from ACS(I) came in first while National School's Cross Country Champion and record holder, and 5000m champion for National Schools' Track and Field Championships 2011, S. Jeevanesh came in second. Zackary was about to break Nigel Fu's 4min 06.40sec which he missed. Zackary managed 4min 07.13sec while Jeevanesh did 4min 16.28sec, achieving his lifetime best time. When contacted on this, Mr Soundararajah, Jeevanesh's father told that he was he happy that the son has done a personal best time. The hand timed record of A. Saravanan's from Ang Mo Kio Secondary School's record of 4min 00. 30sec is intact, safe and sound for the moment.

Picture 3 - Zackary in ACS (I) vest, the athlete second from left of photo.

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Dramatic Finish in the 3000m Steeplechase Finals

Dramatic finish in the 3000m Steeplechase Final Event.(A Division Boys)

In the 3000m steeplechase event, after running side by side with Yeo Si Heng for the early 1400metres, Eugene bolstered his speed to go up front and increase pace to keep away from the contenders. Benjamin Amaldas tried every possible means to get closer to Eugene Rodrigo and was tired out at the last portion of the race where, after the last water jump, Si Heng was gearing up to give his final finishing kick.

As he was about to run up on the last steeple, Benjamin Amaldas and another VJC runner also were going over. A clash took place where Benjamin Amaldas accidentally hit Si Heng right leg with the former's left leg. Just before this, Si Heng who was at first 10metres away at the last water jump closed up the gap and came close to overtake Amaldas. Si Heng lost his earlier momentum. Both stumbled and Benjamin Amaldas outsprinted Si Heng for the last 50 metres sprint. Si Heng felt that even though he won third, he felt that the incident happened accidentally.

In the race, Eugene Rodrigo came in first in the 3000m Steeplechase event.

An Interview With Yeo Si Heng

What made you to take the lead from the start?
Daring pace, so started leading. Going for sub 10min 20sec for time than gold.

Did you panic during the race?
No, I was focusing  on own race

During the run, when did Rodrigo overtake you?
At the 1.4km mark, Rodrigo increased pace. I was hoping to catch up on him at the last portion of the race.  

 What happened at the last 70metres?
From the water jump, I was at least 10 metres from the second runner, Amaldas of RI . I felt hyped up to overtake the Amaldas. When my right leg came up, his left leg accidentally hit me on my right leg which caused me to stumble out of the track, while he was also stumbling also

How do you feel about this?
I think that it was unavoidable and I able to accept the third placing because it was accidental, where actually I have asked the official to look into the matter. From U-Tube, I saw that Amaldas did kick my right foot  but in the tape it was found that the action was done accidentally. However, I still feel that I may have got the second placing if I had overtaken him from there. My momentum during the run was much more faster than the pace that he was running.

Overall, how did you feel?
The weather was hot but then I was able to do a very good personal best time for this event. In fact I was aiming for a 10min 20sec rather than a gold medal. I was going for a realistic big goal.

What is your future plan in long distance running?
I would like to continue running and do sub- 10min in the near future and even do a much better time in the future.

Parents feel
My parents felt that the time 10min 22sec was very good.

1st VJC Eugene Rodrigo 10min 10sec
2nd RJC Benjamin Amaldas 10min 22sec
3rd HCI Yeo Si Heng 10min 23sec
4th RJC Wilbert Ho 10min 29sec
5th ACJC Zorndrix Dass 10min 39sec
6th HCI Teng Jian Hong 10min 53.01sec
7th CJC Jared Hui 10min 53.03sec

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Sportsmanship During 3000m C Div Boys Race

Tineshwaran - Displaying Sportsmanship During The Race

Tineshwaran's 3km winning time - 10min 12sec.

Today, while watching the C Division race being run, I saw that sportsmanship was brought out by this boy when he saw his opponent falling down on the floor. The running crowd was running in front while Tinesh from Bendemeer Secondary School was running backwards and lost about 15metres at the 700m mark. It was such that his father had to shout out very loud to make him come back and race. In fact, Tinesh mind was not in the race after the fall for the next 4mins. Tinesh felt very tired after the running backwards such that the father complained that Tinesh was very tired because of this action. "Tinesh, focus on your race, " came the answer from his father. From then on Tinesh kept his focus and recovered from being tired during the run for the final 300m where at the end he outsprinted Shohib (10min 13sec) from RI to win the 3000m race in 10min 12sec .

Picture 1 - Tineshwaran during training run

I was thinking of interviewing both father and the son for the team bonding to win the 3000m race. Mr Krishna and Tinesh worked as a team.

An Interview With Krishna, father of Tineshwaran
What was Tinesh chance of winning today.
I felt that the chance was 60/40 to win. 60% there was chance of winning.

What made to come down today for this race?
To give my son full support.

Did your support make any difference?
I believe so, mentally, I guess. Physically, I don't think that my son has a problem.

How do you see your son during the early part of the race?
Not confident, the competition was tough during the first few rounds.

How do you find when the RI boy Imran dropped accidentally?
My attention was to make Tinesh to focus on the race.

When he was running behind to help Imran to stand up?
I became more nervous. I was wondering whether he come in first or not after that?

Later on, how did the race go?
He was following the directions that I was giving.

When he won, how did you feel on his winning?
I jumped for joy. It was delightful to see him come in first. I felt as though I won the race. It was like a miracle had happened. I felt like jumping up and down in joy.

An Interview With Tineshwaran
Today did you feel that you can come first?
Did not think I will come first.

What made you to come in first?
My father 's encouragement and friend Ivan's positive words.

When Imran dropped, what was your first action?
I felt like helping him. Actually, I wanted Imran to do well also. I felt bad that this has to happen to him. Finally, he came in 6th and it could have affected him. When my father shouted to focus on my race, I decided to concentrate in the race. 

At the last 300m, what was your strategy?
Shohip started to break away, I felt like staying with him. At the last 250metres I felt that I could go. Shohip gave a fight at the 150m. I could feel to go in front. and eventually went for it. and won the race.

How do you feel after winning the race?
I was very happy that I had won. It was like a miracle that had taken place.

Asian Junior Cross-Country C'ships 2011 (25th June)

Asian Cross-Country Junior C'ships 2011 - Under 15 and Under 17 for Boys and Girls

Picture 1 - Mongolia, Ulaan Baatar is the venue for the Asian Junior Cross-Country Championships 2011

Today, 25/04/2011, I saw Tineshwaran from Bendemeer Sec School taking part in the 3000m race for Under 14 boys' race backwards, after few rounds to go, to help an RI boy to stand up on his ground again. As the athletes were running forward, in front, Tineshwaran was running backwards to help the boy. "Tinesh!" "Focus on your own race", came the father's shout which was equivalent to screaming on top of one's voice. It was so loud that many in Choa Chu Kang Stadium could hear the shout and admired the father's effort.

Finally, nearing the end, Tinesh outsprinted Shohib B Abdul Wahab Marican and all of them at the last 110metres and opened up the gap such that, at the final 20metres, it was convincing that he was the clear winner.

Later on, Tinesh was told to be at CCAB at 3pm for a briefing for the Asian Cross-Country Championships for the Juniors race which was to be held in Mongolia in June 25.

Later on, the girl who was groomed by Westwood Sec, Belle Tan, currently in ACJC, outsprinted Clara Wong from VJC and Wan Zara from RJC to end as the winner. It was an exciting day which ended fruitfully. I saw the former Westwood Sec Coach and Mr Ramesh (HOD Westwood Sec Sch) standing, giving advice to Belle on her race and on her running. It is also official that Mr Ramesh will be going to Mongolia as the coach for the Asian Junior Cross Country Championships 2011.

At 3pm, Mr Elangovan, CCA Specialist, track and field advisor, a former Victoria Sec Sch teacher, headed the meeting for the Asian Cross-Country Championships 2011. He gave on the rules and regulations in summary.

Mr Tahir, Hod PE of SJI,  spoke on the week to be spent in Mongolia, on halal food and other dietary requirements and other details. I had to ask them on 24/06, on what will the athletes be doing. I was told that they can follow the coach's program but come for the 24th June training for team bonding. It was good to hear this as I was hoping that they don't go and do any long mileage or workout on the day before the race on 25th June. I was told that it will be more of a familiarisation run. I told them that this is a good idea to familiarise them the route so that they know where the start, and on anything that causes anticipation, and the finish, so that runners know when to use all the reserve for the final part. It is of no value to keep some spare at the end of the race.

Here are the names of those selected for the race. Predominantly, the students are JC1 and below. JC2 Students are not selected as they are considered overage. As such, Jeevanesh, Benjamin Amaldas and Eugene Rodrigo will not be selected for this upcoming race for junior boys and girls. Hopefully, they have race like this lined up for them in future.

Asian Junior Cross-Country Championships 2011

Under 15 Boys
--CH  Heng Yu Jie
--VS  Marcus Ng Yu Pei
BDM Tineshwaran
RI Mohamed Imran Jasirudeen

Under 17 Boys
SJI Karthic Harish Ragupathy
VS  Yong Ren Wei Bryan
CJC Jared Hui Jia Sheng
HCI Chin Joo Ern

Under 15 Girls
--RV Su Zann
SSS Nicole Lum
CGS Joycelyn Lee Yuet Zhen
CGS Lok Xin Ling

Under 17 Girls
JSS Ranjitha d/o Raja
CGS Cheryl Chan Xue Rou
HCI Debbie Ho Min
SKS Winona Howe

Reserve List of runners
NHS Leroi Lee Rong Zu - Under 15 Boys (Reserve)
ACS (I) Zachkary Devaraj Under -17 Boys (Reserve)
MGS Collins Chloe Ariana Under -15 Girls (Reserve)
CHIJ S Roobini - Under 17 Girls (Reserve)

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A Sub-2hr Marathon Prediction by Marathon Experts.

A sub - 2hrs marathon, is it possible?

London Marathon 2011 and Boston Marathon 2011

Picture 1 - Using various sections of the downhills and a strong tailwind, Geoffrey Mutai does 2hrs 03min 02sec.  

Kenyan Emmanuel Mutai erased 30 seconds off the course record in London, finishing in 2hrs, 4 min  40 sec. On the following day, Geoffrey Mutai ran the fastest recorded marathon in history, completing in 2hr 03min 02sec on a relatively course which had a number of downhill sections, which includes few uphills, including one Heartbreak Hill.

Geoffrey's time, at least for now, does not count as a world record. At present the existing mark of 2:03.59 set by Haile Gebrselassie in 2008 in Berlin stands. The Boston course does not meet the record requirements of the I.A.A.F., the sport’s governing body, because of its relatively straight-line layout and overall vertical drop.

It was run, unlike the current world record, without designated pacesetters, often called “rabbits,” although the American Ryan Hall set a very fast early pace without having been hired to do so.

Hence, It will be good idea to discuss whether the marathon will one day be run under 2hrs.

Even now the sub-2hrs will not be broken for the time being as Emmanuel would need to improve nearly five minutes off his mark in London; Geoffrey would need to reduce the time by more than three minutes off his astonishing time in Boston and more than four and a half minutes off his previous best time. In order to have a crack at teh sub-2hrs , one would be required to average 4 minutes and 35 seconds per mile, 8 seconds more than Geoffrey Mutai averaged on monday. Hence, it is predicted that the world record for the marathon sub -2hr time will have to take some years to achieve, maybe not for the time being.

At present, the half-marathon world record is 58 minutes 23 seconds. A sub-two-hour marathon would require repeating this feat again in the run running the other half-marathon to total it up as a marathon.
The Sub-4min 1 mile Feat

In 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4min barrier in 1mile race which gave thousands of men

the faith to break the 4min barrier over time.

What do others say about the sub 2 hrs which, I believe, is going to take place somewhere in the future.

Experts Prediction on the sub- 2hrs marathon
 Mary Wittenberg
President of New York Road Runners and race director of the New York City Marathon.

The two-hour marathon is the same in that people believed it impossible for so long. And I think in just the last 10 years, we’ve gone from thinking, ‘Is it possible?’ to ‘It’s a matter of when'.

Emmanuel Mutai (London Marathon Course record holder)
I think it’s a matter of time before we start running the marathon in two hours

Gebrselassie, 38, predicts that the two-hour barrier will be broken
It will need 20 to 25 years.

Alberto Salazar, 3 times New York City marathon champion turned elite coach
It will not be done in my lifetime.

Boston Marathon 2011 - Kenyan Mutai does 2hr 03min 02sec

Boston Marathon 2011 - Geoffrey Mutai does 2hr 03min and 02sec, breaking the course record of 2hr 05min 52sec by Kenyan Robert Kiprono.

Kenyan Geoffry Mutai broke the world record by becoming the fastest marathon runner ever winning the 2011 Boston Marathon with a time of 2 hours, 3 minutes, and 2 seconds.

Picture 1 - Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai - Winning the marathon in fastest

In the women's marathon American Desiree Davila and Kenyan Caroline Kilel were neck and neck all the way until the final stretch, with Kilel finally winning the race with a personal best 2 hours, 22 minutes and 36 seconds.

An unprecedented 26,964 participant field  took part in the 115th Boston Marathon, which had a total of 26, 964 participants in the morining, nearby Hopkinton.

Early reports predicted temperatures to climb into the high 50s and low 60s, ideal weather conditions that left the course record of 2 hours, 5 minutes, 52 seconds, set last year by Kenyan Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot, up for grabs. Although Mutai's time is the fastest time ever over a marathon distance, it will not be recorded as an official world record because of wind factors and a downhill course.

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Kenyans Dominate London Marathon 2011

Virgin London Marathon 2011

Picture 1 - London Marathon runners
London Marathon 2011: live

Picture 2 - Emmanuel Mutai wins the men's elite race

Picture 3 - Mary Keitany wins the women's elite race

Kenya's pride Emmanuel Mutai and Mary Keitany captured the men and women's title in the Virgin London Marathon 2011. Mutai won in a course record time of 2hrs 4min and 40 sec, breaking Olympic champion Samuel Wanjiru’s old mark of 2hrs 05min 10sec set in 2009. Mutai's time is considered the fourth-fastest time ever for any marathon.

"Since I've come to run in London I have twice finished fourth and last year I was second," said Mutai, who was also second in the New York Marathon 2010. Mutai came with more determination when he told reporters, "This year I have come back and my dreams have come true. I so much wanted to win a major marathon and this time I did it."

So far,Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia holds the two fastest times, including the world record of 2:03:59 set in the Berlin Marathon (2008).

Three times London marathon winner in 2005, 2007 and 2008, Kenya's Martin Lei outsprinted countrymate Patrick Makau and finish second today, 1min 05sec away from Emmanuel. Brazil's Marlison Gomes Dos Santos -- a two-time New York Marathon winner -- was fourth, 1min 54sec behind Mutai's winning time.

2010 London Marathon champ Tsegaye Kebede of Ethiopia came in 5th, 3min 08sec behind Mutai

Mary Keitany came in first with a fast time of 2:19:19, which was 56 seconds away from 2010 champion Liliya Shobukhova (Russia). Reigning New York Marathon champion Edna Kiplagat of Kenya was third, 1min 27sec off the pace.

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Latest Nat Sch Track and Field C'ships 2011 Results

The tentative programme is now confirmed in this website just few days ago.

There are few rules to be followed. It would be good for the teacher in-charge to know the rules.

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Paul Thompson - 32min 21sec in 10km Scotland Run

The Ever Running Paul Thompson

Having spoken about Paul Thompson in previous post in the blog, I am happy to hear even at 45 years plus, he is still strong as ever. Paul has raced in Singapore for a number of years annd still yearns to run here. He only started serious running at the age of 30. Even at this age he is very fit for a 40 plus year old runner. Recently Paul ran a section of the New York City Marathon, called Scotland  10km Run. In the race, he did a superb sub 33 min which shows that he is in great shape to run the half-marathon and marathon races. I found that his time is coming close to doing a sub 32min. I hope that we can be motivated to train hard in running by reading his interview. 
How is your training going on?

Q1. Well but not as well as early last year. I've had to lower the intensity of workouts to stay injury free and business travel has forced me to shorten my long weekend runs.

How was the weather during the race?
2. Almost perfect. Light wind, dry and around 50F.

What was the race that you took part in recently?
Q3. Scotland Run, Central Park. A 10K race - just over one full circuit of the park ending at Tavern on the Green, the finish line for the New York City Marathon.

What was your time for this race?
Q4. 32:21, 19th of over 8500 finishers, second over 40 and first over 45.

During the run were you able to see the splits.?
Q5. Yes. Clocks are positioned at every mile. The ones I saw read 5:02, 10:10, 15:23, 20:48, and 25:57. Miles 3-4 take in two significant climbs. I hung onto a group of 3 for most of the race but in the last mile they pulled away to log low 32s.

Recently, have you run any races beside this?
Q6. Yes. This was the third of 2011. The first was a hilly 5K road race in northern Manhattan in early March. I ran 16:04, the first time I had run outside 16 in 20 years. Age is catching up with me. Second was the British Masters XC Champs at Alexandra Stadium (base for US 2012 Olympic Team), Birmingham, UK. I finished 8th overall but second M45-49 so won silver medal (first ever individual national medal for home country) and chance to run for England in a Home Countries XC International in the autumn (England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

What is your next short-term goal?
Q7. Run under 71 minutes in the Brooklyn Half in May and break 33 minutes, and get first prize in the over 40s, in the Bolder Boulder 10K in late May. The latter race is at altitude (5500ft) so will be tough.

Any long - term goal that is coming up?
Q8. Help England win the Home Countries XC International referred to at Q6 above.

Any marathon race that you are preparing for?
Q9. None planned but NYC or Chicago is an outside possibility in the autumn. I will be watching Boston this weekend

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nathaniel Sim - Catholic High's Great

Nathaniel Sim - Catholic High School's Greatest Middle Distance Runner Who Likes to Compete Aggressively and The Same Time Show True Sportsmanship

Picture 1 - Nathaniel Sim, from the back row, 3rd person from left with a black vest on.

It was in 1995 that I got to know about this former middle distance and cross-country athlete mine by the name of Nathaniel Sim, who later went for training under Mr Lawrence Ang and then go under Coach Remy Gan. At an earlier period in Secondary School, I was training Nathaniel between 400m and 5km.

In 1995, I found that Nathaniel was not consistent in training. After some time we had a time-trial and he did not do well in it. I told him that he needs to train hard, and also, at the same time, I did not think that he will be affected by the less than average timing on that particular day.

From then onwards, I realised that the fire in his eyes to well and keep improving the timing for cross-country races was exhibited. As a runner, Nathaniel was a versatile runner who could run 800m to 4.8km in an excellent manner.

In races, he has never shown any form of fear. He was an epitome of courage such that I used to cite him to other athletes so that they run with confidence. I realised that Nathaniel, when he run, is always very confident in himself when it comes to racing. He has never let me down in races in any form. I could always trust him to come with a very good time. He also was possessing phenomenal speed in his leg at a young age such that he was able to show during the 4 x 400m in the National Schools Track and Field Championships, in the year 1998. On that year, Nathaniel Sim and Tan Chay Chun were able to get for us 4 x 400m gold. Even though Joseph Tan Chay Chun was the champion of 400m, the run that Nathaniel Sim displayed for the 4 x 400m was fantastic such that even Joseph admired Nathaniel's phenomenal speed. Joseph conceded that Nathaniel was greater on that day. I was the coach and teacher in-charge at that time, with Mr Benjamin Kwok as a Head Of Department.

Since I have mentioned about Nathaniel Sim, I will be posting this interview for young budding athletes who want to be an excellent athlete in performance and virtues, at the same time, one who can take him as a good role model to follow. I have all admiration to him as a coach when I see him run. We are still communicating even now.

An interview With Nathaniel Sim

Can you tell us your age?
I am now 28 years of age

Can you tell us on your personal best time for your races?
400m - 51.9sec
800m - 1min 54min  (2005, Singapore Open)
Indoor 800m 2min 01sec
4.8km - 15min 56sec
Asean University Games - Gold medal

In WALAA competition, did you win any medal
In 1997, I came in first in 1500m

Can you tell us more about your Primary School?
I was in Catholic High Primary School from 1989 - 1994
I was doing badminton recreation. I was identified by Mr Benjamin Kwok.

Con you tell us more about your secondary school Catholic High School?
I was there from 1995-1998.
During this period I did the 800m in 2min 02sec, but lost to Kannan Poobalan in a photo finish.

Can you tell us on you college years?
I was at ACJC  from 1999 to 2001. There I attained my personal best time of 1min 59sec for the 800m.

What did you do for your degree?
Mechanical Engineering from NTU (2004- 2008). I could study well by disciplining myself. My roommate was also a runner.

Were you able to balance running with studies?
Earlier years, no. However, later on, I was able to.
In NTU I become was just studying and training, and also do CCA like Rugby and Karate Team.

What were you training with when you did your 800m personal best?
Remy Gan (2004- 2008). I did 1min 56 and 1min 57 several times before doing 1 min 54sec eventually.

Tell us more about your marriage.
In year 2008, I got married after university. In year 2009, my daughter was born.

What job are you doing now?
At present I am working in a civil service.

What is your plan for Exercise in the long-term?
In the long term, I just want to run for fun
When ever I take off, usually I would do running.

Any exercise program that you follow?
I do long run three times per week and a fartlek run once a week.

What has running taught you?
About Sportsmanship. Giving your utmost best but racing under the rules of the competition. It means, if the competition has certain rules, you must follow the rule and at the same time respect your opponent at all times. Do your best, not just giving chance to your opponent and  going for your best possible timing.

What has karate taught you?
Same. Do your best! However, after the competition, we should know that we are friends. Of course you have to fight and if you want to win and inorder to win the fight you have to go for it. You should know the strategy you are going to take and prepare well before the competition. I know that in order to win the fight,  focus and attention are very important.