Thursday, April 21, 2016

WWE wrester Chyna, 45, dies and cause unknown - Say no to drugs.

By Rameshon

Chyna, the WWE wrestler dies at 45. 

Joan Laurer, the female wrestler known as Chyna, passed away on Wednesday.
It was found out that the Police in Redondo Beach, California, confirmed that she was found dead in her apartment, found to be unresponsive. The cause of death is still under investigation, but police say there are no signs of foul play.
The hope of this blog post is to bring up the topic on drugs usage in WWE. I was told by my friend, a prominent person, on substance abusive in sports, when I met him in SEA Games. Presently, some coaches, in the pursuit of quick glory, make drugs available to athletes internationally, through persuasion. I was asked by one International coach engaged by the then Singapore Amateur Athletics Association to take some form of tablet, which he was reluctant to inform me on the content of the tablet. An athlete whispered to me that it is steroid. The coach just kept quiet hoping that i agree to this. I ran away and cautioned the young athlete to keep away from the coach. However, the athlete did not do this. He stuck to the coach.

Athletes, who want to excel fast, do want to see quick result and decide to lean towards drugs and forgets about the hard work that is supposed to be put in. In life also, one will not work hard for results. 
Recently, I myself have seen an athlete, who from small-medium built, all of a sudden, within 3 months, looked like body builder. A size that was confirmed massive. I don't know what was the cause. It is a phenomenal increase in size and other athletes were amazed by this sudden increase in size. I have seen this in some athletes as well and my friends have discussed this at length on what is happening.  
In my life, the only person who told us the ill-effects of drugs and to keep away from it was Helen Gilbey, my former lecturer, who was teaching in the then College of Physical Education in the 1990s. 
Now, let us discuss on Chyna. The cause of Chyna's death is not known but a string of wrestlers from WWE have already passed away between the age of 40s and 45 years of age, due to heavy dosage of drugs. This goes to Ultimate Warrior, WWE's former favourite wrestler, as well. It went viral. Ultimate Warrior, was found taking steroid by the wife, as he had been taking  7 different types of injections per day. 
Hulk Hogan, also a WWE wrestler, also took drugs as he was finally caught for it. He told that in order to get an advantage he had to do it. This can bring shame to ones family if it is known. Later on, he changed his name to Hollywood Hogan, as it was the appropriate name, I think. 
The problem of taking steroids can lead to hair loss, severe depression, mood swing frequently, skin disorders, liver disorder and also hormonal changes, which leads to a man becoming women-like and the women becoming man-like, and it is true, according to studies done. 
There are two people who have become man, from woman physique, as they had to take steroid in the East Germany, before the Olympics, in the past, in the 1960s. 
Say no to drugs. We also hope that the authorities can educate the public on steroids constantly and other forms of drugs.