Thursday, April 14, 2016

About Jeffrey Ng - 3000m Heats in National Schools Track and Field Championships 2016

Jeffrey Ng - 9min 21 sec timing looks like it is going to stay for very long time. 

By Rameshon

Syed Hussein delivered today by doing a 9min 59sec for 3000m, and was the overall best runner for the 3 heats. However, he missed the 3000m National Schools Track and Field Championships' record set by Jeffrey Ng, who ran a time of 9min 21sec,  set in year 2003. 

Ruben Loganathan was second overall for the 3000m race, with a time of 10min 00sec. 

The time that Syed Hussein did was 38sec away from Jeffrey's record. In order to break, every kilometre the time should be 3min 6sec, on average. 

Jeffrey was a model student in Hwa Chong, he was awarded several award, both for academic and sports as well. He was targeted to be one of the president's scholar. 

Once after a hill workout, I forced Jeffrey to come into my car so that he can be present for the interview for president scholar. Upon a dean's request, I decided to bring him to school for the interview. He told me the time of the interview. Little did I know that he had missed the interview. Purposely, without his running mates' and my knowledge, Jeffrey, missed the interview. 

As soon I asked him to get into my car, he told me that the interview was over. I did not know what to tell the dean. I was furious with him over this as the dean may get angry with me. Over time, I realised that Jeffrey could have been the president scholar, as nearly all the school athletes liked him and he displayed high moral values. 

Jeffrey was excellent in studies and he delivered by getting GCE A Levels with 5 As. He was featured in the Chinese Newspaper and I was proud of his achievement as he was also able to get champion for at least one race of the track races. 

He even represented SWIFT CLUB and was champion in the Singapore Open Track and Field for 3000m steeplechase. 

Jeffrey always gets colours award for running every year. He had to fight with athletes like Mok Ying Ren and came in as victor in 5000m and National Cross Country Championships race. 

The finals for under 17 boys 3000m is in on 19th April 2016. 

The 3000m race is an important race as it was here that athletes like Soh Rui Yong and Mok Ying Ren developed. 

As such, it is good for one to go and watch the race. From the way the heats were run, I don't have an idea whether the record will be broken. Only time will tell. 

For me and Jeffrey Ng, it was worth it to work together to achieve the best in running and most importantly, it is worth it to have sacrificed our time, money and effort. Well done, Jeffrey Ng.