Monday, June 22, 2015

Drugs in Sports and Sportsmanship

By Rameshon

In the past, I know Alberto Salazar as a model runner for many. He won a number of championships in the marathon races. My friend, Ow Kok Meng, used to praise about Salazar's feats and we were inspired when we were young, running for our school Saint Joseph's Institution.  

Salazar, a Cuban, to my understanding, has won a number of New York City Marathon races in the early 1980s. Salazar also won the 1982 Boston Marathon race in the Men Open category.

I was appalled to hear that Alberto Salazar, who is currently the head coach of the Nike Oregon Project in Oregon, Portland, has been named for doping allegations, jointly by BB Panaroma and ProPublica.

After Lance Armstrong's admission to drug taking, this may become a serious blow to sports if Alberto Salazar is proven guilty of taking unfair advantage by using doping in sports.

Recently, I have already heard a number of athletes being caught for doping charges,and have been proven guilty of wrongdoing, by taking unfair advantage in sports to win. This is embarassing in sports. There is an Tamil proverb that does say something about cheats. " A cheat can keep cheating for a number of days, but one day, he/she will sure get caught."