Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Drugs and Cheating (Part 2)

Fall From Grace - Ben Johnson

In the past, my friend told me after the 1988 Seoul Olympic's 100m race that Carl Lewis was a sore loser for coming second to Ben Johnson. Ben Johnson won Carl Lewis. However, after failing the doping test, Ben Johnson was disqualified and he fell from grace. It was a big fall for him. The world will remember this for a long, long time. I think that it was a humiliation to him and the family, as a whole.

It was also not fair to other competitors that he had competed against. A few years back, this thing happened again when Lance Armstrong, a multiple Tour de France winner, who was denying about drug taking, finally admitted to taking it. Armstrong had a huge gathering of fans globally, and he lost all of them by his foolish act, which he thought will remain hidden.

In Rocky 4 movie, we could see the Russian boxer taking drugs, after training hard, having good nutrition, having sports physiological support etc. The last thing before the boxer fought the match with Rocky Balboa was to get an injection, steroid, for unfair advantage. This is nothing but a show of no sportsmanship.

Similar kinds of injection needles were found in Alberto Salazar's house. We were his fans, in the past, admiring his running feats, especially in New York City Marathon races. He was floating when he was running and winning the race. 

Seventeen accusations from different individuals were reported against Alberto Salazar. The fact is that these are individuals who spoke against were earlier on taking him as a hero. 

I believe that if a person who want to win by using banned substance etc, it is wise that they give up sports, as they may affect their health in the long run and it is not good for them. They are poor role models for our youth to follow. Random testing is important to be given by the authorities so that performance enhancing drug taking do not become rampant. It bring chaos to a society.

Before one take drugs, it is important to think about oneself and the family, especially not to defame the family.