Friday, January 25, 2013

Saranniya - From Overweight to Champion

Saranniya - Fat to Fit to Fantastic

Picture 1 (left to right) - Anja Tan, Divya, Saranniya, Coach Rameshon, Avinash, Kannan and Brennan

Today, I ran and came in first in the teacher's race of Queensway secondary Cross-Country School's race. I had to run in the upper secondary girls level. While I ran and came in first, Saranniya did 13min 32sec and came in first in her race. Her sister came in first in the lower secondary division for girls. 

From 19min 28sec, for 1.5km in July 31/2011, Saranniya is able to do a time of 6min 32sec. I hope that this will inspire many to take up running and be consistent in training.