Thursday, September 15, 2016

Coach Rameshon And His Revisit of Sub-2hr 24min 22sec Marathon Challenge.

By Saranniya

Team Flexifitness - Cheering Group for Dr Ansgar Cheng's Prize Giving Ceremony for coming in as the champion in 5km Men Masters in 17min 39sec. 

"Why can't" - A favourite saying of Dr Ansgar Cheng

Revisit of aiming for sub-2hour 24min 22sec, challenging with own time. 

My intention of writing this is to state my wonder whether Coach Rameshon, 51, has ever tried thinking of doing a time of 2hr 24min 22sec, still currently the Singapore National Record, again.

The first time he broke the record was in year 1990, in Hong Kong Marathon, where he came in 5th overall, with a time of 2hr 31min and won a cash prize of $3000.

Coach Rameshon has ran 2hours and 30min and below, five times- 2hr 30min (California Rim Marathon 1990), 2hr 29min (Flora London International Marathon 1993, April). 2hr 28min (Berlin International Marathon, 1993, Sept), 2hr 29min (SEA Games first qualifier,1995, Feb, and the SEA Games route was verified by the Thailand officials to go ahead to use it for SEA Games) and in the same Chiangmai, Thailand, he did a time of 2hr 24min 22sec, smashing the national record, yet again.

After seeing this, I have asked him of any future running pursuits. He said," Many have asked me to run again and they are keen to see me run, to the point that they want to see how fast I can run". He told me that at forty, in the past, he wanted to win the Stanchart Marathon, but it evaded him. In year 2007, his runner by the name of Daniel Ling won the Stanchart Marathon in 2hr 46min, defeating triple year winner Elangovan Ganesan. Mr Rameshon ended second position.

In year 2008, Mr Rameshon ran and did 2hr 49min in Stanchart Marathon in Singapore and came in as the champion of the race. His runner Daniel Ling was second and Dr Ben Tan, whom he was training was third (2hr 56min), the first Singaporean Doctor to run sub-3hour for a marathon. 

Coach Rameshon told me that in year 2009, he wanted to do a sub-2hr 40min, and then attempt to do a sub - 2hr 30min and aim to do a sub- 2hr 24min, but this evaded him as he got injured due to an injury related to the knee. In that year, Dr Benny Goh was third while Ashley Liew was first runner up for the Stanchart race that year.

"Adidas was supporting me to do a sub-2hr 24min 22sec and I was hoping to do in year 2010 to 2012. My plan failed as I kept getting injuries. "

To my question, recently on," Is there any possibility of going near or even breaking the time of 2hr 24min 22sec again" , He said, " Why not!" "Anything is possible". "One must believe in miracles and it is ok to go for it." " If one can get it is good, if I don't, it is ok and the challenge is not with the youngsters but with myself." I just need to keep away from injuries."

To the question of when he is going to attempt, he said, it starts now. "It is me against myself, I have done it in the past and with the empowered present informed knowledge of preventing injuries, diet and being aware of the new training methodology and training techniques to get faster, I may get it and it is always a thrill to challenge oneself". "Infact, the challenge starts from today."

Picture 1 - (Left to Right) It was Teamwork - Daniel Ling(2nd), Rameshon (1st) and Dr Benedict Tan (3rd) for Stanchart Marathon 2008, in Singapore