Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sumgong wins the Olympics Marathon Race 2016

By Rameshon

Sumgong wins Kenya's first ever gold medal for Olympics for women's marathon in Rio

After running 32kilometres, there were seven women fighting for first, second and third place. They formed a group. At the last 5km there was a bee line formed until the last 3km, three ladies were fighting for the championships. They were J. Sumgong from Kenya, E. Kirwa of Burundi and Dibaba of Ethiopia.

The climax of the race took place when J. Sumgong of Kenya won the women marathon in Rio Olympics with a time of 2hr 24m 04sec. Sumgong outsprinted second position runner by the name of E. Kirwa from Burundi, who did a time of 2hr 24min 13sec. Dibaba from Ethiopia came in third with a time of 2hr 24min 39sec.

Jieshi Neo of Singapore came in 51min 14sec later with an unofficial time of 3hr 15m 18sec. She was doing a 1hr 33min at the half - way mark of the race.