Friday, May 27, 2016

Calling all 4hours plus marathon runners - Waiting is a waste of time

By Saranniya

From no experience of running a marathon, Dr Ansgar has done 3hr 08min within 1 1/2years of training

In our group, at present, there are several athletes with sub- 3hours timing for the marathon. As an aspiring female athlete, I am amazed to see this in our group and I feel honoured in mixing with these runners.

We have Ashley Liew who has done a 2hr 32min for New Orleans Marathon, year before last year. He is our front runner. He is the top in the league, just few minutes away from our coach, Coach Rameshon's marathon time of 2hr 24min 22sec. We are hoping that Ashley will go for Olympics in  future and break the national record for the marathon set by Coach Rameshon, himself.

Few weeks from now, or in the future, I will write in detail on all the athletes with sub-3hours. Right now, we have Mr Evan Chee, who will be taking part in the Sundown Marathon, tomorrow, although a number of them, in the group are running in Chicago Marathon 2016. There are confirmed 5 athletes who are running, in total.

For 40/50 years and above age category, we do have Mr Erich, Dr Ansgar, and Coach Rameshon who are capable of doing sub-3hours this year. Whether they will be running in the Standard Chartered Marathon 2016 or not, it is left to their decision. For now, many in Flexifitness and other running groups, plus Singaporeans as a whole, would like running overseas, as opposed to running in Singapore.

Recently, I have heard myself from some runners asking for Coach Rameshon just to help them do a sub- 4hours for the marathon. As I have seen for the past 4 1/2 years that I have been training with Coach Rameshon, I have done my best by coming in 2nd in National Schools' Cross - Country Championships 2015. In the past, to tell you the truth, I was an absolute non-runner in the past. In my experience, all athletes who trained up for it in the group have attained it.

For me, it was a sad thing to hear that about 5 of the athletes who have joined us are, after so many years of training, not able to do the sub-4hours. They did all their best to do it but it was of no help. Upon being tested, it was found by Coach Rameshon that the runners have made some controllable mistake in the methodology and some by running with wrong technique and posture of running. Some have got injuries because of poor technique.

Within 1 1/2 years, Dr Ansgar Cheng, 50, a dentist by profession, has done just two marathons and have done a 3hr 35min in Stanchart Marathon 2015, before doing a 3hours 08min in 5 weeks for the Hong Kong Marathon 2016.

It is in the hope that those aiming for sub-4hours, in not delaying the target time too long that I am inviting these aspiring athletes to aim to go for group training session with us or do personal training with us too expedite your performance. However, at first, you should give yourself 3 years and below time to do own training to attain the sub-4 hours for the marathon. Time and tide waits for no man!