Monday, January 4, 2016

Contributing To A Child's Success In Their Chosen Sports (Part 2I/3)

Lesson From Star Wars - May The Force Be With You (The full story)

Yoda, Master of Obi Wan Kenobi

When I was a secondary 2 student at St Joseph's Institution, we had our school holidays in November and December. That year,  in 1978, we did not have any CCA after our exams. This was due to influenza epidemic in 1978, the National Schools' Cross-Country Championship was cancelled. All my trainings for secondary 2 were in vain. It was the only year, to date, till now, the National Schools' Cross-Country ever to be cancelled. (May be, it was  due to this cancellation that our school's cross-country teacher-in charge, Mr Joseph Varghese, decided to cancel all our November and December trainings. This was unlike when I was in secondary one, we usually had trainings during the holidays). We were so free as we were not bogged down by any academic programmes by our parents too. My class-mates, then, suggested to me to work during that holidays. Since I had no CCA activities at that time, I decided to take up an offer as a sales promoter.

While at work, my managers were promoting on Star Wars products and I had to promote the sales of expensive Star Wars products, like the droid R2D2, Bounty Hunter etc. We had to show the customers on how to dismantle and assemble the products and demonstrate on how to use the remote control for the droid R2D2. To my amazement, at that juncture, I realised that I was able to sell many of the Star Wars products. That experience built up my confidence and later on in life, it gave me the conviction that I can be successful in life. (However, given the choice between training and working, I would definitely have chosen running instead of working during the holidays, as it was, to-date, I missed my very important improvement in running). Moreover, my mother was also not in favour of me going to work. 

As a sales promoter, I had to also set up a lap top, like a video to show a 20mins trailer on Star Wars. It was compulsory for us to show at least 2 times per day. So I watched it again and again too without feeling any boredom.  Star Wars film was very interesting for me at that age. This film, in fact, inspired me a lot to the point that I also watched, " The Empire Strikes Back" and "The Revenge of the Jedi". I have already watched all the series/parts of Star Wars. My running too became a lot influenced by these films. 

The movie characters like Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan, Kenobi and Yoda amazed me a lot. In the film, Obi Wan, one of the masters of the Good Force will be killed by his own student, Darth Vader, who joined the Dark Force as he was greedy for power. 

Darth Vader was helping an evil Emperor to win wars in the galaxy over the Good Force. Actually, Darth Vader was a good student earlier on, who was  to be groomed to assist the Good Force. The evil Emperor, used temptation to succeed in making Vader to join the Dark Side. Darth Vader finally relented to selfishly gain immense power, which involved psychic, occult, supernatural and clairvoyant power.

The story goes on and it is good for the children to watch this movie called, "Star Wars". It is actually a fight between the Good Force versus the Evil Force for dominance of power. It is a power struggle. In The Empire Strikes Back, the Good Force will strike at the Evil Force and the story goes on again. 

Over time, when Luke Skywalker grows up, he will go visit Yoda the Master of Obi Wan, for some physical, mental training and other trainings in a far away planet. Luke will learn some intricate knowledge used in warfare, especially on using the Light Sabre like a Jedi, so that the Good Force will finally triumph over The Evil Force. 

In the film, Yoda was at first very hesistant in taking Luke as a student. Yoda was very worried that Luke might end up just as Darth Vader, joining the Dark Force, slaving to the temptation of power, benefits etc . Obi Wan, in spirit form, without a body, strongly encouraged Yoda to take Luke into his fold. Obi Wan felt that Luke could be the main character to defeat the Evil Force, Darth Vader and the evil Emperor. 

In order to win the Evil Force, Luke will go through various kinds of tough physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual trainings  to develop love, patience, truth, righteousness and peace. In one part, Yoda will show Luke on how to use one's mind over matter, It was at this point that Yoda will show that believe is important, which Luke did not have at first. In that film, I realised that it is important to control one's anger, and not to lose to anger at any and every instance, in order to make the right decision. (Anger can burn 3 days food. When one is not angry, one will harness energy and feel the inexhaustible energy that one has).  

Finally, the story conveys a strong message that Good Force wins ultimately. It is only the believe that we need to have. From the film, I learned, it is easy to go to the evil side anytime. However, to go to the Good Force, can be a challenge. Many, when facing a dilemma between evil versus good, they tend to choose the Dark Force over Good Force, and lose themselves. Values are needed to be with the Good Force. Also, in the film I learned that one's desire, anger, greed, attachment, ego, fear and hatred can sap the physical, mental and spiritual energy away. Definitely, Star Wars stories are inspirational and it is good to watch. May The Force Be With You!