Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hong Kong Marathon - Flexifitness - Junior Athlete's Performance

Flexifitness Junior Runners Rose to Occasion

By Rameshon

The three runners from Flexifitness, Darren, Mariviv Tan and Ruben Loganathan were training hard for the Hong Kong Marathon 10km. Their training went very well, and the training strategy, over time, included some hills, in the workout. Many gave feedback that they enjoyed the hills. However, it should be noted that there were flat course in the training as well.

When we were in Hong Kong, we stayed in a hotel near the start. Many of the runners were also staying in a hotel near the start area of the race as well. It was a stone's throw to collect the goodie bag, the next day, after the arrival in Hong Kong on Friday. Darren Tan was sick for about 2 weeks, before leaving for Hong Kong, and he also found that he was wrongly registered in half - marathon, instead of the 10km race in Hong Kong StanChart Marathon event. Nevertheless, I decided to tell him to run half -marathon as 10km can be very stressful for him, as he may exert to do a sub - 4min  per kilometres, which may lead to risk of collapse as conditioning for the 10km race needs more intensity and frequency in training. As predicted, a 4min 30sec per km was possible for Darren, he decided to run the race. 

Picture 1 - Darren Tan is Ruben's teammate

In the half-marathon race, Darren did a 1hr 34min. While running, he ran into some problems as he got stomach upset. He was looking for a mobile toilet and he found one and spent nearly 2min inside. Many praised Darren for a new personal best time, as many Army Commandos top runners are doing this kind of time. 

As for Ruben Loganathan, he has a personal best time of 17min 04sec for the 5km SAA Cross Country Championships 2018, which included a surprising hill of steep slope. He has a 16min 42sec for 5km which has only flat course in SAA Cross Country Championships 2017. In last year's Hong Kong Marathon 10km race, he was unplaced and he was more than 60 over position, with a time of 37min plus. In this year's race, he did a time of 36min 27sec, which was a big personal best time. 

Picture 2 - Ruben Loganathan is first in SAA Cross Country Race 2018

We also had soft spoken Tan Mariviv who trained hard. Although she handled a lot of projects for Flexifitness and handling a number of admin work, she did a 41min 30sec and was ranked 12th in the 10km race for women. We jumped for joy as I found out that her time was 20m 11sec for the 5km split. Mariviv has, a year back, done a time of 43min 44sec for the 10km Hong Kong Marathon event race in the past. She was elated but on the other hand she felt that there could be more that she could have given.

Last year, Mariviv was training as she needed experience. She found the hills very challenging. However, with very good leadership in Flexifitness, it was surprising that she excelled in running as well.  

Picture 3 - Mariviv Tan, 3rd in Shape Run 2017, with teammates. 

Mariviv, Ruben and Darren are rare runners for Flexifitness as they have done a lot of sacrifices for us to do a lot of admin work, lately. Despite all the selfless work that they have done, the getting of very good timing makes us happy. Mariviv was ranked 2nd for her junior age group for women open. Mariviv is also first in 2017 StanChart 10km junior in women category of the race.

Hence, we have now two runners  are topping in Singapore for their age group. We would also like to thank Dr Gordon and his wife Jamie for help given. We also would like to thank Saranniya, who was present in Hong Kong to give moral support to our athletes.